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Airhawk Ii Air Mask


The new AirHawk II Air Mask is built upon MSA’s established AirHawk MMR Air Mask and is a lightweight, durable, and economical SCBA for many industrial IDLH (immediately dangerous to life or health) applications. This SCBA fits any budget by keeping its lower-cost options while offering many new choices not offered with any other industrial SCBA. In addition, the AirHawk II Air Mask is available in both low-pressure and high-pressure versions.

MSA’s AirHawk II Air Mask is a pressure-demand apparatus designed to maintain a slight positive air pressure inside the facepiece during inhalation and exhalation. Positive pressure helps to prevent contaminants from seeping in and around the facepiece, even if small breaks in the face-to-facepiece seal should occur. The AirHawk II Air Mask is built from six major components: facepiece, carrier and harness assembly, cylinder, first-stage regulator, mask-mounted regulator, and End-of-Service-Time-Indicator (EOSTI).

The New Airhawk Ii Air Mask


MSA’s new FireHawk M7 Responder Air Mask is uniquely versatile protection that can quickly be transformed into a CBRN air-purifying respirator (APR) or a CBRN powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR). You can change respirator modes as your job changes direction from first response and rescue to scene management and remediation activities.

Firefighters typically are the first to respond to any incident whether it is a residential fire, an accident, or any unknown threat. MSA’s FireHawk M7 Responder Air Mask provides the maximum level of protection for CBRN environments. However, that amount of protection is not always needed, especially outside the immediate fire scene. Once the hazard has been assessed, air-purifying respirators (APR) may make the most sense for low concentrations of certain contaminants.

The M7 Responder facepiece is NIOSH approved for the SCBA, PAPR and APR configurations, in accordance with the MSA users instructions. This practical emergency respiratory protection system meets/ exceeds the latest requirements of NFPA and NIOSH standards (see ATO ordering information for details). It’s the first and only of its kind, and an emergency responder’s dream come true.

Firehawk Air Mask


MSA’s new FireHawk M7 Air Mask represents a true technological achievement in critical personal protection. As firefighters determined the safety requirements that would be needed to meet the new NFPA 1981 and 1982–2007-edition standards, MSA’s engineering teams began designing the solutions.

The new FireHawk M7 Air Mask emerged with seven life-safety design components built on a modular Air Mask platform, developed to exceed the new NFPA 2007 requirements and provide firefighters with the highest-quality SCBA currently available.

• Weight with empty H-30 cylinder (including batteries) is 20 lbs-8 oz
• Battery life of electronics > 1 year with frequent use (standard alkaline cells)
• RFI shielding up to 50v/m radio signal load across an 80 MHz to 2.5 GHz range
• PASS heat alarm performance > 95 dB @ 500°F
• Water immersion protection – M7 electronics at 5 ft. depth for 1 hour
• Air delivery – manufactured to the NFPA standard 320 lpm rate; design qualified at twice NFPA rate (640 lpm) cyclic breathing
• Data-logging – most recent 25-hours-of-use information
• Electronic ID tagging (RFID) standard with M7 Accountability System
• Optional equipment: Rescue Belt rappelling system (50 ft. & 75 ft.), MSA Accountability System, Extend-Aire and Quick-Fill emergency breathing systems, Push-to-connect or Slide-to-connect regulator attachments, swiveling lumbar pad and chest-strap.
• Standard equipment includes: Facepiece cross-contamination check-valve, thermal alarm, time-remaining display, wireless programming and network, front & rear buddy lights, auto-dim HUD, large drag-carrying handles, stainless steel cylinder band with cam-lock system.

Extendaire Systems


MSA’s ExtendAire Systems are Emergency Breathing Supply System (EBSS) accessories that use intermediate pressure air to provide firefighters with a source of emergency breathing air. The ExtendAire system allows firefighters to quickly and easily connect to and breathe from a fellow firefighter’s air cylinder. ExtendAire Systems are tightly integrated with the SCBA to provide unrestricted mobility and easy access during critical situations. The system uses a quick connect with an integrated check valve that prevents the breathing air pathway from being contaminated by ambient air.

The ExtendAire I System is integrated to the Firehawk® Second Stage Regulator’s intermediate pressure line. Coupling the system's 40-inch rescue hose between SCBA, provides both firefighters with intermediate pressure air for emergency escape.

MSA’s new ExtendAire II System offers an integrated rescue hose used with the PR14™ First-Stage Regulator that features both male and female quick-connect fittings. The system is stowed in a waist pouch that mounts on the carrier assembly and is designed to prevent snagging and accidental opening. The ExtendAire II System also connects to the ExtendAire I System for additional system flexibility.

