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Pin Insulators

Pin Insulators

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NP - INDIA pin insulators are made of high grade wet process and are normally brown glazed. Available range of 11 kV pin insulators :

  • 230 mm CD (small head)
  • 230 mm CD (bell mouth)
  • 280 mm CD
  • 320 mm CD

33 KV Pin Insulators

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NP-INDIA pin insulators of one piece or multi piece construction are widely used in low cost distribution lines. Multi piece construction makes these insulators less vulnerable to damage as with one shell broken a multi piece insulator can normally withstand the line voltage for a considerable time without difficulty. NP-INDIA manufacturers full range of pin insulators for application in sub-transmission and distribution lines upto a system voltage of 66/72 kV. These insulators are available with creep age path to meet various requirement of pollution. The recommended system voltage foe a particular type is adequate for satisfactory performance as NP-INDIA pin insulators are designed for natural cleaning by wind and rain and operate successfully with no attention whatsoever under normal deposit of atmospheric dirt. NP-INDIA insulators are tested and guaranteed for cantilever strength and are provided with adequate margin of safety. Available range upto 900 mm CD

LT Pin Insulators

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The choice of low tension insulators are guided by the relative reliability of the secondary lines and constructional practices adopted by the different electricity supply undertaking. L.T. pin insulators are also used in tangent locations. These are provided with a top groove and threaded to take mild steel pins. The Pin insulators are generally suitable for a minimum failing load of 3.5 kN.

11 KV Post Insulators

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NP-INDIA post insulators are made from high quality electrical grade porcelain which provides excellent electrical and mechanical properties. All post insulators are assembled by jig and fixture to ensure accuracy of overall height, parallel of end faces and correct alignment of fixing holes. Available range:

  • 230 mm CD
  • 280 mm CD
  • 320 mm CD

Dead End Type Polymeric Disc Insulator

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We introduce Dead End Type "Polymeric Disc Insulator"

  • Best of Its class
  • Light weight
  • Non breakable

Post Insulators

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NP-INDIA cap & pedestal type post insulators are designed mainly to support disconnecting switches, busbars, conductors and equipment of substations. They are capable of being stressed in tension, compression, flexing, torsion and combined stresses upto the specified limits. These insulators are more economical than other types of insulators used for similar applications. Cap & Pedestal type post insulators are divided into two main groups, viz. non-stacking and stacking units. For service voltage upto 33 kV single units are available. Multi-unit stacks are available for service voltage up-to 145 kV.

22 KV Pin Insulators

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NP-INDIA range of 22 kV pin insulators includes both one piece or multi piece construction. Pin insulators with special head grooves to accommodate special conductor fastenings can be supplied on request. Range available up-to 900 mm CD

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