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Real Time Power Factor System


Types available

Basic Systems :Includes reactors to limit the inrush current

Detuned Systems : Includes iron core reactors that detune the network to prevent resonance and absorb harmonics

Unbalanced Systems: Individual phases are separately corrected, line to line or line to neutral

Ratings : Available from 150 to 4500 KVAR



  • Fast variable loads like CNC machines, welding, induction heating/melting, drives, extruders, etc.  
  • Sensitive electronic equipments like IT data centres, R&D labs, corporate offices, telecommunications, hospitals and airports.
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  • Welding, rolling mills, elevators, cranes, traction, etc.
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  • Big motors, pumping stations, sewage and water-treatment plants, air-conditioning plants

Smooth and transient free

Connection and disconnection of the capacitor to and from the network occurs at zero crossing. This smooth connection avoids transient effects like waveform distortions, generation of switching spikes etc., typically created by electromechanically switched contactor based APFC systems. The response time is only 1 to 2 cycles which is much faster than electromechanically switched APFC systems.     


    * Transient free capacitor group switching, using electronic switching elements
    * Enhances capacity of transformers, local generator systems, such as diesel and windmill generators
    * Avoids wave form distortions, since capacitors are connected and disconnected during zero crossing
    * Prevents damage to sensitive electronic equipment
    * Saves energy by reduced max. demand, PF bonus & saving in transformer losses
    * Accurate power factor control, even in the presence of harmonics
    * Dramatically increases the life expectancy of switching elements and capacitors
    * Built-in network analyzer, measuring all network parameters including harmonics
    * Modular and upgradable with increased plant load

Active Harmonic Filter


True Harmonics Solution

  • Active Harmonics Compensation
  • Improve Power Quality
  • Instantaneous Dynamic Response
  • Flexible Up-Grading/Redundancy
  • Various Capacity Ranges 25A to 1200A


Harmonic Pollution

Harmonic pollution is an increasing problem which affects all power distribution networks in industrial, commercial, telecom and medical applications. Most of the power converting equipment or facilities can generate harmonic current.

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • DC power systems/chargers Frequency converters
  • AC/DC variable speed drivers
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Welding machines
  • Computers & peripherals

User Friendly Control Panel

    Neel AHF is equipped with a user friendly control panel. It is simple to turn the unit on or off and features buzzer silence and system status from 4 LEDS including Power On, Filtering, Full Correction and Error. The optional LCD panel with special blue black light offers access to all parameters, waveforms and spectrums for management of both AHF and system power quality.

Neel AHF the true harmonics solution, is a solid-state power converter that brings about the following advantages to improve power quality.

  • Eliminates all harmonic currents from nonlinear loads
  • Compensates reactive power factor of lagging loads
  • Acts as a virtual damping resistor to prevent possible harmonic resonance

AHF behaves like a harmonics current generator. It will measure the harmonics generated from the non-linear loads and cancels these harmonics with a newly generated, opposite phase shifted harmonics current of the same amplitude.
Effects of Harmonic Pollution

  • Over voltage/current in the distribution network
  • Overheated power cables due to skin effect and copper and iron loss in transformers, motors and generators
  • Overheating in all types of electronic systems
  • Damage to capacitors due to resonance
  • Inaccuracy of instrument measurement
  • Interference in telecommunication systems
  • Voltage distortion and lagging in power factor



Powerlux is a comprehensive Light Energy Management and savings system which is compatible with Lighting loads of all kinds. The system is fully programmable via embedded controller or PC based software.

Lighting energy
constitutes a substantial part of the overall energy consumption in commercial and industrial centres. Upto 40% energy can be saved, while reducing losses, wastage and over lighting conditions. Powerlux enables corporations to save energy by eliminating waste via facility wide dimming and switching. Using the software, the facility operator can locally or remotely access Powerlux and manage any of the elements listed below.
    * Schedule or manually implement automatic energy reduction levels and on/off switching Participate in peak shaving/load.

    * shedding/utility energy requirements without disruption of work.

    * View power usage and energy consumption.

Unlike dimming ballasts or retrofit devices, this system can ve used without any expensive changes in existing wiring or lamp fixtures.


