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Usage Of Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder In PVC Compound


Calcium carbonate is also considered a non-reactive ingredient, although some grades improve the melt flow. It comes in different grades, which can be combined with other ingredients to optimize finished product characteristics.Some calcium carbonates can cost more than PVC resin on a cost-per-unit volume basis. Choice of grade and use level is made to design specific high modulus, high tensile, and high impact compounds.

Usage Of Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder In Animal Food


Calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate products are used in a variety of food grade applications as a raw material, processing aid and water treatment additive.  These calcium compounds are vital to the manufacture of many foods and food ingredients.

Usage Of Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder In Paint & Printing Ink


Calcium carbonate makes up about 20 percent of the pigments used in the paint industry. Calcium carbonate is used to extend the resin or polymers because of its controlled color and low cost. Calcium carbonate also is used to control the sheen or gloss in flat paints.

Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder


The paper industry is a major consumer of mineral pigments. In paper coating applications, calcium carbonate, fine ground from 0.5 to 3.5 microns (the average width of a human hair is 100 microns), is used to make a whiter, brighter sheet. In paper filling applications, calcium carbonate can improve the whiteness of the sheet and reduce costs by replacing expensive fiber and pigments. The chemical properties of calcium carbonate are used to produce non-acidic paper.

Usage Of Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder In Master Batch


Master batch is used as a colorant in plastic industry and we offer highly pure grade of micronised calcium carbonate for its usage in master batch. We supply micronised calcium carbonate in the exact form and grade as per the requirements of master batch industry.

Usage Of Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder In PVC Pipe


PVC is a versatile polymer well suited for a variety of pipe applications ranging from large sewer piping to residential drain waste vent piping, as well as smaller potable water piping and electrical conduit. Calcium carbonate offered by us contribute to the ultimate performance properties of this wide variety of piping applications. For maximum property development and formulation flexibility, our surface-treated carbonates are designed to give good dispersion along with excellent incorporation in the polymer matrix. It improves the base properties of polyvinyl chloride by adding stiffness to the polymer matrix and improving impact resistance as particle sizes become smaller.

Usage Of Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder In Cosmetics


Calcium is useful in following areas:-

  • In talcum powder, Calcium Carbonate is used to increase fluffiness and control absorption characteristics.

  • In depilatory creams

  • In face powders as a perfume carrier

  • In sunscreen preparations

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