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We are leading Importer & Exporter for the Products which also includes Centralised Acid & Bicarb Derlivery System & Dialyzer Blood Port Caps since 2012

Centralised Acid & Bicarb Derlivery System

Centralised Acid & Bicarb Derlivery System

Centralised RO, Acid & Bicarb concentrate delivery system.

Dialyzer Blood Port Caps

Dialyzer Blood Port Caps

To close Dialyzer ports of dialyzer after reprocessing, to maintain sterility.

Available for Blood ports and Dialysate ports.

Dialyzer Holder Rack

Dialyzer Holder Rack

Dialyzer holder rack is made of PVC Particle board and PVC agri pipes. Each pipe can hold one dialyzer and one blood tubing set. Each compartment is fitted with air tight PVC Cap with provision of labeling the patient details.

The rack is available in 4ft x 4ft (36 compartments), 4ft x 3ft (30 compartments).

PVC Particle board is susceptible to any type of harsh chemicals and hence eliminates the problems of conventional racks (ply wood or steel racks).

The advantages of PVC Pipes used in the rack :

Ø  Odourless and hygienic : Ideal for carrying drinking water as they do not subject to contamination.

Ø  High Corrosion resistance  The pipes is resistant to chemical, electrolytic and galvanic action, the pipes are free from corrosion.

Ø  High chemical resistance : Pipes offer excellent resistance to acids (peracetic acid, Formaldehyde), oxidizing agents, alkalis, oils and effluents.

Ø  Smooth bore : Pipes have mirror smooth inside surface and hence no bacterial growth inside the pipes

Longer lasting : Pipes used are free from weakness caused by scale formation, rusting, weathering and chemical action, they last for a life time.

Dry Citrasate - Powdered Acid Concentrate

Dry Citrasate - Powdered Acid Concentrate

Citrasate - The most prescribed citric acid concentrate

Citrasate is an acid concentrate that contains a small amount of citric acid that provides mild anticoagulation in the extracorporeal circuit.

Citric acid is an anticoagulant. Its presence in the dialysate in 2.4 mEq/L concentration provides some anticoagulation effect in the dialyzer and venous blood line that is quickly neutralized upon reentry into the systemic circulation.

Citrasate is particularly helpful for hemodialysis patients with: 
• HIT - Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia 
• Heparin antibodies
• Severe clotting problems 
• Bleeding risk factors such as; active bleeding (GI bleeding), trauma and pre / post surgery
• Works well with SLEDD (Sustained, Low-Efficiency, Daily Dialysis)

How Citrasate Works

Citrasate acid concentrate contains less acetate than regular dialysate (0.3mEq/L). Citrasate contains a small quantity of citric acid (2.4 mEq/L) which provides mild anticoagulation where needed, in the extracorporeal circuit, not systemically in the patient.

Dialysate Composition (mEq/L)

Regular Dialysate

















Dextrose (g/L)













Nanosteril - Citric Thermal Disinfectant

Nanosteril - Citric Thermal Disinfectant

NANOSTERIL, The acidic disinfecting agent comes with remarkable disinfecting and cleaning capabilities, environmental friendliness completely dissolving in the nature, continuous and effective scale preventing inside the hydraulics and effectively lubricates the wear and tear parts of the hemodialysis equipment resulting in frequent breakdowns when used daily once at the end of the last treatment.


5 Ltr Canister

Wall Station

Wall Station

Dialysis Wall station will have an independent wall mounting FRP distribution system like R.O. Water Point, Acid Point, Bicarb Point and Drain Point, which will have On/Off Valve control for the individual points.


· Dialysis wall stations that protects Valves, Connectors from accidental mechanical damage (While moving the Cots and Machines)

· Wall stations that greatly reduces the spills and stains. (Conventionally Chemical spillage from the distribution points will cause the stains and seepage in the floor and walls)
Also available : Wall station with R.O. Water Point & Drain Point. 

Dialysis Consumables

Dialysis Consumables


Dialyzers                                       Polysulfone : 1. 1, 1. 3, 1. 5

                                                            cellulose acetate : 1. 1, 1. 3, 1. 5

Transducer protectors

Blood tubing set

Avf needles                                  16g, 17g


Dialysis On / Off Kit

Dialysis On / Off Kit


The ON/OFF Kit is designed as a simple, user-friendly tool containing all the disposables products necessary to start up and finish one dialysis treatment.


HD ON/OFF Kits allows the customers to focus more on patient care and spend less time handling and ordering supplies.


HD ON/OFF kit is a tailor made to meet specific demands and saves time and increase quality.


HD ON/OFF kit is available in Peel Open Pouches with ETO sterilization. 

Quick Release Connectors

Quick Release Connectors

QRC is non-threaded one-hand connections and disconnection for all fluid lines which is easier to use than ball-and-sleeve designs. Available in Polypropylene w & w/o interlocking system

FRP Scrub Tank

FRP Scrub Tank

The alternate for Stainless Steel liable to corrosion & leakage and Masonry scrub which is not portable and liable to build up bacterial contamination.

FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polysterine) Dialyzer Reprocessing Scrub is a monocast which is highly chemical resistant, leak proof, long lasting and portable which is easily cleanable to avoid bacterial contamination.