    * Embedded Microcontroller based technology with software interface via RS-232 and ethernet

    * Large 20x4 LCD display with backlight, Time/Date and current preset level

    * Fully programmable Daily / Monthly / Yearly calendar with Holiday scheduler

    * Four different output levels / voltage setting

    * Auto Start/Shutdown with 0-30 minute ignition cycle

    * Displays all 3 phase power & energy parameters

    * Ratings available upto 400 KVA Savings


Direct cost savings upto 40% can be achieved by using Powerlux. These savings are three pronged:

    * Savings due to preset voltage levels (30-40%)
    * Savings due to stabilized voltage (5-6%)
    * Savings due to increased lamp life, reduced replacement & maintenance costs
 * Capacity Ranger 5M TO 220 KVA



Large amount of cnc breakdowns are attributed to fluctuations in voltage and various types of electrical noises like spikes, surges, H. F. Noises, ground noises, etc.

Electrical noises are generated due to switching action of breakers, heavy, machinery, capacitor switchings, induction hardening, cranes, welding etc. The use of invertors, dc drives, smps, further pollutes the electrical environment, causing severe power quality disturbances to various cnc machines, installed in the plant. Advanced cnc machines demand stringent standards of power quality for their smooth and trouble-free operations.

Neel Powercon eliminates major electrical disturbances and provides clean power to your cnc machines.


Technical Specifications


Input voltage 340-480 or 300-480 v ac

Phase 3 phase 4 wire

Frequency 47 - 53 h2

Output  voltage 380 or 415 or 200 v ac

Regulation ± 2% steady state
± 5% dynamic

Rate of correction upto 105v/sec

Cooling aircooled

Ambient 0 - 45°c, 90% r. H.

Common mode noise rejection 100 db

Normal mode noise rejection 40 db

Duty 100% continuous
110% for 60 sec 200% for 10 sec

Metering voltage and currents

Protection under and over voltage
overload and short circuit

Enclosure ip 21

Ratings 10,15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60,
75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250 kva


  • Quick response and fast rate of correction upto 105v/sec
  • High torque, low inertia variable speed servo motor and proportional control circuit to avoid output voltage oscillations
  • Isolated servo drive without relays/triac free operations
  • High overload capabilities for frequent starting and regenerative currents of CNC machines
  • Use of prime CRGO, laminations and electrolytic grade copper for low losses and higher efficiency
  • Multi-layer shielding and control of leakage inductances for high noise attenuating capabilities
  • Stringent quality assurance program, for high reliability and consistency of performance
  • Manufacturing facilities approved by director general, quality assurance defence services
  • D G. Set compatibility
  • Preferred by CNC manufacturers, automotive industries, defence, railways and others

Servo Voltage Stabilizers


The purpose of voltage stabilizer is to receive a fluctuating AC voltage of low or high amplitude & deliver an almost constant voltage, at the output. The voltage variations, which have become a common phenomenon in power supply systems, cause havoc in modern advanced electronic equipments. The voltage stabilizers are meant to take care of this problem. They avoid breakdown, ensure longer life of the equipments & save in energy during high incoming voltages.

Why Neel is Preferred
The use of variable speed servo motor along with proportional type of control circuit ensures that the voltage fluctuations are corrected quickly without any oscillations at the output so as to protect the end equipment.

Hunting, oscillation, and noise generation is eliminated.

The rate of voltage correction is 2-3 times faster than our competitors.

Designed to work on Unbalanced Line & Load conditions wherein each phase is individually controlled with separate variable speed Motor & Electronic Controls.

The response time of stabilizer quick at 10M/Sec.

The improved efficiency of 98% compared to typical 95% available in the market will reduce running costs. Substantial saving in the electric bill (lower power losses) will pay back the cost of equipment in 2/3 years.

D.G. Set compatibility :

Special RMS sensing circuit ensures no drift in output voltage even with distorted waveform, generally observed in D.G. Set. This avoids nuisance trippings of advanced electronic equipments, otherwise observed.

Confirms to stringent defence standards JSS 55555.

Technical Specifications


Input Voltage*

230 VAC (1 phase)

415 VAC (3 phase) 4 wire system.



+/- 1% or 0.5%


Supply Frequency

47 - 53 MHz



Better than 98%


Wave form from distortion



Effect Effect of Load Power Factor




0-45°C max relative humidity upto 90%



Designed for indoor tropical use



IP 21

Capacity- 2 To 2000 KVM

Ultra Isolation Transformers


Range-0.5 To 500 KVM

All the types of electrical noises, predominantly common mode noises can be eliminated by Ultra Isolation Transformers. Since it isolates primary and secondary or separates neutral to ground bond on the secondary side, can be used to create separately derived source to combat current loops.

