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We manufacture excellent quality Bhujia, that is not only delicious but also has a high nutritional value. The ingredients used in the product are well researched by our experts. The bhujia is spicy and will remind you of the home made taste. It has been approved by ISO so you need not think twice before going for this pack of Bhujia. This snack packet comes in sizes of 25.00gm, 85.00gm, 170.00gm, 400.00gm.

Cashew Nuts


The liking for Cashew Nuts is the same for all of us, and that is - we all love to eat them. Keeping this in mind we produce mouthwatering cashew nuts. Organically processed, you can eat them sugared or salted and add flavour to your cup of tea. These cashew nuts are rich in proteins and thus can be a health booster for your family. Use them in your cuisines, be it Indian or any other and make your food richer. You can also take them with milk or give it to the young ones at home without hesitation. These cashew nut packets are available in 100.00 and 50.00gm.



Chanachur, the first love of all Indians and merely the name of which is mouthwatering is available with us. You will relish the taste of the variety of spices we use in chanachur. The vegetable oil and other ingredients we use while preparing it are tested well in advance before it reaches you. Authentic and top class we assure you the most hygienically processed chanachur. You can also eat them with meals or eat it plain. The packets are available in sizes from 25.00gm, 85.00gm, 170.00gm, 400.00gm.

Garma Garam


We offer our customers the unparallel taste in namkeen- Garama Garam. Available both in salty and sweet flavours this namkeen will add to the taste of your coffee or tea. The namkeen we offer is not oily and you can take a break with it even at your office desk. Its special features include:

  • high quality vegetable oil
  • hygienically processed
  • authentic spices
  • low on calories

Khatta Mitha


If you have a liking for snack then Khatta Mitha is your answer. This snack can be simply carried in hands while you hang out with friends. You can gorge on it on a boring evening and like every bit of it. When mixed with rice flakes or taken with Aloo chat this will add the flavour.

Magic Matar


Any Indian plate is considered incomplete without Matar or pea so how can a snack be left behind. An edible seed, the Magic Matar we provide is ever fresh and you can eat them in any season. These matar are processed organically with safe fertilizers. The magic matar will not rise your weight graph, so be assured with your waistline. Even it is a packed snack, the nutritional value of matar remains unchanged.

Fried Moong Dal


We make Moong Dal which is of a superior quality and will stimulate your taste buds for sure. This moong dal packet is available in 25.00gm, 85.00gm, 170.00gm and 400.00gm. The speciality of this moong dal is as under:

  • low on calories
  • prepared by skilled professionals
  • high quality vegetable oil
  • authentic flavour
  • not high in spices

Pudina Bhujia


Available in:
30.00 gm
80.00 gm
170.00 gm

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