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Pipe Line Valves

Double Air Valves

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Operating Principle: (Double Air Valves with isolating metre bevel geared sluice valve). In the development of the kinetic air release valve hydrodynamic principles have 1 applied to produce a unique patented feature. Two moving parts, the ball (float) seals the orifices but positively open during the exhausting of air. This valve is immediately closed when the water rises in the valve to lift the ball to the orifice seat for a drop tight closure. The kinetic air release valve is designed so that when the large orifice is open the ball in such a matter that a resultant pressure on the ball is downward and increases as the exhausting air velocity increases. Thus, air at any velocity can be discharged without the possibility of the valve blowing shut or collapsing the ball (float) even when the air is moving at its critical velocity.

Air Cushion Valves

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The principle of this Air Cushion Valves is to allow large quantities of air in the pumping main during separation, entrap the air, compressed it with the returning air column and expel the air under controlled pressure so as to dissipate the energy of the returning water column. An air cushion valve is thus provided. The valve mounted on TEE joint on the rising main at locations where water column separation is likely. The valve has a spring loaded air inlet port, an outlet normally closed by float, a spring loaded outlet poppet valve and an adjustable middle valve control orifice.


When there is sudden stoppage of pump due to power failure, partial vacuum is created in the main. With deferential pressure, the spring-loaded port opens and admits outside air into the main. When pressure in the main becomes near atmospheric. The inlet valve closes under spring pressure. The entrapped air is than compressed by returning water column till the poppet valve opens with float is dropped position, the air is expelled through poppet valve and controlled orifice under predetermined pressure thus dissipating the energy of the returning water column.



Parent/Basic MaterialCast Iron, S.G. Iron, Cast Steel Stainless Steel
General Fluid ApplicationClear Water Raw Water Irrigation Water
End Flange StandardIS : 1538, IS : 6392, BS : 10, ANSI B 16.1, ANSI B 16.5, BS : 4504, AWWA C 207 Or Any Other Standard.
Manufacturing Range Of SizeNB 80 MM TO 300 MM
RatingPN - 2, PN - 4, PN - 6 & PN -10


Characteristic Feature:

  • Leak Proof Sealing
  • Robust Construction
  • Trouble Free Service
  • Inter Changeable Parts
  • Easy Installation
  • Long Life Service
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Maintenance
  • No Throttling Effect

Air Relief Valves

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Air Relief Valves is a hydro-mechanical double acting device designed to automatically release or admit large volumes of air during the filling or draining of a piping system. These Air Relief Valves will open to relieve negative pressure (at the time of pipe line empty with water) and will remain closed when piping system is full and operating under pressure. Air valve are in generally four basic types like :


  •  Small single orifice
  •  Large orifice
  •  Large & small double orifice with inbuilt isolating stop valve (iv) Large and small double orifice without inbuilt isolating stop valve.

The opening in the valve mechanism through which air is -xpelled from or admitted into the system are called ORIFICE, Air relief valve are placed at the local highest point of pipeline. For general application size of the valve depends on the air discharge capacity. We follow IS : 14845 deification for NB 1200 mm and below size pipe main. And for higher size pipe line we use cluster arrangement. Cluster arrangement is a double / triple / quadruple air valve in a system and housed a single inlet branch pipe and a common isolating sluice valve placed in the bottom of the branch pipe.

Sluice Valves

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Sluice Valves is a device to isolate the flow of medium in both directions. In a robust body two nos. body seat ring are fitted in the flow path. A wedge moves inside the body of guided by integral channel. The stem and stem-nut engage the wedge properly. At the time of wedging action the contracting seating surface effect the sealing and ensuring leak proof sealing. In full open position it facilitate clear uninterrupted full bore flow path resulting minor / low head loss.

Butterfly Valves

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Butterfly Valves is a hydro-mechanical device to isolate / control the flow medium in both directions & also typically used to regulate a fluid. In a robust construction of double flanged body one stainless steel seat ring is fitted in the flow path. A robust circular disc is positioned in the center of the body. The disc is mounted on two hub stub shaft which is swing through both end body housing. A resilient / stainless steel seat ring moves inside the disc & one disc seat retainer is placed to retain it. A gear / hand lever operated drive shaft. At the time of sealing action the contracting seating surface effect the sealing and ensuring leak proof sealing. In full open position it facilitate low interrupted reduce bore flow path resulting minor / low head loss.

Characteristic Feature:

  • Leak Proof Sealing
  • Robust Construction
  • Trouble Free Service
  • Inter Changeable Parts
  • Easy Installation
  • Long Life Service
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Operation
  • Mechanically Advanced
  • Full Proof Design
  • Minimum Headloss
  • Totally Reliable
  • No Throttling Effect
  • Heist Degree Of Accuracy
  • On / Off Or Regulating Duty
  • Optional Arrangement
  • Bypass
  • Position Indicator
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Self Lubricated Bearing
  • Handwheel Locking
  • Disc Movement Stopper
  • Chainwheel Drive
  • Extension Shaft
  • Floor Stand / Headstock
  • Muff Coupling
  • Hand Lever Operation
  • Shaft Seal
  • Supporting Feet
  • Square Cap Operation
  • Riveted Seat
  • Screwed In Seat
  • Position Limit Switch
  • Universal Coupling

Butterfly Valve Wafer Types

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We offer butterfly valve of these varieties.

  • Butterfly Valve Flanged End
  • PTFE Seated Butterfly valve
  • Butterfly Valve Spherical Disc Valve
  • Butterfly Valve Wafer & Flanged Body Type
  • High Performance Butterfly Valve
  • Pharma Butterfly Valve
  • Butterfly Valves.

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