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Lighting Console

Lighting Console


REGIA 2048 Opera is a new lighting console designed and manufactured for a wide range of professional applications.
REGIA 2048 Opera's features are among the best in its category:
2048 DMX channels, four independent DMX lines, on-board CD burner, built-in hard disk and two SVGA outputs for outboard monitors to display the status of each fixture used via a cutting edge graphic interface.
Motorized A & B Masters, track ball to Engine, personalities library for all major fixture models, unlimited multi-part cues. REGIA 2048 Opera comes in a sturdy metal chassis with very low weight and compact dimensions, facilitating transport and installation.
The unit also has an integrated UPS which ensures approximately 30 minutes free-standing operation in the event of a power failure, and it's protected against incorrect connection to a 380V mains power supply.

96 Manual Presets
24 Playback Registers
36 Virtual Registers per page
Motorized A and B masters

Lighting Control Desk Consoles


Studio 24 is a reliable use-friendly lighting control desk, able to control 12 or 24 channels of dimmable fixtures
The controls of the Studio 12 include:
Manual Presets (2 rows of 24 faders, which can be used as two 24-channel presets or a single 48-channel preset);Registers (1 row of 24 faders which control the memory registers); Light Chase controls (for programming and controlling chases).
Studio 24 is an extremely versatile lighting control desk, ideal for a vast range of applications: from concerts to theatres, clubs to television studios, from small to large show events.

2 presets + memory registers on three independent rows of faders.
24 programmable chases (max. 24 steps).
24 pages of memory registers.

Chases easily stored in the memories.
Independent adjustment of preset crossfade time between preset.
Possibility of storing data and memories on PC.
576 scene memories.

24 channel and double preset or 48 channels single preset.

Century Architectural Lighting


Product Model: PR-2001L


The Century Colour 2500, well established as an architectural favourite, has a new suffix attached to it's name, L, this stands for long life, and with the MSA2500 DE lamp rated at 2000 hours this makes a real difference to the operation and maintenance cycles. Now you have a projector that will flood your buildings etc with colour and will keep on doing that for longer before needing a lamp change than many on the market.

Pr Lighting (Pl-01)


The Design 1000 is a projector of innovative, compact, silent colour changing, capable of extraordinary performances in terms of colour mixing, reliability and versatility. The product complies to CE norms and standards and uses international protocol DMX 512. The Design 1000 is particularly suitable for television studios and theatres, stage lighting, limelights, backdrops, inside or outside shops and shopping centres, sport centres and almost all architectural applications.
The Design 1000 features 6 kinds of colour filters for CYM colour mixing and 2 blades for shutter/dimmer. The product has light level sensor track system, which can adjust the status of product automatically. And the projector can be setup easily via the touch-switches and LCD display.

Pr Lighting (Pl-02)


Being both compact in outlook and versatile in operation, the Design 150 Pro is ideal for both indoor and exterior applications. Their high IP rates ensure their suitability whatever the weather. Using the very latest high-pressure discharge lamp ensures high brightness and long life with minimal maintenance cycles. The vacuum plated dichroic colour filters produce rich saturated colours, and the CYM colour mixing system provides an almost infinite range of colours.

Lighting Console (Lc-02)


A new variation of the Pearl is now available, the Pearl 2010.The Pearl 2010 sees Avolites introduce a new contemporary streamlined look for its global bestselling console. This will include new graphics and an ergonomically curved front and back, complimenting the physical aesthetics of the Pearl Expert and Pearl Tiger consoles Internal Flash Drive, similar in functionality to a hard disk but faster and more rugged. Provides enough storage for:- The entire Fixture Library of more than 3,000 files Over a hundred show files. Removable external Memory Stick. Cache the entire Fixture library of more than 3,000 files Improved method of Fixture selection for Patching New Locate Fixture button Fixture Selects (selecting the top row of faders) 2048 Channels. 240 Intelligent Fixtures. 240 Dimmer Control Channels. Theatrical Plotting and Playback functions. Shape Generator for instant creation of patterns and effects. 15 Playback Masters controlling 450 memories, chases or cue lists.

Lighting Console (Lc-03)


The Pearl Tiger is a powerful, streamlined 10 roller playback version of AvoÕs famous and most popular ÕliveÕ lighting console. It offers everything the LD, programmer or operator needs for quick and easy programming of small to medium sized shows É. with all the power, ease of use and versatility of a full sized Pearl. The Pearl Tiger is equally suited for small theatres, conferences, schools & colleges, small to medium scale productions or production companies, tours, venues and nightclubs. ItÕs small footprint, powerful functionality, familiar operating system, together with the ability to carry it under your arm make it the ideal choice for jobs having a quick setup limited rehearsal time and where the operator needs to be in full control for last minute changes. The Pearl Tiger is fully show compatible with Pearl 2004, 2008 and Pearl Expert and shows can effortlessly be loaded and swapped between these consoles.

Lighting Console (Lc-04)


Feature packed 24 and 48 channel memory consoles for the mid level user

The Jester is a new lighting console from Zero 88. It offers direct control of up to 48 channels of DMX either using submasters or a traditional theatre playback stack.
12 auxiliary buttons are provided which can be used to trigger DMX devices such as scrollers, smoke machines or strobes.

The Jester provides users with a powerful set of programming and playback tools in an easy to use and economical lighting console.

  • 12/24 or 24/48 channels of control
  • 24 or 48 submasters
  • Playback stack
  • Patching to 512 DMX channels
  • DMX in allowing snap shots of all 512 DMX channels
  • 12 or 24 auxiliary buttons
  • VGA-Text Monitor Output
  • USB storage
  • MIDI notes
  • Multi-lingual Online Help

Lighting Console


Feature packed memory consoles with added control of up to 30 moving lights

The Jester ML series of lighting consoles from Zero 88 offer users a cost effective solution for control of up to 30 moving lights. All consoles have effects engines, the ability to store palettes or preset focuses and use the comprehensive Zero 88 fixture library.

The Jester ML24 & ML48 also offer direct control of 24 or 48 dimmer channels. Playback is either via the submasters or through a traditional theatrical cue stack. Up to 48 channels can be controlled on any of the Jester ML series by using any DMX desk connected to the DMX Input.

  • 30 Moving Lights
  • 48 Channels of Control (number of local faders varies)
  • 20 pages of 24 Submasters (number of local faders varies)
  • Playback Stack
  • Patching to 512 DMX channels
  • DMX in allowing snap shots of all 512 DMX channels
  • Monitor Display
  • USB Storage
  • MIDI Notes
  • Lock Function

Moving Lights Consoles


  • 30 Moving Lights
  • 48 Channels of Control (number of local faders varies)
  • 20 pages of 24 Submasters (number of local faders varies)
  • Playback Stack
  • Patching to 512 DMX channels
  • DMX in allowing snap shots of all 512 DMX channels
  • Monitor Display
  • USB Storage
  • MIDI Notes
  • Lock Function

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