Sealing Compound and Construction joint filling


Pioneers in the industry, we offer Sealing Compound and Construction joint filling such as MAKFILL Expansion and Mak Sealing Compound from India.

MAKFILL Expansion


We offers MAKFILL-Expansion Joint Filler Boards ISI Marked IS: 1838-1983. Consists of a fibre board impregnated with bituminous materials to render it durable and waterproof. It is used for Prevents cracking of concrete slabs during expansion and Protects the subgrade by providing a water-tight seal thereby preventing percolation of surface water.

Mak Sealing Compound


Mak Sealing Compound [ Gr. A & Gr. B ] [ISI MARKED] A joint sealing compound must display good adhesion towards concrete and have the ability to withstand extension without cracking. It must also have a low susceptibility to flow during hot weather conditions. It should be durable and plastic, and at the same time offer resistance to ingress of solid foreign matter. The Joint Sealing Compound is heated to temperature which will permit easy pouring into the expansion joint above the joint filler. This temperature should be well below that at which the Joint Sealing Compound undergoes.