Air Cylinders


In 1976, MSA introduced the Composite I Cylinder -- the first fully-wound composite cylinder. A combination of aluminum and fiberglass, the Comp I cut cylinder weight virtually in half at that time. Since then, more than 300,000 MSA fully-wound composite cylinders have been placed into service with an untarnished record of performance.

Designed exclusively for MSA Air Masks, Carbon-Wrapped Cylinders incorporate the same proven technology found in earlier MSA fully-wound composites. And they’re available in both high-and low-pressure models.

With the high-pressure Air Masks, you can choose from three 4500 psig Carbon-Wrapped Cylinders. The H- 30 Cylinder provides a 30-minute rated air supply and maximum maneuverability, which may be required for confined space rescues. For longer duration air supplies, you can choose either H-45, H-45LP (Low-Profile) or H-60 Cylinder, which provide a 45- or 60- minute air supply, respectively. Lowpressure Air Masks are suitable for use with the L-30 Cylinder, a 2216 psig cylinder rated for 30 minutes. Or, use the L-30 +, a 30-minute-rated cylinder pressurized to 3000 psig.

Like all MSA fully-wound composite cylinders, Carbon-Wrapped Cylinders are made with a seamless aluminum liner that is precision-formed by a six-step process with quality control inspections all along the way. After forming the neck of the liner by a computer-controlled spinning process, the cylinder is wound thousands of times with high-strength carbon fibers impregnated with epoxy resin. The process is then completed with a final overwrap of fiberglass fibers for enhanced abrasion resistance. As a final touch, MSA added a "glow-in-the-dark" luminescent band for improved visibility at night.

Carbon-Wrapped Cylinders also retain MSA’s proven cylinder valve design. Like all MSA cylinders, the valve features a handwheel mounted at a right angle to the valve stem. This design allows fast activation of the SCBA air supply, even when wearing bulky gloves. For higher quality and reliability, MSA manufactures its own cylinder valve.

Besides Carbon-Wrapped Cylinders, MSA offers two other air cylinders to meet your own needs and budget:

Fiberglass Hoop-Wound Composite Cylinder: Available in a 30-minute, low-pressure model, MSA’s hoop-wound cylinder features fiberglass wrapping and provides a cost-saving advantage over fully-wound composites. In general, hoop-wound cylinders are three to five pounds heavier than fully-wound fiberglass or carbonwrapped cylinders.

3AL Cylinder: Less expensive than MSA’s hoop-wound cylinder, this 30-minute low-pressure cylinder features all-aluminum construction. Because of its weight (approximately 18 pounds), it is designed primarily for customers who don’t use an SCBA frequently. The 3AL Cylinder also offers an indefinite service life.

Rescueaire Portable Air Supply Systems


Designed to meet the needs of the rapid intervention teams (RITs) that use them, the versatility of the RescueAire systems allows the selection of the right system for the application.

From the RescueAire with its three-foot Quick-fill recharge hose to the unsurpassed feature-packed RescueAire II consisting of a lightweight Stealth carbon cylinder, a Quick-Fill® emergency breathing system (EBS), an ExtendAire emergency breathing system and a mask-mounted regulator (MMR), supported by a flame- and heat-resistant carrying harness (made from Nomex and Kevlar materials). The RescueAire systems allow firefighters to provide emergency breathing air in almost any situation quickly and easily.

The flexibility of the RescueAire system allows RIT rescuers to select the portable air-supply system best suited to provide emergency breathing air to trapped firefighters who have SCBA with compatible system(s). In addition, the RescueAire II’s MMR regulator is designed to connect to MSA facepieces for maximum rescue capabilities. Built for the extreme conditions required by the fire service, the RescueAire portable air-supply systems can accommodate both low-pressure (2216 psig) and high-pressure (4500 psig) cylinders. An optional-use shoulder strap provides for hands-free carrying.

MSA Accountability System


Accountability is key to every firefighter’s safety on a fire scene. You simply can’t afford not to have the very best telemetry technology available. And it’s here!

MSA’s Accountability System revolutionizes fireground safety by combining the latest computer software with a high-performance radio module and the field-proven technology of MSA’s ICM Tx Integrated PASS.

Add this technologically-advanced Accountability System to MSA’s state-of-the-art FireHawk® M7 Air Mask, and you’ll be wearing the best integrated SCBA-Accountability System available.

Icm Tx Integrated Pass And Hud Transmitter


MSA’s new ICM Tx Integrated PASS combines the safety features of the ICM 2000 Plus integrated PASS with the functionality of the Heads-Up-Display (HUD) transmitter in a new integrated PASS device that’s fully compliant with the latest requirements of the NFPA 1982-1998 edition PASS standard.

