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Sleek Kitchens


The colour palette is soft and simple in these kitchens and appliances blend in with the overall decor.

The lines are clean and the overall look is of tasteful refinement.

The lighting creates a gentle mood and the entire appearance is extremely inviting and lets you experiment with culinary delights in peace.

Try our sleek kitchens and earn praise for your good taste. 

Indian Sleek Kitchens


The style is sleek, yet simple thereby with a more relaxed ambience.

The cabinetry is dark wood and the countertops grey. Keep the walls light to avoid a somber mood.

Our Indian sleek kitchens are warm and restful and you will delight in this kitchen range from multi-wood furniture.

Be in your family's good books with this range. 

New Sleek Kitchens


Our Indian sleek kitchens give you the option of keeping the walls high sheen or low sheen as per your choice. This is possible due to the elegance of the cabinetry in dark wood and the shining countertops and flooring.

The lighting is as per requirement and the entire look can be tailored to suit client specifications.

Open Sleek Kitchens


The blend of colors and tones depicts mastery in color co-ordinations. Our designers offer a melange of bright and subdued shades to create a sleek style that you cannot resist.

This irresistible range of open sleek kitchens has just the right furniture, appliances and spacing to create a look without flaw.

You will be definitely spoil for choice with our diverse range of kitchens. 

Kitchens Design


This look is grand and meant for open spacious kitchens. The cabinetry is both elegant and extremely functional. Crisp, clean lines and a soothing color palette give this regal kitchen a pinch of coziness.

If you have a beautiful then enhance it with a warm, spacious kitchen filled with the love and laughter of your family.

Can be tailored to suit client specifications

New Kitchens Design


The latest range from Multi-Wood offers class and style

The cabinetry is grand and holds a pinch of traditional style blended with the new.

The counter tops are sleek and shiny and sparkle in the warmth of the summer sunrays.

Our new kitchen design range offers multifold benefits and keeps everyone in high spirit with the relaxing effect is has on one's psyche.

Its blend of formal and informal is pleasing to the eye and the whole look can be customized to client specifications.

Open Kitchens Design


The look generated is of space and more space. The furniture is kept to the minimal and the cabinetry runs to two sides of the kitchen walls. It is a modern, contemporary feel that we offer and every appliance and gadget is sleekly fitted.

Our open kitchen designs are extremely popular with clients and we have create this look for a wide range of clients. 

Classic Kitchens Design


This is a classic kitchen design and the color palette is green and classic white with the elegance added of marble flooring.

Its moreover low on maintenance and easy to care for.

The material used is of the finest quality yet is cost effective and the look is offered at competitive rates.

Don't hesitate this is one offer from Multi Wood that will bring accolades from every guest. 

Design Kitchens Design


The colour palette is deep blue cabinetry with panels on the walls in softest green. Mixed with cream walls and grey and white lining and flooring the effect is stunning.

We offer these designer kitchens at competitive rates and they are long lasting and durable. Easy to redo if ever the occasion arises they offer comfy warmth while cooking.

Stylish Kitchens Design


Stylish Kitchens Design

Indian Kitchens Design


This is an Indian kitchen at its best and the look and ambience is Eastern and informal in appearance.

If one adds authentic Indian touches to it, like lanterns and paper art then the atmosphere of the Indian look is further enhanced.

Clutter is avoided and the atmosphere is harmonious and balanced.

We offer this design to clients who love the Indian feel and our happy with an ethnic sub text to their decor. 

Wooden Kitchens Design


The look of the Wooden Kitchen design range from Multi Wood is more rustic and country but one that can easily blend into a modern home.

Wood is easy on the eye and looks attractive. Our superior quality wood is termite proof and also waterproof.

So look and low maintenance are twin benefits we offer.

This is another superior kitchen design from Multiwood. 

Small Kitchens


Small kitchens need not be basic or cluttered spaces.

One can create cozy warmth with sun-drenched color on walls, exquisite tiling and elegant cabinets.

Proper lighting, the right placing of kitchen items and knick-knacks make these kitchen an interesting zone where cooking will not be a chore.

Our small kitchens offer everything you dreamt a kitchen should be.   

New Small Kitchens


Our new small kitchens create a relaxed, informal cottage style. All colours are in soothing hues and the furniture in lightwood to create an impression of space.

The complete absence of clutter makes the kitchen appear larger than it is.

Smaller kitchen are handy places where everything is within reach. The cabinetry is so fitted as to utilize minimum space with maximum results.

Our new small kitchens are quite the rage. 

Deisgn Small Kitchens


Our design small kitchens have a higher style quotient than most small kitchens have. Compact they still present a quiet regal feel because of the right use of space and proper blend of colors.

We have successfully created these kitchens in apartment, homes and offices to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

We aim and do offer our valued clients the best.

New Wooden Kitchens Design


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