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Ac 100 - Aceclofenac 100 Mg


a novel non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (nsaid) which is gastro , kidney & cartilage friendly to treat arthritic problems

Ac 200 - Aceclofenac 200 Mg


sustained release preparation offering once daily dosage convenience. The established safety profile makes it ideal for long term use in chronic arthritic problems.

Ac Rub - Aceclofenac Linseed Oil


topical application to relieve joint pain, back ache, muscular pain, strains and sprains due to sports injuries

Ac Noa - Aceclofenac 100 Mg Diacerein - 50 Mg


dcgi new delhi approved combination to restore mobility in arthritis.

Medicam Dt - Piroxicam 20mg Betacyclodextrin 50 Mg


for pain relief in arthritis without gastric irritation



work together for better relief in pain and inflammation

Domz Rb - Rabeprazole Sodium I.P


fights acidity and corrects motility to provide sustained effective treatment of peptic ulcer

Nausik - Doxylamine Succinate


makes pregnancy moments happier by preventing nausea and vomiting.

Picolax Tablets


sodium picosulphate 10mg
acts where it matters. Clears constipation blockade and restores normal traffic in the large intestine

Picolax Suspension


sodium picosulphate - 5 mg+ milk of magnesia - 3. 75 ml+methyl cellulose-10 mg
an effective solution in the form of suspension to suspend the problem of constipation.

Picolax Enema


sodium acid phosphate + sodium phosphate
for safe, effective and easy bowel evacuation before surgery, delivery and radiological examination.

Pileum Tablets - Proanthocyanidin


a combination first time in india to provide comfort from discomfort of hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Pileum Suppositories - Hydrocortisone Acetate


provides a healing touch to hemorrhoids with exact dosage and easy application.

Cefodin 200 - Cefixime 200 Mg


to beat resistance and stop recurrent respiratory, urinary and water borne infections

Cefodin Cv - Cefixime 200 Mg


a potentiated combination to beat resistance and stop recurrent respiratory, urinary and water borne infections

Hemocare Syrup


tasty fruity tonic

Hemocare Xt Tablet


ferrous ascorbate equivalent to elemental iron 100 mg+folic acid ip1. 5 mg
extraordinary iron to treat iron deficiency anemia

Hemocare Kit - Iron Calcium Multivitamins


a 3 – 2 - 1 nutritional kit to provide complete and convenient nutritional care in pregnancy and lactation

Calys 500 Tablet


calcium carbonate - 500 mg+vitamin d3- 200 iu+ magnesium hydroxide - 90 mg+ zinc sulphate ip 4mg
the gold standard calcium offering 26% more calcium than other available brands.



thiamine mononitrate-10mg +pyridoxine hcl- 3mg+niacinamide -50mg+ calicum pantothenate-15mg+cyanocobalamin-15mcg+chromium -200 mcg+l-glutamic acid-100mg+ zinc sulphate-25 mg
the d complex designed specially for diabetics and meets the therapeutic goals for diabetics as an ideal co-prescription with antidiabetic drugs. The medication the neurons need.

Slb - Methylcobalamin - 500mcg


no risk feel good methylcobalamin as sub lingual tablet for more absorption and better action

Slb Inj - Methylcobalamin


no risk feel good methylcobalamin parenteral

Slb Alpha - Methylcobalamin


methylcobalamin-1500 mcg+alpha lipoic acid-50 mg+inositol- 50 mg+pyridoxine hci - 3 mg+ chromium as chromium picolinate - 200 mcg+ selenium as sodium selenite - 50 mcg
one a day every day throughout life covers all requirements and restores normal health.

Medicold - Nemuslide


cold- here today gone tomorrow with medicold

Telmi H 4u - Telmisartan


fast growing diabetic and cardio friendly anti hypertensive combination for additive effect.

Delage - Leutin


leutin 10 mg+ beta carotene 5000 i. U+ vitamin c 75 mg+vitamin e 15mg+zinc -7. 5 mg+ selenium 35 mcg+chromium picolinate 50 mcg+ lycopene - 10mg
for health and vision acuity.

Combit - Biotin


Biotin 5 mg+ L-Lysine-300mg+Ferrous Glycine Sulphate equivalaent to Elemental Iron 35mg+Calicium Panthothenate 30mg+ Cyanocobalamin -7.5mcg
The Key to prevent Hair Loss

Ableto Oil


the complementary therapy to improve the quality of life for all. Makes the unhealthy healthy and the healthy to remain healthier. Make the unable… able.

Ac Para - Aceclofenac 100 Mg Paracetamol 500 Mg

A synergistic combination of proven NSAID aceclofenac with time tested antipyretic , analgesic paracetamol to treat pain and fever associated with inflammation

Noa - Diacerein - 50 Mg

For more relief in joint stiffness with an excellent safety profile for long term use.

Medicam Inj - Piroxicam 40 Mg

For painless pain relief in arthritis.

Septidase Forte - Serratiopeptidase -10 Mg

Microcataysts protected offering 113% clinical efficacy. A convenient co-prescription with antibiotics or anti-inflammatory for enhanced action.

Telmi 4u - Telmisartan 40 Mg

Fast growing Diabetic and cardio friendly anti hypertensive

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