FRP Scrub is available in 2 ½ ft, 4 ft & 5 ft.

Nanocid - Peracetic Acid W/w

Nanocid - Peracetic Acid W/w

A cold sterilant based on 4% Peracetic Acid for dialyzer reprocessing and Hemodialysis machines.

NANOCID is a stabilized mixture of Hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and acetic acid. It is a sterilant for reprocessing medical devices and has been extensively used in the reprocessing of Hemodialyzers.


NANOCID destroys microorganisms, viruses, bacterial, spores, fungi.

NANOCID is effective against HBV and HIV when used as a sterilant.

NANOCID acts as bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal and virucidal.

By products of NANOCID form innocuous oxygen, water and aceticacid mixture.


Nanocid is a replacement for Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, Formalin etc.

Hemodialysis Equipment

Hemodialysis Equipment



RO Plant For Dialysis

RO Plant For Dialysis

Water Treatment For Hemodialysis


Salient Features:


1.            Compact Design

2.            Custom built design to suit varied feed water condition

3.            Fully automated using simple logic controller.

4.            Treated water quality confirming to AAMI standards

5.            Optimum RO system recovery to reduce waste water quantity to less than 35%.

6.            System designed for rugged operation using best quality of components available in the industry.

7.            Offering timely & quality after sales service with dedicated and well experienced service team.




1.            Raw water pump – To force raw water through Sand filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Pre RO Micron filter and ANTISCALANT DOSING SYSTEM.

2.            Sand Filter – To Filter out suspended particulate matter greater than 25 Microns in size.

3.            Activated Carbon Filter – To remove smell, odour and other organic contaminants and to protect RO membrane from free oxidants.

4.            Micron Filter – To remove suspended particulate matter up to 5 Microns in size.

5.            RO Unit – To remove suspended and dissolved solids including micro organisms and to produce treated water confirming to AAMI standards for Haemodialysis


Micron Filtration & UV Sterilization


1.            Treated water transfer pump – To pump the water through Micron cartridge filter rated 1 & 0.2 Microns and through UV Sterilizer.

2.            1 Micron Filter – To Filter out particles up to 1 Micron in Size and to protect 0.2 Micron rated cartridge from frequent choking.

3.            0.2 Micron Filter - To filter out bacteria and pyrogen

4.            UV Sterilizer – For sterilization of water.


Starts from 60 LPH onwards.

Hemoperfusion Cartridges

Hemoperfusion Cartridges

The adsorbent in HA series hemoperfusion cartridges is neutrophilia macropore absorptive resin processed with special techniques. Its adsorbability is determined by the three-dimensional network of molecular sieve and the affinity between molecules.

It can relatively specificly adsorb molecules which containing lipophilic and hydrophobic groups.





HA 130

Resin HP Cartridge

Maintenance hemodialysis related complications and renal failure

Middle to macro molecular toxins of uremia

HA 230

Resin HP Cartridge

Drug poisoning and toxication

Especially liphophilic, hydrophobic poison and protein binding poison

HA 280

Resin HP Cartridge

Psoriasis, severe drug sensitization dermatitis, pemphigus, severe acne, chloasma,allergic purpura

Adsorbing cytokine to inhibit inflammatory reaction

HA 330

Resin HP Cartridge


Endotoxin and cytokines

(eg. TNF, IL-1, IL-6, IL-8, IL-4, IL-10, PAF, etc.)

HA 330-II

Resin HP Cartridge

Acute or chronic Liver Function Failure,

Obstinate cholestasis syndrome


Severe Hepatitis

Hepatic failure toxins and cytokines.



Ø  Relatively specificity of adsorption

Ø  Great adsorption capacity, high adsorption rate

Ø  Excellence biocompatibility

γ  ray sterilized, pyrogen free.

Adsorba (charcoal Filter)

Adsorba (charcoal Filter)

Removal of drugs and toxins by charcoal hemoperfusion.

Because time is so important Charcoal hemoperfusion is a method which takes advantage of the huge adsorption capacity of active carbon.  It is applicable to many cases of severe drug intoxication.

During this procedure the patient's blood is continuously perfused through a small cartridge containing charcoal granules.  The charcoal granules are encapsulated with a biocompatible cellulose membrane which protects cellular blood components from having direct contact with the charcoal.  However, toxic substances can easily pass the membrane and are adsorbed from the plasma.

The hemoperfusion cartridge Adsorba C is used when the physical state of the patient requires immediate elimination of toxic substances to maintain life.



Dialysis Unit

NANOTECH KIDNEY FOUNDATION [NKF] is a state-of-the-art medical centre that offers renal disease management for Acute, Chronic, and End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Located in the Bangalore's central business district.

NKF has the facility with 10 beds with separate isolation area for Hepatatis / AIDS patients.

NKF render its services under supervision of renowned nephrologist and his team having profound experience.

NKF offers round the clock emergency care for Dialysis Patrons and also provide service as per Patron’s convenient time.

NKF provides Vascular surgery for high quality AV Fistulas, Grafts.
Along with 24 hour emergency dialysis service we also provide round the clock Lab & Pharmacy support.

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