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Pedigree Dog Food


We offer the full Pedigree Dog Food range and we guarantee the lowest delivered prices. Our Tiger Pet Shop open 24hrs. We also offer the full range of dog food Nutri-pet, Royal Canin and Waves dog foods available on attractive prices.

Royal Canin Pet Food


We are engaged in offering Royal Canin Pet Food like:


  • royal canin persian 30 for adult persians aged over 12 months.
  • maintaining the beauty of a long coat.
  • reveals the beauty of the persian's long, dense coat, thanks to beauty shine complex, which helps limit skin issues, reinforce the skin's barrier role, and intensifies coat colour, shine and softness.
  • helps limit the formation of hair balls and encourages gastric motility, thanks to an exclusive combination of fibres.
  • reinforced digestive safety ensures optimal digestive tolerance.
  • special brachycephalic jaw, almond 11, a kibble exclusively created for the sub lingual prehension method, characteristic of the persian cat.   

We are the only dealer of royal canin in west delhi. Our shop is 24 hr open.

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We are the Whole seller & Retailer of Nutripet products in Delhi. We are engaged in offering nutripet food products for your pet dogs. We offer these foods which is rich in vitamins and these foods helps the dogs to stay healthy & happy.

Drools Dog Food


We are Whole Seller & Retailer of Drools products.

Happi Dog Biscuit


We are the Whole seller & Retailer of Happi Dog Biscuits.

Dog Food Drool


We are the authorized dealer of dog food in our area west Delhi Nangloi.

Eukanuba Dog Food


We are the only dealer of Eukanuba Dog Food in west Delhi. We have all kind of pack 1kg, 3 kg, 15kg. These foods are formulated to give out per dogs the special nutrients which is beneficial for them. Out pet dogs should be feed accordingly as they also need nutrients at every stage i.e. small, medium or senior breed dogs.

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