A flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate or quantity of a gas or liquid. Flow measurement applications are very diverse; consider these examples: water flow through an open channel, hydraulic valve leakage, or fuel measurement through a fuel injector.

Fuel Consumption Meter

Technical Data Sheet
Material of construction:
Enclosure : Aluminum anodize/S.S-304/S.S-316
Rotor : Aluminum anodize/S.S-316/PPS
Shaft : Hard Stainless Steel-316
Accuracy (standard installation position) : ±1% RS /0.1% FSD
Maximum working pressure:5 MPa for aluminum body
                                   : 25 MPa for s.s. body
                                   : above 250 bar please contact company
Fluid &Ambient temperature: -40 to80°C
Power voltage: 5 - 24V DC
high electric level : less than 4.5 VDC( input voltage 5 VDC)
low electric level : higher than 0.5 VDC( input voltage 5 VDC)
Connection: Thread (M/F) or flange
Output signal: NPN open conector : 5 -24 vdc/Reed switch
Aluminum body and rotor : Flow measurements of kerosene, Gasoline, diesel, light oil, heavy oil S.S. body and rotor : Flow measurements of Pharmaceutical drug, food oil, and all application
CE Certified.

Mechanical Flow Meters

  •   High quality material for accurate performance
  •   Technical data conforms to International standard IS0 4064, Class B
  •   Suitable for Cold Water (50 deg C) / Hot Water (90 deg C)
  •   Pulse output for future communication
  •   In built battery (life 1.5 ~ 2 years)
  •   Display Parameters: Flow Rate /Total /  Resetable Total

Mechanical Oil Flow Meter

  • Nutating DIsc Meters are used for Petroleum Fuel Oils such as Furnace 0il, Light, Diesel 0il, High Speed Diesel   Kerosene etc. and final liquids such as Solvents, Acids, Dispertions, Paint, Mollasse, tar Hot Water.
  • Available In various sizes from ½" to 4”.
  • Can measure liquids of Viscosity ratings upto 12000 Cps
  • Suitable for operating Pressure upto 50 kg/cm²
  • Are used for Metering & Control Purposes.
  • e.g. - Loading & unloading application of Tanker Lorries, Determining costs Finding out efficiency of equipment.

Flow Totaliser

  • Based on state of art latest micro controller technology with Watchdog feature for fail safe operation.
  • Acceptability of various analog inputs from Flow Transmitter.
  • A high resolution of 20000 counts (max) for Flow rate & 999999 counts (max) for Flow totalizer & Batch counter.
  • Highly informative, user friendly display & keyboard interface with indication for Flow rate, Total & Batch.
  • Relay control action can be programmable.

Glass Soap Bubble Flow Meter

The digital flow meter is based on the classical method viz. Soap film method. The instrument is automated by using microcontroller which provides highly accurate measurement and direct digital read out of gas flow rate. The time required for the soap film to pass through a fixed known volume is measured. The soap film is sensed by ir sensors. When the soap film passes through first sensor, it activates the timer of microcontroller. Timer is stopped when the film crosses the second sensor. The flow rate is then calculated by microcontroller and instantly displayed in ml/min.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

  •   Non Invasive clamp-on style transducers
  •   Bi-directional flow measurement
  •   Able to measure positive negative and net total flow
  •   Standard type and Explosion-Proof type are available
  •   Can measure pipe sizes from 12mm to 4570mm
  •   Measurable temperature range: -40~250 °C °C
  •   No pipe cutting or process Interruption
  •   Easy operation and quick installation.

RPD Type Digital Oil Flow Meter

  • Fuel consumption monitoring in industrial Power generators, Boilers Burners.
  • Flow Rate Monitoring & control in close loop systems for bearing lubrication etc.
  • State of the art design with electronic counter flow Indication analogue and digital output signals and limiting value switch.
  • Independent of viscosity and temperature.
  • High vibration resistance.
  • Programmable Unit of measurement - Liters /  m³ / Gallon.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

  • Works on Faradays Law of electromagnetic Induction,  i.e When conductor moves within a magnetic field, voltage   is induced In It which is proportional to the velocity of conductor.
  • Measurement Results are Independent of Density, Viscosity, Pressure, Temp., Solid- impurities & conductivity variations (above 5 Siemens/cm)
  • No additional Pressure drop across the meter which relieves the process designer while sizing his pumping requirements

  • Rotameter is Variable Area Flow Meter.
  • Accuracy: +/- 2% of Full Scale.
  • Glass Tube Suitable for Line size-15 NB T0 80 NB.
  • Ranges between 2.0 LPH to 25000 LPH.
  • Metal Tube Suitable for Line size-15NB TO 100 NB.
  • Flow range between 25 to 63000 LPH.

Turbine Gas Flow Meter

  •   Principle of velocity measurement
  •   For measurements requiring obligatory verification
  •   Sizes G 16 upto G 400
  •   Dimensions DN 50, 80 and 100
  •   Different G-sizes per nominal width: -
  •   DN 50: G 16 upto G 100
  •   DN 80: G 65 upto G 250
  •   DN 100: G 160 upto G 400
  •   Operating pressure max. 6 bar
  •   Meter element can be calibrated without monopipe fitting

Flow Switch

Flow Switches are designed for pipelines varying from 25NB to 150 NB. By changing paddle the switch becomes suitable for required pipelines. It is available in various materials that make it suitable for most of the corrosive and toxic fluids. The design is simple and robust which makes installation very easy and increases life.