The Ultra Isolation Transformers are available in different levels of noise attenuation capabilities. The most commonly used are 100 & 120 dB. The coupling capacitance between primary and secondary is direct 1:1 relationship with dB levels. Some of the graphs herewith indicate different types of electrical noises observed in typical Engineering Industries & successfully eliminated.
Protect Computers, CNC Machines and Telecommunication equipments from damage due to electrical noises, spikes etc.
If ground potential of system units are different from each other and are exposed to the effects of instability at high frequencies.     

If ground of the equipment cannot be earthed.

To shield large number of electronic equipments which individually are producing different types of electrical noise at a common busbar typically CNC machines, Drives, Hardening equipment etc. The use of NCT, being bidirectional, prevents damage due to circulating noise interference within them.
bullet     To Protect against strong lightening, impulse noise, bus short-circuit, accidental discharge of capacitors
bullet     When multiple Noise Cut-off transformers are used, the suppression effects increase in proportion. Therefore, the effects of cascading Noise Cut-off Transformers is remarkable.

Elecrical Noises are Generated due to :

Switching of electrical utilities like Capacitors, MCCBs, ACB's...etc. Larger the inductance of the system and larger the current change during switching, larger the magnitude of electrical noises.

The inductive loads like big Motors, Compressors, Overhead Cranes, Elevators, Presses etc. also generates substantial switching noises.
Switching equipments like Invertors, Converters, SMPS etc. generate electrical noises due to switching of Thyristors, Transistors, Relays etc.
Welding systems pollutes earthing systems, adds notches and high frequency noises in the wave form, generating power quality anomalies.
Lightening, precipitation of static charges and electrical discharges in the atmosphere are the natural cause of generation of various electrical noises.

Electrical noises are observed to occur over a wide band of frequency ranging from 1 KHz to 100 MHz and above. In magnitude observed to be as high as 4000 to 6000 Volts on 3 phase supply system.    

The high frequency noise can interfere with digital electronic equipments causing untraceable data errors, change of programme, loss of memory, erratic behaviour, etc.
The high voltage spikes can cause the failure of Thyristors or Transistor, Micro Processors and other sensitive devices.
The radiated noise can interfere in operation of remote control equipment like Cranes, Digital Controls or Telecom Equipments.
Lightening, precipitation of static charges and electrical discharges in the atmosphere are the natural cause of generation of various electrical noises.

Online UPS System


True on-line double conversion micro-controller based UPS system for high end servers, workstations, CAD/CAM...sensitive to AC power irregularities and blackout. The high switching frequency of the UPS enables fast response to dynamic loads like CNCs, textile and printing equipment, glass processing, medical equipments..., resulting in good transient response for non-linear loads. The UPS is designed to support advanced electronic equipments with high crest factor demand and provides unmatched performance.


    * True on-line double conversion
    * Compact and silent in operation
    * Advanced PWM, IGBT technology
    * Suitable for CNC machines and industrial applications
    * Built-in static by-pass switch
    * Programmable battery-low alarm
    * RS-232 Interface available for m/c interlock
    * User friendly applications

Salient features


Inverter Efficiency
Overall Efficiency

Better than 95%
Better than 92%



I/P AC over/under voltage DC over voltage Battery charging over current Single phase failureReverse phase sequence



O/P over voltage / under voltage O/P overload O/P short circuit DC under voltage Over temperature


LCD/LED display to read following parameters with user friendly mimic diagram
•I/P Voltage •O/P Voltage •Battery Voltage •I/P Current •O/P Current •Battery Charge •I/P Frequency •O/P Frequency


Input on/off MCB/MCCB, By-pass on/off switch, Output on/off switch, Manual by-pass switch, Inverters on/off


Cable Entry

IP 31 (IP 42-optional)
Bottom (top-optional)
Broken White/Siemens
Grey (optional as per req.)


0 to 45°C max, upto 95% RH(non-condensing)


•Audible Noise

Forced air-cooling
<60dB upto 100KVA
<75dB upto 500KVA
<300 mtr. above MSL

Reference Standards

IEC 146-(IV), EN 50091-1, EN 50091-2

Optional Features

Remote Start/Stop, RS 232/485 interface CNC machine interlock


K Rated Isolation Transformer



K-Factor is defined as a ratio between the additional losses due to harmonics and the eddy current losses at 50Hz. It is used to evaluate transformers for nonlinear loads. Transformers with a rated K-factor of 4, 7, 13, 20 and 30 are available.

The ANSI/IEEEE C57.110 has derived a system of weighing how much harmonic load currents a transformer can handle without exceeding its maximum temperature rise level. A K factor of 1 indicates no harmonics, while a K factor of 50 is the harshest harmonic environment possible. Typically a K Factor of 13 is sufficient for most applications. K factor must be determined to calculate the right size transformer that is needed.