Because it is now a single component on the Air Mask, firefighters benefit from a more compact and lighter weight 1/3 lb less!) design. MSA has also standardized on a single battery type for both the ICM Tx and HUD facepiece-mounted receiver, the commonly available AA alkaline battery, which provides up to twice the life of the previous 9-volt and AAA batteries, which makes for fewer change-outs and easy ownership.

A New Motion Sensor
The ICM Tx has been designed for maximum reliability and durability with the use of a new solid state accelerometer to detect the motion of a firefighter. Accelerometers, which are resistant to the wear associated with mechanical components, have been used successfully in the automotive industry for years. They consist of a dual-axis electronic sensor which converts changes in momentum, through the flexing of an internal oscillator (pendulum), to changes in voltage, which is interpreted by the microprocessor as motion. The use of this technology provides a device that is sensitive to motion and resistant to false alarms, with a level of durability that meets the rigorous demands of the fire service.

To increase the visibility of firefighters, the ICM Tx incorporates a ”buddy light”. When the ICM Tx is in the monitor mode, a bright green LED flashes behind the translucent manual PASS alarm button. When the PASS goes into full alarm, the light turns red for quick recognition of a firefighter in distress.

Wall-Mounted Cases


Corrosion-resistant, tough, plastic case has a leak proof synthetic rubber bulb seal gasket, which protects breathing apparatus from sunlight, weather, dust and corrosive atmospheres.

Clearcommand Communications System


Features an internally mounted microphone coupled with a large-diameter (50mm) amplifier speaker for optimal clarity and volume. Using a patented circuit design, the system delivers over twice the volume as a facepiece alone. Mounted in an "out-of-the-way" position, the ClearCommand system does not block vision or mechanical communication. The Ultra Elite facepiece’s mechanical voicemitter still functions fully with the system installed. The radio interface version features the same amplifier as the amp-only version, combined with an ear-speaker for incoming radio messages and a push-to-talk assembly for interface with over 100 radios. Also, the push-to-talk assembly features a front-mounted button for easy use inside Hazmat suits, and a lapel mic for use without a facepiece. Features a removable/transferable, water-resistant amplifier per MIL-810E (blowing rain) and submersible internal microphone. Operates on two AAA batteries, with a battery life of 15 hours. A low battery is indicated by blinking LED, which indicates one hour remaining.

Nightfighter Heads-Up Display System


Incorporates a transmitter assembly mounted to your SCBA’s shoulder gauge pressure hose. The transmitter senses when your SCBA is pressurized, sending out a digitally-coded signal to your facepiece-mounted receiver. The receiver is securely attached to your Ultra Elite® facepiece by a mounting bracket and held securely by a thumbscrew. The receiver lets you know when the signal from the transmitter is received by cycling through a series of pre-program lights. Once this handshake has occurred, the Nightfighter receiver will display your cylinder volume through a series of lights in 25% increments. The Nightfighter HUD lights are in a position in the lower right quadrant of your UltraElite facepiece to be easily seen, yet out of your direct line of sight. Four green lights indicate a cylinder volume of 76% or greater, three green lights between 51 and 75%, two flashing amber lights between 26 and 50% and one flashing red light indicates when the cylinder volume is 25% or lower. A low battery warning indicator tells you when the batteries need replacing in the transmitter, receiver or both.

Walkaway Mounting Bracket


This storage unit can be mounted with screws on rescue or fire vehicles or any permanent surface.

The spring clips permit the wearer to strap on the apparatus unassisted. By stepping forward, the wearer snaps out of the bracket.

Firehawk Rescue Belt


An emergency egress system designed to help firefighters rappel to safety, should they become trapped in an upper story of a building. Comes complete with the appropriate rappelling hardware and rescue line and meets the NFPA 1983-2006 edition standard on fire service life safety rope and system components. Designed for use as an integral part of any MSA MMR air mask (with M7, Vulcan™ or AirFrame carrier and harness), it is the only system that meets both the NIOSH CBRN and NFPA 1981-2007 edition SCBA standards. The complete system is capable of a 1,000 pound static load, exceeding the NFPA minimum requirement of 300 pounds. It is available in two waist sizes and two rescue line lengths. The rescue belt can be ordered as an option on new SCBA or an individually sold component for upgrading your existing MSA SCBA.

Air Mask Upgrade Kits


The NFPA 1981- and 1982-2007-edition standards for self-contained breathing apparatus and personal alert safety systems (PASS alarms) have taken firefighter protection to the next level.

