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Coloroof Plus


Coloroof PLUS is the result of the most recent research and development at Monier worldwide. As far as aesthetics go, the design of the tile is based on the traditional Marseille profile (known as Mangalore pattern tiles in India). Monier has considerably enhanced the quality of this tile using modern technology. In fact it is produced using unique technology with H cassette and Gypsum moulds, resulting in tiles amongst the best available clay tiles in the market. They come in matt and glazed finishes in select colors.



produced in bangalore (karnataka), elabana, a concrete roof tile, is the result of monier’s worldwide research and development expertise. Originally developed for tropical countries that experience heavy rain, it is a major success in countries like malaysia, china, usa and many european countries. It has been introduced in india to protect homes from the severe monsoons experienced here. Elabana is designed for a contemporary look and is available in many colors. It is a perfect blend of durability, versatility and beauty. It is valued for its dimensional stability and low water absorption. Each tile is meticulously finished with a glossy efflorescent.

Plano Legacy


The Legacy Roof System by Lafarge redefines roof aesthetics with the Monier Plano, A Sophisticate, elegant and artisitically inspired tile creation, Its beautiful flat and smooth surface evokes a Zen-inspired 'minimalist' look to your designs. The Monier Plano maintains a uniformed colour appearance on both sides of the tile. Irrespective of the viewing angle, your roof aesthetics remain.The new unique CISAR surface technology incorporates three layers of coatings on the tile, providing unmatched longevity of yor roof aesthetics. The technology also provides perfect protection against inclement weather and natural elements.Technology : CISAR surface technologyColours : Calypso Orange, Sierra Brown, Autumn Grey, Mystic Grey, Granite & Forest Green



We’ve added a very modern look to its traditional profile. It’s high on strength and water tightness, with a very smooth surface. It’s available in an array of colors in natural, matt and glazed finishes.



These tiles are a harmonious blend of exclusivity and a traditional profile. The design gives you a perception of having laid smaller tiles on your roof. These tiles too are high on strength and water tightness and have an ultra smooth surface. It's available in a range of colors in natural, matt and glazed finishes.



Coloroof Tiles are produced in Calicut (Kerala) with the best available clay tiles. The Coloroof glazed tile is without doubt the best-in-class product in the Indian market. Its new glaze coating process, introduced in 2006 gives it almost zero water absorption capabilities and a perfect surface makes it resistant to fungus, dust and algae. Further, its double fired glazing process enables it to offer a wide range of long-lasting colors, which enhances the beauty of the house. All Coloroof tiles are double grooved ensuring a high performance against water leakages. Its traditional design blends with modern technology to make it highly durable. And its bright and attractive colors enhance the aesthetic features of the house, making a lifestyle statement.

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