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Aliphatic Hardener

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We have the privilege to offer a wide range of Aliphatic Hardener to our clients. These products are highly recommended as a semi-gloss topcoat for epoxy and polyurethane systems exposed to weathering and chemical stress. Our products are also used for painting of transport and haulage equipment, steel framework, storage tank exteriors.

Alkyd Resin For Enamel Paint

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We offer our customers with a premium range of Alkyd Resins that are polyesters modified by the addition of fatty acids and other components. These are derived from polyols and a dicarboxylic acid or carboxylic acid anhydride. The Alkyd Resins are available in both drying and nondrying forms.

Electrical Grade Epoxy

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We Offer Electrical Grade Epoxy. Diamond dotted insulation paper is made of electrical insulation paper with diamond-shape epoxy resin dotted in both sides. The epoxy resin used in D.D.P. contains a kind of incubative hardener material, it is a dry and crisp material at normal tempatures 

Melamine Formaldehyde Resin

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Offered among our range of chemical products is Melamine which is an acid curing premium melaminized coating. It is specifically prepared to provide a decorative clear finishing to wood. It features extreme resistance to oil, food and beverage stains and prevents insects like borers & termites from damaging the wooden items. Moreover, is has non yellowing properties which offer even more opportunities to use it as an ingredient for various products.

Specialty Epoxy Resins And Poly-Amide Hardener

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Epoxy Resins offered by us are procured from trustworthy and established vendors which are used in over molding integrated circuits, transistors & hybrid circuits and making printed circuit boards. These are widely used in Electronics Industry and find wide applications in motors, generators, transformers, switchgear, bushings and insulators.

Urea Formaldehyde Resins

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We offer our clients a widely used urea formaldehyde resin which is known as a thermosetting resin prepared with urea and formaldehyde through a condensation polymerization reaction between the two. It is the most popular resin with vast application in the wood panel product industry due to its effective reactivity and cost economy.

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