The new standards establish enhanced minimum performance requirements for heat, impact, and water resistance of electronics: SCBA facepiece communications; PASS alarms at 500°F; PASS data logging; PASS protection from becoming muffled; SCBA cylinder retention; and CBRN protection.

The new NFPA requirements were developed over several years through research and testing, with the input of countless firefighters across the nation. Specific details of the revisions can be found on MSAnet.com in literature entitled Highlights of the NFPA-2007-Edition SCBA and PASS Standards (Bulletin 0170-02-MC).

MSA now offers upgrade kits that will bring your 2002-edition MSA FireHawk® Air Masks into compliance with the NFPA 2007-edition standards.

However, due to the combined changes associated with the NFPA 2002-and 2007-edition standards, MSA Air Masks manufactured to the NFPA 1997 or previous editions may require purchasing a complete Air Mask less cylinder, using MSA’s FireHawk M7 ATO ordering matrix.

Once your upgrade is complete, your Air Mask will have new electronics (with the exception of electronic communications devices), a new carrier and harness, and possibly, new MMR regulator components. The new MSA components, required for the NFPA 2007-edition standards, are described on the next page.

Blackhawk Tactical Air Mask (Scba)


All-black Hycar or silicone Ultra Elite® facepiece available in three sizes, Nightfighter Heads-Up-Display mounting bracket, and SpeeD-ON® Kevlar facepiece harness.

Firehawk Push-to-Connect Mask-Mounted regulator has neoprene intermediate pressure hose, variable flow bypass system and purge button. Nightfighter Heads-Up-Display (HUD) low-pressure warning device and cylinder pressure gauge system consists of a transmitter mounted on a gauge line and facepiece-mounted receiver. Features glass-reinforced composite backplate, harness with flame-and-heat-resistant (FHR) Kevlar waist belt, shoulder straps, pull strap, optional FHR shoulder pads, lumbar pad, FHR chest strap and an adjustable Kevlar cylinder retention strap with over-center latching system. A black FHR cylinder shroud encompassing cylinder and air mask components eliminates reflections that would compromise concealment.

Choice of low-pressure L-30 Stealth, or high-pressure H-30 Stealth, H-45 Low-Profile Stealth or H-60 Stealth carbon fiber cylinders. Optional shoulder-mounted Quick-Fill® system for rapid cylinder filling in tactical situations. Work-line accessory enabling SCBA connection to portable air-supply system and hard or soft storage carrying case available.

Breathing Air Systems


Four new MSA Air System products offer easy to use, portable solutions for completion of a breathing air system.

Components include:

  • Industrial Air Cart: portable air supply that services up to four airline respirators
  • Technical Rescue Cart: provides air for airline respirators and unique rescue tools used by Fire Service and HazMat Teams
  • Breathing Air Filtration Box: provides portable Grade-D filtration systems for up to four airline respirators
  • Point of Attachment Box: provides remote attachment for Grade D air systems for up to four airline respirators

Air Respirator With Escape Cylinder


The PremAire Cadet Escape Respirator, a combination supplied air respirator with escape cylinder, is designed to be versatile, comfortable, and affordable. A streamlined new design offers a first stage regulator and cylinder valve within one assembly, creating a very small size and profile that is less likely to snag when working in tight places.

Low-profile escape cylinders can be worn on either the right or left hip. The Ultra Elite® Pressure-Demand Facepiece or Advantage® 4000 Facepiece with APR conversion capability offer choice of sizes and nose cups. The Firehawk® MMR Regulator lets users choose from Push-To-Connect (PTC) or Slide-To-Connect (STC) attachments. All regulators feature a bypass and a choice of solid cover or purge. The economical PremAire Cadet Escape Respirator is a cost-effective respiratory protection solution for many industries.

Constant Flow Airline Respirator


The complete respirator assembly is available with either an Ultravue or Ultra Elite full-facepiece, Comfo half-mask facepiece or Comfo welder's facepiece, breathing tube, web support belt and air flow control valve with quick-disconnect assembly. The constant flow respirator is used in non-IDLH environments.

Premaire Supplied Air Respirator System


The basic Prem Aire respirator includes a patented manifold and choice of four upgrade options. An escape cylinder option permits emergency escape from Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) atmospheres. A Dual-Supply option lets workers connect from one pressurized continuous air source to another without losing continuity of air flow. A Duo-Twin option converts the respirator into a combination supplied air/air-purifying device. This allows workers in non-IDLH atmospheres to move freely from station to station without being tethered to an air-supply hose. A vortex tube option delivers whole-body temperature control for added worker comfort.

