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We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Hair Care such as Indigo Powder Hair, Herbal Henna Powder, Amla Powder ( Dark And Healthy Hair Naturally), Shikakai Powder (Natural astringent for Hair), Reetha Powder (The Natural Shampoo for your hair), Cassia Obovata Powder and many more items from India.

Herbal Henna Powder

Approx. Rs 190 / Piece(s)

HERBAL HENNA POWDER made from pure Henna leaves and rich & rare natural Indian herbs is used for hair conditioning. A regular use of herbal Henna naturally conditions hair and gives strength and shine to the hair. Medicinal value of Henna and other ingredients take care of all scalp disorders. It acts as a hair vitalizer and promotes hair growth.

Specially made for you from premium quality henna leaves and original selected rare  Himalayan  herbs

for your precious hair. This pure herbal products makes you tension free from side effects of black henna. Endows rich brown tones to the hair. Can be used on all hair types, including colour-treated and premed hair. It can blend up to 60% gray hair. Being a natural product, this Henna gives a better result if its paste is prepared in an iron bowl.

Directions for use: soak henna in water for 4-5 hours. If dark tint is required, soak in an iron bowl. Apply in small sections of hair and comb through so that the henna paste can reach the hair roots. For darker tint, keep it for 2-3 hours. For hair conditioning rinse after 30 minutes.

Main Ingredients: amla, reetha, shikakai, mehndi, chandan.

Net Weight: 200g

Amla Powder ( Dark And Healthy Hair Naturally)

Approx. Rs 150 / Packet(s)

Amla (Emblica officinalis) is both a natural astringent and skin toner. The powder promotes black and luxuriant hair and controls hair loss, stimulates the hair roots, and promotes hair growth. Amla can be used on your hair to slow hair loss, increase thickness and slow graying. It also leaves hair soft, silky and shiny. As a facial, it can tighten and tone the skin and balance redness. Amla is a wonderful exfoliant as it has natural astringent properties which help to remove dead skin cells without the chemicals of commercial products. Regular use of Amla gives nourishment to the hair.  It may also remove mild dandruff from hair and scalp while giving body to the hair strands.

How to use: Soak Amla Powder with adequate amount of water preferably in an iron vessel. Leave overnight and wash your hair in the morning with this extract. Repeat this every 3rd pr 4th day. Alternatively prepare a constant paste with henna powder and apply it on the hair. Leave for half an hour to an hour and rinse the hair properly afterwards. When used on skin, the paste of this powder brightens the complexion and removes pimples and grime. Mix 1 table spoon of amla powder with hot water and gently scrub your face.

Shikakai Powder (Natural astringent for Hair)

Approx. Rs 150 / Packet(s)

Shikakai (Acacia concinna) has been used for hair cleansing in India for centuries. The word 'shikakai' means "fruit for hair" and is a traditional variety of shampoo. Shikakai acts as a natural astringent for hair enhancing as it consists binding properties. It clears dandruff and cleans the dirt accumulated on the scalp. Being a natural conditioner for hair, it strengthens hair roots and promotes luxuriant growth. Shikakai is a natural cleansing agent and helps keep hair and scalp tidy. It is also a good conditioner and helps reduce oiliness in the scalp and give hair a mild shine.

How to use: Soak about 20-30 grams of Shikakai Powder with adequate amount of water in a narrow mouth vessel for 10-15 minutes. Shake vigorously the mixture and wash your hair with the mixture after straining the same.  Alternatively take the fine powder and apply it as such over the wet hair. Rinse the hair after some time.

Reetha Powder (The Natural Shampoo for your hair)

Approx. Rs 150

soapnut powder( Sapindus Trifolatus) also known as reetha powder is a natural cleansing agent recommended by Ayurvedic experts. When used on skin, the powder cleans the pores and helps the skin breath better. It also improves the texture of skin over a period of usage. As a shampoo, it cleans hair completely. It is specially recommended for washing oily hair. The powder has excellent foaming and shampooing properties. It gives hair natural floss and bounce.

soapnut powder is also recommended for your laundry, washing silk, woolen clothes, silver and gold ornaments and utensils.

