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Shodh Manacha


“A collection of poems by a young engineer, Mayuresh Kulkarni, born in Mumbai and currently in South Africa. The poet has penned down experiences from an adventurous and inspired life. A collection of poems that enthusiastically searches for the meaning of life while elaborating emotions and encounter.”

Bhakri Saathi Chakri


The book presents stories of the underprivileged and unfortunate people in rural India – devdasis, unmarried mothers, single mothers, bar dancers, orphans, prostitutes, eunuchs, HIV infected people, pick – pocketers, etc. The stories talk about the extreme societal pressure these people face on a day to day basis and difficulties they face in securing a single meal in the day. The various reasons for the way their life turns out are illiteracy, addictions, traditions and beliefs, the financial position of the partner and his thinking, to name a few.

Bheeti And Bhinti


Hungry for love, in the shadows of loneliness and craving for a feeling of belonging, these are the children in orphanages that Mr. Sanjay Haldikar’s heart goes out. With the intention of understanding the children’s thoughts on fear, he asked them to reflect and speak about their apprehensions. The children have presented their grief and fears in the form of poetry. The diverse mix of fears a child goes through is worth reading.

These young inquisitive minds are the bright future of our country. Only if we understand them, can we make an effort to help them grow in the right direction and become responsible adults. Hence this effort by Mr. Haldikar of trying to understand the deeper thoughts of these young neglected minds is highly commendable.

Hirva Swapna


Heartfelt stories of farmers and how they cope with difficulties in their lives
Written by Ravi rajmane



This is a tragic life story of a poor farmer, Bakki reddy who was devoted to his land and gave up his life for it. He owned land of 14 acres, a land that he had promised his dying father he would take good care of. He needed a well for the field and took a loan from the sahukar. However, his luck turned on him and he did not hit water in spite of digging deep. His harvests were affected and his land got confiscated by the sahukar. The book ends in his tragic death as he grieved and fought for his lost land.
The book is an eye opener for many farmers who already aware of the devious tactics used by sahukars to confiscate lands, yet do not

Ready, Steady, Go


Children are full of fun and mischief. As they grow up, they are faced with competition at every step in life. Some succumb to these challenges while others find a way out and survive. While getting ready to face the tough world, these nervous young minds need someone for support, someone who speaks to them in a way they understand. They look up to their parents, teachers, friends for support and encouragement.
In this book the Dyanada Naik very simply provides information and entertainment, cultural and behavioral understanding for the young minds. Through inspiring stories of some great people such as Baba Amte, Indira Gandhi, she has provided role models for these children. She has used the stories to impart wisdom on living a happy, carefree and confident life, avoiding greed, loving nature and having free and open thoughts.
The book is a great read for not just kids but parents and teachers as well!



Ekantatalya Oli


Juna Kolhapur




Kavya Chitra


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