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Bedroom Colors


Bedroom is your private haven, where you can be yourself and relax after a tiring day. It is one room of the house where there is no pretension and you are totally at ease. So when planning the bedroom colors we want warmth, style, mood and comfort. But how to team all these up with the correct bedroom wall colors. Well this challenging dilemma ends right here.

Offering you a range of different color scheme ideas that is going to make your boudoir look attractive and totally unique. But before we start off, simply ask one question from yourself. What do you want your bedroom to look like? Do you want it to be romantic, or relaxing or something fun? Once the objective is clear in your mind select the bedroom colors accordingly.We are mainly looking for queries from Tamil Nadu.

Bathroom Colors


The Bathroom Colors should always be light. This helps in giving a fresh look to the bathroom. White, light blue and pale green are the best choice available. Avoid dark colors like black or dark red. Keep the bathroom shiny and clean. You can even add some plants to add a decor element in the bathroom. If you are going for tiles for the bathroom, then keep them in neutral shades. According to Vaastu, dark colors create a disturbing element. For a soothing and relaxing experience light colors are recommended. We are mainly looking for queries from Tamil Nadu.

Modular Kitchens Designing Service


Kitchen is one of important rooms in your apartment. Today kitchen is not only a place for preparing food but also a place which welcomes your guest after your living room. There can be no other place in you house or apartment as important as the kitchen. Vaastu for kitchen helps to balance energy in your kitchen and maintain peace and happiness in the life of family residing in that home or apartment. Vaastu shastra or vaastu is an ancient indian art that harnesses the energy of natural elements like the heat and light of sun, gravitational force of earth, direction of winds, the intensity of rainfall etc and uses them to balance with the surroundings of mankind. If your home or apartment is constructed without considering vaastu shastra, vaastu recommends remedies in getting relief from the problem.

Dining Room Designing Service


Vastu Dining Location- Dining room should be located in west direction whereas kitchen should be made in south-east direction. Dining room should not be located in south side. Water arrangement should be in north-east direction.Colour: The colour of dining room should be light like pink, light green, cream etc. Avoid black and white color.

Living Room Wall Colors


Living room is one of the most important rooms of the house. Giving it an attractive finish not only changes the appearance of the entire room but of the whole house as well. After all who wants to welcome their guests in a drab living room? There are many different ways to add some charm to the living room but one of the easiest and most cost effective techniques remain to give a fresh coat of wall colors. Selecting the right color for your living room remains one of the most challenging task in the whole affair. How to ensure that the color will look grand once done and not become a disastrous scene? Well believe it or not one can control the way your living room looks to a great extent. Here are some quick tips to give a new and finished look to your drawing room.

Study Room/ Library


 The library or study should be located on the west side of the building, but should not be located in the corners of the house. When using a library or study, it is best to sit facing east or north. The bookshelves should not be in the Northwest or south west corner. Books should be in the east, north, or west sides of the room. Make sure that there is no mirror reflection in their room. This may have effect of doubling their work load. Make sure that the student does not study under a beam otherwise he or she feels unnecessary pressure. Color scheme as per Vastu:- The walls of study room should be painted in light colors rather than dark colors. Light colors are very auspicious according to vastu and enhance learning power of students. Avoid black color in study room.

Library:- The best colour, however, depends on the type of books that the residents like to read. If they prefer serious books, brown is an appropriate shade. For less serious readers, pale blue, light green or pink are good.

Pooja Room Designing Services


The Pooja Roomin your house should be planned according to vastu shashtra, because it the place where you meditate and worship. So, it is important to gain positive energies to connect to god. If your pooja room is designed according to the right vastu, after seeking the advice of expert consultants, you will feel charged and rejuvenated after meditation and your mind will not wander into different directions when you sit to worship. The article comes up with the most suitable vastu tips and advice for your pooja room. Go through them to know the correct vasthu for your puja room.a sober setting with solid, calm, subdued colours and no patterns is ideal. Subtle and deep shades of blue, violet, green, yellow or sandal will encourage deep concentration and inspire intellectual clarity. The reasoning- the pooja room is used for prayer and meditation and hence the setting should be soothing, subdued and not distracting. We are mainly looking for queries from Tamil Nadu.

Meditation Room Painting Services


A sober setting with solid, calm, subdued colors and no patterns is ideal. Subtle and deep shades of blue, violet, green, yellow or sandal will encourage deep concentration and inspire intellectual clarity. The Reasoning- The meditation room is used for concentration and hence the setting should be soothing, subdued and not distracting. We are mainly looking for queries from Tamil Nadu.

Vastu Colors


Colors pacify our mind and stimulate energy. The colors have significant effect on our mood, health and happiness. The impact of colors on us is emotional, intellectual, materialistic, physical and intuitive.


The right choice of color helps us in enhancing the flow of energy in the house. Here are some Vastu guidelines, which will help you to pick the right Vastu colors for every room of your house.


Directions and Colors:

Colors are based on directions represented by various planets. For example, north rooms of a house, represented by the planet ‘Mercury’ can bepainted in light shades of greenas the green is representative color of Mercury. The colors of the planets govern directions as follows:















Pink, Coral Red



Tone of yellows, Cream



All Greens



Silver White




Kindly Refer To The PDF Attached For More Detailed Information

We are mainly looking for queries from Tamil Nadu.

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