How to use: Place required amount of powder in a bowl then add water and mix well to create a thick paste. Gently massage the paste into the hair and scalp rotating with your finger tips. Wait for 2 to 5 minutes. Wash thoroughly with water.

Cassia Obovata Powder

Approx. Rs 400 / Kilogram(s)

Cassia Obovata powder is a medium olive green powder from the ground leaves of the plant and smells like fresh grass. Cassia Obovata Sometimes also called senna or neutral/blonde henna is an excellent natural conditioner that may thicken and add shine and golden hues to your blonde or gray hair. It adds richness, shine, and texture. It will not color dark hair, but will condition it and can be used as often as you like for healthy hair & scalp and it is non drying. Cassia has been used for centuries as a beauty and health regimen and has been used as an antifungal, antibacterial and laxative as well as treatment of mites, eczema and psoriasis.

Henna Powder

Approx. Rs 300 / Kilogram(s)

HENNA POWDER is made from pure and fresh Henna leaves and is used for hair conditioning. A regular use of Henna naturally conditions hair and gives strength, volume and shine to the hair. It acts as a hair vitalizer and promotes hair growth. Henna gives shine to the hair and stops hair fall. It conditions hair from tip to root and washes away dandruff. Apply henna once in 15 days and see the remarkable difference in your hair after the first application itself. It is 100% safe herbal product which is safe to use and does not have any harmful side effects.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Soak henna in water for 4-5 hours. It can be soaked in normal water as well, but tea water is a good hair conditioner as well. If dark tint is required, soak in an iron bowl. Apply in small sections of hair and comb through so that the henna paste can reach the hair roots. For darker tint, keep it for 2-3 hours. For hair conditioning rinse after 30-45 minutes.
Enrichment of Henna powder:
You may add Indigo powder for natural black coloring.
You may add Cassia obovata powder for natural conditioning and strengthening of hair.
You may add Amla and Shikakai powder for better nourishment and conditioning of hair and scalp.
You may add Ritha powder as a natural hair shampoo.
You may add Tulsi powder for giving extra nourishment and strength for your hair naturally.

Organic Hair Serum (for hair growth and nourishment)

Approx. Rs 400 / Bottle(s)

For Hair Growth And Nourishment

  • For All Hair Types.
  • Contains Uv Shield.
  • No Chemicals.

  • Nourishes and promotes healthy hair growth and slow down hair loss

  • Made to Prevent Hair Loss and Accelerate The Natural Growth of Hair

  • Provide essential trace minerals to hair follicles

  • Tames fly-aways, frizz, and repairs split ends.

  • The professional grade luxurious formula of deep-penetrating emollients that reinforce hair structure and restore gloss and shine

  • Serum also helps protect hair from environmental damage and is specially formulated to make your hair strong, healthy and soft to touch. It also helps protect against further damage from harsh styling products and tools.

  • UV sunlight protection - Protects hair color

  • Serum Strengthens brittle hair and promotes healing by sealing the cuticle

  • Almost instantly improves hair follicle elasticity and increases nourishment.

Tulsi Powder Hair (Cures Dandruff, Protects Skin)

Approx. Rs 200 / Packet(s)

Tulsi (holy basil) powder is widely known for its effective anti bacterial and anti fungal qualities. It protects hair from pollution. It Protects and moisturizes the scalp, thus helps to treat acute dandruff problems. It also protects and moisturizes the skin without obstructing the pores. This powder also leaves a mat complexion and can be used as a make-up base if your skin is oily. Tulsi has very effective anti-pollution properties.
How to Use : It has to be mixed with Rose water or plain water to make a paste.  Apply on wet hair and leave it for half an hour to one hour. Rinse and wash the hair thoroughly.