    * Data Centres, Call Centres, IPO
    * Induction Heaters/Inverters
    * UPS, VFD’S & Drives
    * HID Lightings
    * Hospitals/Medical Centres, Research Labs
    * Corporate, Banking and Financial Institutions

Technical Specifications

NEEL Dry type K factor Transformers available from K1 upto and including K20

KVA rating

upto 750 KVA

Impedance Phase


Input voltage

415 volts (other voltages on request)

Output Voltage

415 / 200 volts (other voltages on request)

Input/ Output configuration

Delta/Star or Zig-Zag


dry type, double wound, air cooled, common core, varnished & vacuum impregnated



Neutral conductor rating



50 / 60 Hz

Insulation class/level

H / 180 deg C

Maximum temperature rise

125 deg C

Enclosure type

M.S enclosure as per IP21

Effects of Harmonics

    * Overheating
    * Equipment Malfunctioning
    * Equipment Vibrations
    * Breakers Tripping

Special Features of Neel K Rated Teansformers

    * Copper windings
    * Lower Output impedance
    * Excellent transverse mode noise attenuation
    * Coil design is optimized for low eddy current loss and high harmonic current carrying capacity.
    * Cores designed for reduced flux densities to compensate for harmonic voltage distortion
    * Double size neutral terminal
    * Core of high quality electrical steel
    * Quiet operation
    * Ref StandardUL-1561, IEEE – C-57-110, I

Power Quality Audit & Harmonic Analysis


Most electrical problems like tripping of switchgears, blowing of fuses, failure of electronic equipments, flicker, high energy costs etc are because of disturbances in the electrical network.

Neel, specializes in the field of power quality solutions since last 30 years. Using modern state of the art equipments, we are actively conducting power quality audits and power monitoring at various automobile, engineering, aerospace, pharmaceutical, it data centers, printing, textiles, defence & railway establishments at an all india level. Our design exposure to drives, automations, plcs, motors etc. And close associations with designers and foreign principals has provided us valuable insights and knowledge in this field to provide detailed analysis and solutions.

We can provide a comprehensive range of on-site services which includes:

  • Power quality audit
  • Power monitoring and load analysis
  • Harmonic and reactive power analysis
  • Transient and flicker analysis
  • Compliance monitoring

Our state of the art monitoring equipments are from internationally renowned vendors like dranetz bmi, fluke, tektronix. The measurements carried out are compliant to various industry standards like iec 61000-4-30 class a, en50160, ieee 1519, and iec 61000-4-15.

Using advanced software tools, we can generate detailed graphical waveforms, event reports, trend sheets and summary reports for various nodes in the electrical network.

We also provide recommendations and solutions to rectify the problem with their cost benefit analysis.

The typical power quality disturbances observed at various sites are: voltage fluctuation, harmonics, frequency variation, earth leakage, transients, surge, sag, high frequency noise, glitch, notches etc.

Some sample reports and graphs from monitoring at various client sites are shown.

Ground Leakage Monitoring System


Power problems due to improper grounding: Good grounding of electrical systems is most important. Most power quality problems in electrical systems are due to wiring & grounding problems. A properly grounded electrical system exists when a grounding conductor is connected to the neutral conductor only at the input transformers. From this point on, the neutral &ground conductors should not be bonded together.

With advanced equipment like computers, CNC machines & other digitally controlled equipment, the quality of ground & ground currents are of prime importance. Harmonics can also cause large amount of ground currents. It can cause loss of memory, data corruptions or at times system failure. Hence, ensure that the ground currents are within permissible limits, under all dynamic conditions of load.

The superintend supervising system helps detect faults & generates alarm in case of wiring errors, neutral to groung faults, connection of defective devices, insulation damage, leakage current insufficient to blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker.

Can eliminate shock hazards in hospital & health care applications caused due to large voltage differences between ground potential of separate grounding points.

Can prevent HF disturbances & transients generated by neutral & ground being connected together.Thus causing malfunction / break down of computers, CNC M/C & other digital Equipment.   

Can prevent induction of strong magnetic peak fields, harmful in recording studios & areas where accurate magnetic measurements are desired.


Data processing facilities,  Health care facilities, Office buildings & hotels, Automated  industrial plants, Telecommunication centres, Fire hazard areas, Monitoring insulations of cables and High power motors.

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  • Power Quality Monitoring Systems
  • Powerlux Systems
  • Servo Voltage Stablizers
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