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NEW VAPINAL is a thermal waters inhalator endowed with stainless steel boiler, inside of that works an electric resistance with 230V ~ / 50Hz feeding.
The device developes through a sprinkler, using venturi system, damp warm vapor.
The device is able to mix the vapor, developed by the boiler with the principles of thermal waters placed in the bottle outside of the device.
Built with body in plastic material with elevated thermal and electric isolation in conformity to the European safety standards, the device has been studied for the inhalation of thermal waters in bottle, and it is endowed with specific safety systems like the double safety thermostat applied on the boiler and the safety cork.
Don't work the device without water in the boiler in how much it involves the activation of a thermostat protection to manual rearmament. The rearmament of the thermostat must have effected near authorized center or contact CA-MI technical service.


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Range of Incentive Spirometers to exercise respiration through deep inhalation or exhalation, or both in one single device. The main group usually subject to pulmonary rehabilitation is patients affected by COPD (Chronicle Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), although the rehabilitation brings benefits even in patients with severe respiratory troubles or in patients with post-operative long stay in bed. The main benefits of a pulmonary rehabilitation program are to minimize the associated symptoms, the reduction of the dyspnoea and its related consequences, improving thus the quality of life of the patient by recuperating the tolerance to effort and to exercise, and a reduction of the anxiety or depression which may be associated to the disease. It is important then that patients continue the respiratory rehabilitation at home and very often the domicile is the only place where this can be performed. The devices for domicile rehabilitation must be easy to use and cost effective, but the most important aspect is that they should allow the measurement of the exercise performed. The new line of CA-MI incentive spirometers include three efficient devices for the stimulation of deep inspiration and the estimation of the improvements of the patient concerning the flow and/or the volume inspired.

Ce Marked Autoclave Horizontal

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Double Walled Chamber.
Stainless Steel outer body
Inner Chamber of Stainless Steel.
Chamber and Boiler are mounted on a heavy duty mild Steel Stand.
Heating elements easily replaceable
Pressure Control Switch ranging from 10-20 psi
Power Supply 220/230 volts A.C. -50 Hz


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NEW EMIVAC is a manual device to be used for the emergency field to be used for aspiration of the body liquids (mucus ar catarrh)
Easily movable and designed for a manual use.
Thanks to this characteristics and to the rating that it has product is particularly suitable for a emergency use, on the thacheotomized patients, minor surgical applications and post - operative therapy at home.
Made of highly heat resistant, in conformity with the latest European safety standard, the product is supplied with a polycarbonate 0.4 litre autoclavable jar with overflow valve.

Hospivac 350

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NEW HOSPIVAC 350 is a surgical aspirator working with 230V ~ / 50 Hz network electricity, to be used for the aspiration of the body liquids (mucus or catarrh and blood).
The device is equipped with 4 antistatic wheels with two brakes, to be used in the operation room, and movement handle.
Easily movable and designed for virtually continuos use.
Thanks to this characteristics and to the rating that it has, this product is particularly suitable for hospital use, on the tracheotomized patients and surgical applications.
Made of highly heat resistant, electrically insulated plastic material in conformity with the latest European safety standard, the product is supplied with two 2000cc polycarbonate autocavable jars with overflow valve and equipped with aspiration regulator and vacuum indicator located on the front panel.
Available under request with differents versions for applications and use (version with remote control, version with 4 litre jars, version with flow direction regulator).

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