Premaire Cadet Supplied Air Respirator


The PremAire Cadet respirator is a pressure-demand, Type C, supplied air respirator designed to provide users with a choice of respiratory protection options. Available in two models, the respirator can serve as a basic supplied air device or, with the Duo-Twin option, function as a combination air-line/air-purifying respirator. Designed for a variety of applications, PremAire Cadet respirators are well suited for use in the chemical and petrochemical processing industries, utilities work, general industry and asbestos and lead paint abatement. They also can be used for pharmaceutical applications and for hazardous materials clean-up work in non-IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health) environments.

Quick Disconnects And Adapters


Quick-disconnect assemblies connect air-supply hoses to the manifold and to the air source. If you want to use a quick disconnect to interconnect lengths of air-supply hose, you must use a locking-type quick disconnect.

Air-Supply Hose


MSA 3/8-inch ID air-supply hose is available in smooth, reinforced, lightweight polyvinylchloride, chemical-resistant black neoprene or smooth, coiled nylon. Must be used with respirators in this section to maintain National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) certifications.

Portaire Portable Air-Supply System


Holds two standard SCBA air cylinders to provide firefighters, industrial personnel, confined space workers and other wearers of respiratory protective equipment with a portable, compressed air source any time an air-line device is required. Designed for use with MSA pressure-demand supplied-air respirators, including dual-purpose self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), the PortAire system consists of a compact air-pressure regulating system housed in a lightweight, yet durable, anodized aluminum frame. The rugged frame protects cylinders, holds up to 100 feet of air-supply hose and serves as a carrying device for user convenience. It can be easily attached to a two-wheel dolly for even more maneuverability. For information on MSA-approved air-supply hose and quick-disconnect fittings, for use with the PortAire system, please check under the appropriate headings.

Transportaire Portable Air Supply System


To accommodate the dual-supply option, the dual-supply manifold on MSA respirators features two air-inlet ports, a Main inlet and a Dual-Supply inlet. Both are used to deliver respirable air to the user when connected to a pressurized air source. With dual-supply capability, users can connect from one pressurized continuous air source to another without losing continuity of air flow. When the first air-supply hose has reached its limit, the wearer simply plugs into a second approved air source and disconnects from the first. This technique is known as "leap-frogging" because it gives workers the ability to move from station to station without disrupting the supply of air. Whether a worker is using the Main inlet of the manifold, the Dual-Supply inlet or both inlets simultaneously, the respirator will provide supplied-air respiratory protection as long as the user remains connected to one of the two air sources. With the TransportAire system connected to the Dual-Supply or Main inlet of the manifold, a worker can carry the portable air supply to a location where the second air source is available for longer-term use. After connecting the second air source into the open inlet of the manifold, the user can disconnect the TransportAire system and keep it available until it is time to exit the area.

Grow Up Capsules


For eye protection in welding applications where respiratory protection is required, a welder's adapter can be easily installed over an Ultravue facepiece lens. The clip-on style adapter can be easily removed if needed, whereas the integral adapter model is used in place of the facepiece lens. Both models are made of polycarbonate and feature a flip-up lens with a large 4-1/2 inch x 5-1/4 inch (11.4 cm x 13.3 cm) vision area.

Welders Hood


Protects the welder's head, neck and shoulders from welding splatter and sparks. The rubberized glass yarn hood has a rubber seal which fits snugly over the welder's adapter. The hood also helps protect cartridges when an air-purifying respirator is used in welding operations.



Required when using multiple (two to four) respirators from a single air source, these manifolds have quick-disconnect assemblies with automatic shut-off outlets.

Breathing Air Distribution System


This system purifies, regulates and distributes plant air to as many as four air-line respirator users. A sealed, rugged, stainless steel case prevents contamination of interior components. External controls allow water condensation to be drained from the filter bowl and the manifold pressure to be adjusted.

Nosecups To Reduce Fogging


Molded from a soft rubber compound that is resistant to facial oils, the optional nosecup helps reduce lens fogging. It is especially effective under conditions of high humidity and/or low temperatures by inhibiting contact of moist exhalation with the facepiece lens. Any size nosecup may be easily installed without tools in any size MSA facepiece for customized, more comfortable use.

Airline Filter


The MSA air-line filter removes a minimum of 99 percent of 0.3 micron and larger particulates, including dusts, mists, fumes, smokes and petroleum vapors. Caution: It does not remove carbon monoxide. The air-line filter can be used at inlet pressures up to 125 psig. The pressure drop is one psig at a maximum rated air flow of 25 cubic feet per minute.

