Insulation materials


Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Insulation materials such as XPE Form, Rock Wool and Glass Wool from New Delhi.

XPE Form


Product Description:
This is a new environmentally-friendly heat insulation material, which can add a layer of PE woven cloth on the basis of the original aluminum foil and polyethyene, which greatly enhances tensile strength and tering-resistance strength without changing its original characterstics.

Can be installed on roof, wall or floor, resist over 80% external heat from buildings, protect wall, resist thermal shock and sudden cold, etc.

1.No odor and toxicity, environmentally- friendly;
2.Light, soft, dust free, fire retardant, easy to install;
3.Heat reflection, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-radiation, anti-vibration, and shielding;
4.Moisture barrier, sun-proof, waterproof, good sealing property, heat preservation, energy saving…
5.Summer: moisture barrier, sun-proof, heat insulation, saving energy consumed by cool air conditioning ;
6.Winter: heat preservation, central heating saving, and remarkable energy-saving effect.
1. Roof, wall, floor;
2. Shells of air conditioner and water heater;
3. Protective coatings of water pipe and ventilating pipe

Other Information
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1000 Kilogram

Rock Wool


Rockwool is a precisely engineered bonded fiber insulation that offers maximum resistance to the passage of heat.They consist of fine fibers spun from molten rock and bonded with thermosetting resin.Rock wool have best combination of thermal insulation and fire protection properties Applications:
•Rockwool  are used for both hot and cold insulation to conserve energy.

 •Lower density material are used for building applications like under deck insulation, wall insulation and sound proofing of partitions and over false ceilings, air-conditioning duct insulation & chimney insulation.

•Higher density materials are used for high temperature application like furnaces, oven, autoclaves, kilns etc Compression Resistance.

 •Rock wool are highly resilient and easily regain their nominal thickness after the removal of normal compressive load

DENSITY Specification ---------As per IS 8183
ASTM C612 Max Service Temp--- ----750*C
Standard Dimension-----1 m x 0.5m
Thickness----------------- 25mm to 150mm
Density Kg/m3-----------48,64,96,144 Standard Packing---------HDPE Covers

Other Information
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1000 Kilogram

Glass Wool


Backed by a pool of talent, we provide durable glass wool products that are popular for its properties of energy conservation and sound insulation. The main application areas of these products include construction and air conditioning industries. It is made from bonded glass fibers and is used for thermal and acoustic insulation. It is available with or without alluminium foil and is ideal for under deck insulation, over the false ceiling and for ducting.
  • Size : Rolls in standard width of 1.2mm
  • Density : 16 , 24 , 32 , and 48 Kg/m3
  • Thickness : 12, 25 , 40 , 50 mm