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Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen


We employ a team of specialized staff and design the product as per the size of the kitchen. There are different shelves and cabinets that can be used for keeping kitchen related items. It is designed considering its residential and commercial use. It is ideally finished and preserves its shine for a longer period.

Modular Kitchens


Do you want to change the look of your kitchen Modern and chic, traditional or retro we cater to any specification you may have.

But most importantly we bring your personality to the kitchen.

These modular kitchens are a harmonious blend of primary white and earth colours.

With every need taken care of these kitchen are not meant only for the utilitarian function of cooking but to make cooking a pleasure.

Basic Modular Kitchens


These are more cost effective and simpler in design than our other kitchen ranges.

With wooden cabinets and stone slabs, these kitchens take care of all your storage needs.

However competitive the price, yet there is no flaw in design and no lacking in facility.

Let your kitchen time be of quality as the time you spend in other parts of your home with our basic modular kitchens. 

Stylish Modular Kitchens


Our stylish modular kitchen brings harmony and style to the kitchen and creates a serene interior. Natural elements like wood and stone countertops are combined with designer architecture and its sleek lines.

These kitchens are near perfect in every respect and always inspire you to be at your cooking best. 

Modular Office Kitchen


An office kitchen needs be more functional, compact and essentially low maintenance. In keeping with the professional environment prevalent in offices -it should offer a crisp, clean-cut look.

Our modular office kitchens use industrial material like stainless steel for countertops and backsplashes so that it’s easier to clean after a busy day

Try this wonderfully functional range from Multi Wood

New Modular Office Kitchen


The color palette is deep blue, grey and white to offer a modern sleek look. More drawers in the cabinets as it may cater to a large office staff. Every item  is easily reachable and kept at optimum heights to ease the pressure and create a comfort situation for the busy kitchen staff. Productivity is directly related to optimum working conditions and with this new modular office kitchen there is no room for complaint. 

Design Modular Office Kitchen


The design modular office kitchen is more basic in appearance yet highly durable and low maintenance for those looking for a cost effective range.

Compact with stone countertops, minimal cabinets and clean, crisp walls it is just right for a smaller office where the staff is not inordinately large.

Can be customized. 

Modular Kitchen India


A stunning look created through pastel walls and teak cabinetry, unique in its elegance.

The black marble flooring is in subtle contrast to the subdued colours of the kitchen walls and cabinets.

Highly stylized this kitchen is somewhere you will want to spend a lot of time.

Can be customized.

We offer this kitchen range to our valued clients at attractive rates. 

New Modular Kitchen India


This is a vibrant kitchen but combined with vintage textures and warmth.

The ceiling and detailing of the entire kitchen is extraordinary in effect and the colour palette is a blend of rich warmth and light hues.

These kitchens are extremely popular with clients and a favourite with those that like a kitchen that has character. 

Design Modular Kitchen India


Soothing colours on walls, deep blue cabinets and stylish black countertops extending beyond the cabinetry. All this and more make this range special in effect an appearance.

Our design modular kitchens are style statements that are enhanced by wooden furniture placed strategically. We delight in the satisfaction our clients obtain from this range. 

Midified Modular Kitchen India


Low maintenance our modified modular kitchen India range will always appear spick and span. The reason being, the superior material and quality finish that makes it easy to maintain. The durability of the material is guaranteed and this kitchen range will not disappoint you in any way.

Can be tailor made to clients specifications. 

Open Modular Kitchen India


The look achieved is quite Italian with the open space, the large centre table and soothing colors. However the clean lines and the uncluttered look place it as a global style kitchen, which blends in with modern homes as well s Italian and French villas.

This is kitchen decor at its best and Multi Wood is extremely proud of this look.

Stylish Modular Kitchen India


Special tiling and dark wood cabinetry is the hallmark of the stylish modular kitchen India.

We desire our clients to enjoy the time they spend in the kitchens of their homes or that their office kitchen create a good an lasting impression. After all this is a zone which helps satisfy the most elemental of human need-food. And as we ingest food the place where we cook it need be clean, hygienic and match the rest of your home decor.

Our modern kitchen India does that in style at very competitive pricing.

Modular Kitchen


Modular kitchen.

Modular Kitchen


Modular kitchen.

Modular Kitchen


Modular kitchen.

Modular Kitchen


Modular kitchen.

Modular Kitchens India


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