Inlet Pressure Gauge


Enables a user to check pressure at the inlet of the MSA air-supply hose, thereby assuring that air pressure is within the certified range. The gauge is supplied with quick-disconnect fittings.

Pressure Regulator


Used with a plant air compressor system to reduce compressor pressure to the desired operating pressure. The regulator maintains pressure on the outlet side until readjusted for use with inlet pressure of up to 125 psig.

Support Belts


MSA PVC belts are easy to decontaminate. If decontamination is not a factor, users may opt for an uncoated nylon web belt.

Cascade System Accessories


Used to assemble a cascade system, which consists of a bank of respirable-air cylinders (user-supplied) that supply a flow of air to dual-purpose air masks, or other pressure-demand air-supplied respirators. Air-supply hoses are listed separately.

Versa Hood Air Supplied Hood


The Versa-Hood air-supplied hood is an inexpensive hood respirator which may be used anywhere a type-C air-supplied hood is required. This versatile hood is available in two lengths, shoulder- and waist-length, and two materials, Tyvek and Saranex. All Versa-Hood respirators can be used with either a plant air system or personal air compressor. When head protection is needed, a special three-point Velcro system secures the hood to an MSA V-Gard cap. The hood suspensions (basic or ratchet versions) are easily adjustable and stable, minimizing the need for a chin strap. The hood is designed to be disposable, thus eliminating the need for cleaning, and a twin-lens system extends the life of the hood. MSA also offers a package of ten replacement lenses. An air-distribution system keeps the lens fog free.

Abrasi-Blast Supplied Air Respirator


The Abrasi-Blast respirator provides respiratory and upper body protection for workers in shipbuilding, the construction industry, utilities and other applications where blasting with abrasives is performed. A complete Abrasi-Blast respirator is made up of a hood, facepiece with lens housing, breathing tube, cover lens cartridge assembly, flow-control device, approved air-supply hose and support belt. During blasting operations, the lens of the Abrasi-Blast respirator is protected by two to four flat glass cover lenses mounted in a special foam material. Each cover lens is removed by integral pull tabs when it becomes so abraded that vision is reduced, eliminating the need to stop and change lenses, as is necessary with most conventional blasting hoods. Complete assemblies include one lens cartridge consisting of four 0.06-inch untempered glass cover lenses, flow-control device, Snap-Tite aluminum quick-disconnect fitting, adjustable valve-connector body (with socket assembly), facepiece (medium) with dual-exhalation valves and lens housing, breathing tube, web-belt and air-hose connector.

Duo Twin Airline Respirators


MSA offers Duo-Twin Air-Line respirators in both Constant-Flow and Pressure-Demand versions. Constant-Flow respirators are normally used where there is an ample air supply such as provided by an air compressor. Pressure-Demand respirators are generally used where only compressed-air cylinders are available. MSA Duo-Twin respirators feature air-purifying cartridges, which also protect against a variety of contaminants. If the air supply should ever fail on the Constant-Flow unit, the user is automatically protected by the air-purifying cartridge. This product is popular in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries. The unique Demand/Pressure-Demand (D/PD) switchable exhalation valve, standard on Pressure-Demand models, also makes these units especially well-suited for abatement work. This MSA respirator should not be used in atmospheres containing less that 19.5% oxygen.

Duo Flo Respirators


MSA offers Duo-Flo respirators in both Constant-Flow and Pressure-Demand versions. Constant-Flow respirators are normally used where an ample air supply is available, such as that provided by an air compressor. Pressure-Demand respirators are generally used where only compressed-air cylinders are available. Duo-Flo respirators feature air-purifying canisters to protect against a wide variety of contaminants. Duo-Flo respirators are popular in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries. The unique D/PD switchable exhalation valve, standard on Pressure-Demand respirators, also makes these units especially well-suited for abatement work. This MSA respirator should not be used in atmospheres containing less than 19.5% oxygen.

Advantage Full Face Respirators


Feature a wraparound flexible lens that offers a comfortable fit with increased vision. Weighing 40% less than conventional full-face respirators and using the same cartridges as the Advantage 200 LS respirator, the Advantage 1000 respirator is constructed of super-soft Hycar rubber that provides the comfort of silicone with better permeation resistance. For exceptional fit, the facepiece is available in three sizes and has a unique inturned lip that provides the best possible seal against a wide range of facial contours. The facepiece is integrally bonded to a distinctive, flexible urethane lens, eliminating the need for rigid lens retainers that cause unwanted pressure points. Standard equipment includes a speaking diaphragm for clear, short-range communications and a nosecup to reduce lens fogging.

