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Electronic Resistor

Neutral Grounding Resistor

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Our range of neutral grounding resistors is fabricated using stainless steel and adheres to the specified quality standards. These resistors are widely used for grounding earthing neutral of transformer or generators. Neutral grounding resistors perform accurately for resistance up to 33 KV (or higher levels) and are also used for detection of faults of short duration like 10 Sec, 30 Sec (as per IS 3043) and 60 Sec. We supply quality neutral grounding resistors for dimensions in mm : L -1200, B-600 : H- 300 per tier and tolerance on resistance value up to ± 10% as per IEEE32 norms.

Dynamic Breaking Resistor

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We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of dynamic breaking resistors. Our flawless quality dynamic braking resistors (DBR) are used to absorb the energy generated while stopping electric motors and cool down the system after it stops. The resistors supplied by us are extensively used in locomotives and metro vehicles, AC / DC drive, traction, crane, conveyor and centrifuges. These dynamic breaking resistors are available in standard or customized specifications as per the clients requests.


Mentioned below are some of the features of the resistors fabricated by us:

  • Range up 100 KW
  • Double insulated for 1000V
  • Maximum temperature rise 375°C
  • Modular design of WWR, edge wound, corrugated ribbon or grid type with or without enclosure
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor application
  • Available in customized or standard version


Speed Control Resistor

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We fabricate starting/speed control resistors using high grade stainless steel. These electronic instruments are extensively used in different industries like electrical and electronic. Due to the excellent starting/ speed control of A.C or D.C motors, these starting resistors have excellent performance, accurate reading display and easy electric conduction. Our range of resistors adheres to BS-587 or IPSS or other quality standards, with a rating of 2 min., 5 min or 10 min. Available in approximate dimensions of L-1200, B- 700 and H-300 per tier, our resistors have high power density due to excellent convection condition, compact design and low induction.

Loading Resistor

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We are engaged in designing and developing of quality loading resistors, which safely dissipate maximum output of the power converter in a full load test condition. Our range of load resistors is an idle device to maintain accuracy and thermal stability in the testing power converter working under a power load condition for an entire test sequence. Due to these high wattage loading resistors, the manufacturers involved in product life testing and functional testing are provided with best power supply solutions. Easily mountable and wired in different combinations, the loading resistors are appreciated for their non-inductive properties.


Battery Discharge Resistor

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Our wide range of battery discharge resistors is supplied to our clients across India. Used for periodical discharge test on station batteries, these battery discharge resistors are required by experts in discharge testing. These resistors efficiently work to provide better service and reliability & enhanced performance of the system. Engineers design these resistors carefully for accurate performance in periodic discharge tests on station batteries. The unique design of the resistors comprises robust assembly of copper & nickel alloy wire grid elements, which are adequately supported on SS tie rods for their rapid, natural cooling.

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