For skin: Apply the herbal tulsi powder paste evenly on the face and neck, allow it to dry. Wash the face with cold water. Tulsi powder adds glow to the skin and prevents early aging of the skin.  As it is a natural Herbal Powder it makes the skin soft and smooth.

QTY: 250 gms

Jojoba Oil Skin

Approx. Rs 900 / Bottle

Jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis) can be used as moisturizer, make up remover, lip balm, hair conditioner, massage oil, cuticle oil and body lotion amongst other endless uses for hair and skin treatment. We offer you 100% pure Jojoba, the extract of seeds produced by the Jojoba plant which is cold pressed.


Jojoba oil is very similar in composition to human natural skin oils. It penetrates the skin rapidly to nourish it. Put a small drop on the back of your hand and massage it in until you learn how much works for you. It’s gentle enough for newborn babies, soothes and restores elasticity to any dry skin area.


QTY: 200ML


  • Jojoba Oil is used medicinally. It contains vitamins E and B complex. It also has the minerals silicon, chromium, copper and zinc. It has a very high percentage of iodine, almost 81.7%. The iodine concentration gives the Jojoba oil a great power to heal.

  • Jojoba Oil can help heal acne, athlete's foot, cuts, mouth sores, pimples and warts. The oil also helps to remove build up around hair follicles. This enables it to help with dandruff, hair loss and dry scalp.

  • Jojoba is often found in the ingredients of many shampoos and conditioners, due to its helpful effects on the scalp and hair. Jojoba Oil is high in Vitamin C, as well as possessing sulfur, copper, cobalt and has traces of tin. It has a volatile oil, which gives Juniper its characteristic flavor.

  • Jojoba is a natural, very valuable wax. Since it is liquid it is often also called Jojoba oil.

  • Jojoba is widely used in different personal care and cosmetic products helping to treat dry skin.

  • Jojoba soothes and helps to remove wrinkles and stretch marks.

  • Jojoba acts as a tonic, emollient and moisturizer.

  • Jojoba is an evergreen desert shrub whose seeds contain an odorless, colorless, liquid wax used in cosmetics, lubricants, etc.

  • Jojoba is liquid wax highly penetrating and closely resembles human sebum.

  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant. Fantastic. Prolongs shelf life.



Indigo Powder Hair

Indigo Powder is a natural hair dye used since ancient times for coloring hair. It contains no chemical whatsoever and is a pure herbal product. Indigo (latin name: Indigofera tinctoria), is a natural plant-y substance that dyes your hair. There are many chemical color dyes available in the market which give desired color, but they are harmful in the long run for the scalp and the hair. Henna is another 100% pure natural dye, but it gives deep orange color WHEREAS Indigo powder gives deep blue color if used alone, and if used with henna, it gives different shades of brown to black depending upon the ratio of henna and indigo powder used.


Indigo powder is 100% natural, free from PPD or any other chemicals. It gives desired hair color from brown to black without any damage to hair or scalp.


Approx. Rs 800

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Organic Hair Serum (for damaged hair)

  • Regenerates and nourishes dry, damaged hair

  • Stimulates hair follicles and scalp

  • Provides increased blood circulation

  • Strengthens and repairs fragile scalp areas

  • Hair feels healthier fuller thicker

  • Suitable for both men and women in their early stage of hair loss

  • Leaves dry hair noticeably softer and smoother without weighing it down.

  • Instantly detangles to improve manageability for easy combing.

  • Delivers intense shine and rejuvenates hair

  • Instantly Repairs Damaged, Protein-Depleted Hair

  • Rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and Vitamin E that nourishes the hair

  • Provides the ultimate in conditioning, repair and hydration. Moisturizing properties absorbs instantly to improve brittle, broken strands.

  • Restore your hair to its original healthy, moisturized and brilliantly polished virgin form.

Approx. Rs 400

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