Advantage 3200 Respirator


The Advantage 3200 Full-Face Respirator incorporates MSA’s global engineering expertise and is designed to meet NIOSH and EN standards.

The respirator features a wraparound lens combined with a soft, pliable silicone facepiece that provides a total solution to your air-purifying respirator needs.

Its fit technology is based on the proven faceseal of the Ultra Elite Facepiece, which was based on facial measurements from more than 8,000 people.

For the utmost in convenience, the Advantage 3200 uses the same cartridges and filters as the Advantage 200 LS Respirator.

The Advantage 3200 Respirator enhances worker performance through a new design that allows even lower breathing resistance and includes a standard nosecup that reduces fogging in low temperatures or high humidity conditions.

In addition, the facepiece lens has a scratch-resistant coating and has been engineered to be optically correct, giving you superior visibility and peripheral vision.

Donning the mask is made easier with pre-adjustable rubber straps. With the Advantage 3000 Respirator, you can set the position of the upper straps to receive a consistent fit, time after time. In addition, the preset upper straps prevent uncomfortable snags during donning and doffing, and also provide a tighter, more secure seal. Wearers also can choose the new European-style Advantage harness, which dons like a catcher’s mask.

Altair Single Gas Detector


The ALTAIR Single-Gas Detector featuring sensor options for carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen will operate for over two years. This long lifespan, coupled with the unit’s high performance, results in one of the most cost-effective monitors on the market. Advanced design offers superior dust and water protection and high resistance to RFI. A rubberized housing and one-button operation provide the durability and ease of use users expect from MSA instruments. The triple-alarm system featuring two bright LEDs, a piercing audible alarm, and a vibrating alarm ensures that no alarm condition goes unnoticed.

The ALTAIR Detector automatically records the last 25 alarm and test events. To read data or change alarm set points simply connect the unit to an MSA infrared adapter using the built-in IR communication port.

Build A Helmet Configurator


Build-A-Helmet Configurator allows you, as an end-user, to customize any MSA hard hat and print or e-mail this information to your local distributor. Here's how it works:

You choose a helmet model, such as V-Gard® Cap, and click on that photo. You continue to do the same (choose by clicking on the appropriate photo) for the other features:
Shell Color
Stripe(s) and location(s)*
Logo(s) and location(s)*

You can even upload your own logo!
Or choose from a variety of our stock logos.
Don't forget to add stripes as an added safety feature!
Choose from an assortment reflective and retro-reflective stripes in various shapes and sizes.

At this point, you are able to view a three-dimensional image of your custom hard hat. Please keep in mind that this is a representative image: colors, locations, and sizes may vary. You will review a final proof from Logo Express which will need to be approved by you prior to production.

Please feel free to print or e-mail your image and product information to your local distributor by clicking the appropriate area on the right side of your screen.

Thermal E Protective Caps


New slotted cap made of Ultem blend provides the highest heat protection available in a Class E, Type 1 protective cap.

Thermal-E Caps meet all applicable requirements for a Type I (top impact) helmet as outlined in ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 (Class E) and CSA Z94.1-2005 (Class E). These caps also meet the ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 voluntary standard for low temperature [LT] and reverse donning. Look for the official reverse donning logo to determine if your hard hat can be worn backwards without voiding approvals.

Workman Personal Fall Limiter


With its solid design and fast-acting brake mechanism, you can be confident that the Workman Personal Fall Limiter (PFL) will be there for you when you need it most. The Workman PFL features:

  • Durable, engineered thermoplastic housing decreases weight.
  • Rugged, impact-absorbing protective bumpers for added durability.
  • Lifeline choice of cable or web to meet your needs.
  • A 400 lb. working capacity eliminates the need to custom order a product for a worker exceeding 310 lbs.
  • Lifeline length options from 6' to 12' (web) and 7' to 12' (cable) ensure that the user gets the exact length needed for their specific application.
  • ATO ordering flexibility allows you to order the exact options you want, and only the options you want.
  • Unit does not require annual factory recertification, reducing the cost of ownership and eliminating downtime.
  • Integral load indicator alerts the user that the unit has been involved in a fall.
  • PFL and lifeline connector options enable unit to be used in a variety of applications.
  • Integral swivel on PFL connector.
  • A recessed label pack with a durable cover protects the labels from environmental damage, increasing service life. Since all labels are located in the same area it is easy to find important user information.

Ultima X Series Gas Monitors


MSA's Ultima X Series Gas Monitors, engineered using microprocessor-based technology and designed for varied gas detection needs, provide HART protocol. Ultima XIR and XI Gas Monitors offer DuraSource Technology, a new and improved light source providing extended sensor life.

