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raneboard, from Mistral, is a hardware development platform that enables customers to develop general purpose computing and other applications based on the Sitara AM3517 ARM Cortex - A8 microprocessor device. Craneboard is a low cost, open source reference platform to help the developer community leverage the benefits of the AM3517 processor while leveraging a host of exciting peripherals.

The AM3517 processor from TI comprises of Microprocessor Unit (MPU) TM sub-system based on ARM Cortex - A8 microprocessor, POWERVR SGX Graphics Accelerator sub-system for 3D graphics acceleration to support exciting Graphical User Interface options while maintaining fast and fluid transitions display and gaming effects and Display sub-system with several features for multiple concurrent image manipulation, and a programmable interface supporting a wide variety of displays.

Am Dm37 Evm

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The AM/DM37x EVM from Mistral is a highly integrated and easy-to-use development platform based on TI's AM/DM37x Sitara Microprocessor. Designed with a modular and extendable architecture, the EVM helps developers leverage the benefits of the powerful AM/DM37x processor comprising of the advanced Superscalar ARM® Cortex™-A8 RISC core with NEON co-processing.

Omap35x Evm

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he OMAP35x EVM is an ideal software development and device prototyping platform for users wishing to get started on their wireless / multimedia based application and device development. It helps product developers, building their next generation wireless devices around the OMAP 3 processor, enjoy the benefits of faster user interfaces, faster data access and multi-standard encode/decode at D1 (720x480 pixels) resolution and 30 fps.

Designed with a modular and extendable architecture, the OMAP3 EVM helps developers leverage the benefits of the powerful OMAP3 processor, comprising of an advanced Superscalar ARM® Cortex™-A8 RISC core with NEON co-processing, IVA2.2 subsystem with a C64x+ digital signal processor (DSP) core and SGX subsystem for 2D and 3D graphics acceleration.

Control System Design

System Design

Product Prototyping Services

Product Prototyping

Applications Services

Mistral’s Product Engineering Services (PES) team has, over the years, pioneered the use of latest technologies across a wide spectrum of domains like lifestyle electronics, wireless, video, automotive and industrial applications.

The team has extensive experience in designing products for these domains, integrating audio, video, wireless technologies and DSP algorithms to provide world-class solutions for innovative next-generation applications.

Concept Definition

  • The concept definition helps define the product in terms of functionality and features, cost analysis, and match customer needs with expected customer benefits. At Mistral, concept definition is a key phase of product design and development; and the team works closely with customers towards evolving this. Once a customer approaches Mistral with a product concept; they are supported in multiple ways, from enhancing the concept, working out the technologies available, identifying various options based on target markets specified by the customer etc.

Architecture Services

  • Mistral’s hardware and software development teams have in-depth expertise in various chip architectures; having designed a variety of products and applications using a range of micro-processors, micro-controllers, embedded processors and DSPs. The teams’ expertise covers the following architectures:

Operating Systems

  • Mistral’s embedded expertise covers system software design, application development and optimization over a wide range of popular RTOS platforms and proprietary micro-kernels. Some of the RTOS platforms Mistral’s team has worked on include.

Hardware Design

  • Mistral's hardware design team offers board and FPGA design services to suit customer-specific requirements. The designs deliver optimized BoM, performance, and power consumption. The designs also support efficient processor inter-communications and memory access operations, as well as cost-effective PCB architecture and manufacturing testability.
  • These services comprise a rich array of board designs, development platforms, reference designs and FPGA based designs that cater to requirements ranging from small-footprint, power-optimized solutions to high-end, rugged systems built around various embedded processors and DSPs.

Software Development

  • Mistral offers turnkey services for embedded software development. The team's expertise ranges from low-level software (assembly language) and firmware, to embedded application development under different processor architectures and RTOS environments. Mistral's software team has developed embedded applications for a wide range of products used in the areas of lifestyle electronics, automotive electronics, audio and video, medical electronics, security and surveillance and smart devices.

Android Competency Centre

  • An open source initiative built around the Linux Kernel, the Android™ software platform from Google provides an application framework for mobile devices. Offering a host of benefits, Android provides developers access to a wide range of useful libraries and tools that can be used to build rich mobile applications while offering consumers with compelling services, rich internet applications and an easy-to-use interface, ultimately creating a superior mobile experience.

Reference Designs

  • Mistral offers comprehensive reference designs for next-generation devices. Our offerings enable developers to implement solutions quickly and with low risk. We also offer customization services for these reference designs, including design modification, BOM optimization, custom firmware and algorithms, to help product developers take their designs-to-market faster.
  • EVM users can get access to source files like Gerber, schematics, to be able to make necessary modifications to the PCB design to suit product development.

Production Support Services

  • Mistral’s Production Support Services focuses on helping customers deliver their products on time at a cost-effective manufacturing price. Mistral’s production team is capable of overseeing and managing low-volume production of 1000-10000 units. Mistral has also entered into global partnerships to meet the requirements of customers looking for higher volumes.

L13x Daughter Cards

Mistral provides plug-in daughter cards for TI’s EVMs based on Sitara™ AM1x microprocessors (MPUs) and OMAP-L1x application processors for embedded industrial, medical and consumer designs.

These processors feature a unique rich peripheral sub-system known as the Programmable Real-time Unit (PRU). The PRU sub-system consists of dual 32-bit RISC processors, specifically designed for manipulation of packed memory mapped data structures and for implementing system features that have tight real-time constraints. It offers flexible and configurable input/output controls, enabling developers to extend peripheral capabilities and add custom interfaces to their designs.

Mistral offers two plug-in daughter cards helping developers leverage the benefits of the PRU features on the AM1x and OMAP-L1x processors.

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