HART Field Communications Protocol provides increased sensor data, part of cost-effective asset management. HART provides convenient setup, calibration, and diagnostics. Calibrate, set up or perform diagnostics with HART from any point along the 4-20mA line. HART allows for existing component install and wiring to be used, reducing installation costs.

Ultima X Series Gas Monitors, available in either stainless steel or polycarbonate enclosure housings, provide continuous monitoring of combustible and toxic gases, and oxygen deficiency. Installation is both simple and flexible. Ultima X Series Gas Monitors are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in virtually any type of industry including offshore, refineries, chemical and petrochemical facilities, steel mills, water and wastewater plants, mining, and general industry.

Cairns1010 Traditional Composite Fire Helmet


A tough, through color, DuraGlas® fiberglass and high-temp composite resists cracking and chipping and provides a perfect combination of durability and performance in a lightweight, high-performance design. Features a non-corroding, high temperature, glass-filled polymer faceshield/goggle hardware. The ultra high temperature (TPR) edge trim will not melt or drip. A Nomex chinstrap with one-hand quick release buckle and postman slide allows quick and easy adjustment. A choice of Nomex or Pbi/Kevlar earlap increases neck/ear coverage and protection and the patented shell release increases neck and head protection. A high-temperature foam cap increases thermal and impact protection and a higher temperature impact cap liner resists distortion at higher temperatures. An exclusive SCBA interface front headband adjustment matches the fit of any SCBA mask and the three-position rear ratchet height adjustment ensures a secure and comfortable fit for all head sizes between 6-3/8 and 8-3/8 inches. A choice of flannel or leather cushion liners, removable for washing and upgrading, provides greater ease and comfort.

Detector Tubes And Pumps


MSA's detector tube pumps can be used with an assortment of MSA detector tubes to spot-test the atmosphere for a wide variety of toxic substances.

Hearing Protector Ear Muffs


Our new MP3/AM/FM Stereo Hearing Protector ear muffs balance comfort, protection, and the ability to listen to radio or MP3 player. Features include:
• Noise reduction rating of 21dB
• Meets ANSI S319-1974 and CSA Z94.2-02, Class B
• Retains 82db safe noise cut-off, even with MP3 player in use*
• Automatic radio shut-off when MP3 is connected
• FREE auxiliary cord and two (2) heavy duty AA batteries

Evolution 5800 Thermal Imaging Camera


Traditionally, in high temperatures, many thermal imaging cameras flash to “low sense” mode and produce an image of much lower quality. But not MSA’s Evolution 5800 TIC!

You get:

  • Increased image resolution from 80,000 pixels (nominal), with best-in-class image quality from four times the picture elements (four times the information of previous TIC designs)
  • Five user selectable palettes, White hot, Black hot, Fusion, Fire and Ice, and Rainbow.
  • A 3.5” display, larger for better resolution, making it easier for multiple users to see screen simultaneously
  • Standard 2x digital zoom that lets you zoom in on areas requiring a closer look
  • Twice the Low Sensitivity and image quality in the 320º to 1000º+ F range, for unparalleled imaging
  • High sensitivity with high-image definition over the widest temperature range up to 320º F versus competitors with a temperature range below 200º F.

Altair 4x Multigas Detector With Msa Xcell Sensor Technology


MSA’s ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector with new MSA XCell Sensor Technology offers many performance advantages: faster response time, four-year sensor life, increased stability, and less than 60-second calibration time. The ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector operates with only MSA XCell Sensors for LEL, O2, two-toxic H2S/CO, or individual H2S and CO sensors.

The ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector is compatible with the ALTAIR 4 QuickCheck® Station and the ALTAIR 4 Galaxy® Test Stand (Galaxy System software upgrade is required), and provides exclusive optional MotionAlert™ and InstantAlert™ features.

Features and Benefits

    Built on Durability
  • Full three-year warranty
  • Rugged housing
  • Withstands 20-foot drop
  • Easy to operate
  • Agency certified IP67 rating

  • Powered by Performance
  • Four-year sensor life, 60% longer than the industry average
  • MSA exclusive instrument end-of-sensor life warning
  • 24-hour run time, 71% longer than the industry average
  • Fast, high-performing sensors
  • MSA exclusive MotionAlert™ & InstantAlert™ Features
  • 50% less calibration gas used per minute than the industry average

  • Revolutionizing Sensor Technology
  • Sensor response and clear times under 15 seconds, 38% faster than the industry average
  • Span calibration time of 60 seconds