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Fire Protection

Isolatek Type M-II

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Isolatek Type M-II is one of an extensive range of proven, pre-mixed fire protective products manufactured by newkem products corporation. Structures protected with Isolatek Type M-II have been successfully tested internationally under cellulosic and hydrocarbon fire conditions for up to 4 hours duration.

We offer a wide range of Passive Fire protection products, which are performance-oriented, pre-mixed fire protective products that have been manufactured by us as per various national and international quality standards. These have also been successfully tested for up to 4 hours, under cellulosic and hydrocarbon fire conditions.

ISOLATEK Type M-II is a single package factory controlled premix which is based on vermiculite and Portland cement.

These have been specifically designed and created for application in cases of:

  • Elements in exterior environments
  • Situations where mechanical damage is an issue

Type TG a specially formulated trowel applied product is also suited for various non-spray applications. Due to its low density and highly durable properties the product is able to handle stress arising from widely varying and extreme conditions of exposure both in service and in fire conditions.

The various features of the product are:

  • General Single Package. pH Value 12-12.5 (when wet)
  • Water added on site. Approximate Curing Time at 20°C 50% RH
  • Finish Monolithic spray
  • Texture or floated Initial Set 2-6 hours
  • Colour Off-White Subsequent
  • Cure By hydraulic set coats After initial set
  • Flash Point None 50% strength 5 days
  • Minimum Density 75% strength 12 days
  • (Dry in Place) 680 kg/m3 98% strength 28 days
  • Theoretical Coverage Thermal Conductivity 019 W/m°C at 20°C
  • Dry in place Typical Substrates Unprimed or primed
  • Density of steel, galvanised
  • 775 kg/m3) 1.55 m3/tonne steel, concrete.
  • Practical Coverage See Application (See application)
  • Number of Coats One or more as Storage Off the ground and required kept dry until ready
  • Minimum Practical required
  • Thickness for use
  • Unreinforced 8 mm Shelf Life 12 months max
  • Reinforced 15 mm Packaging 20 kg bags

Water Based Fire Resistant Intumescent Paint

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We offer a range of thin film intumescent : ISOLATEK Type WB 3 / 4 and 5 which are  water based single pack intumescent paint systems. They are ideal for both internal and semi exposed structural steelwork as it offers great architectural freedom for open atrium designs and offer flexibility to the designers to address the most technically demanding needs.


Isolatek Type 300 / Cp2 / 400

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We offer a comprehensive array of Fire Protection Sprays – Cementitious: Isolatek Type CP2 / 300. These are most appropriate and cost effective solution for structural steel members for thermal and acoustic insulation. The single pack factory preblended sprays are applied for various fireproof coatings that have low density, with C-300 based on gypsum and Isolatek Type CP2 on cement. Owing to their swift rate application even for the most complex profiles these are ideal for various fast track projects.


Flamebar BW11 Fire Rated Ductwork

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Flamebar BW11 Fire Duct is constructed from galvanized sheet steel manufactured to the DW144, HVCA or SMACNA standard, then degreased and sprayed with Flamebar BW11 coating which is a specially formulated water based compound. This contains selected mineral filters in a low permeability elastomeric binder to a thickness of approximately 700 micron to give a finished product which has been successfully tested for international use under cellulosic fire conditions in excess of 4 hours duration. Ductwork is produced in sections and is assembled on site utilizing tested fireproof gaskets/sealants.

The unique properties of Flamebar BW11 has enabled us to design a low density, highly durable material which accommodates induced stress arising from extreme and varying conditions e.g. Climatic Moisture and Structural Loading Variations and the effect of a thermal shock during a fire. The completed system has been tested accredited by BRE to BS 476 Part 24 (1987) and also classified by UL to ISO 6944 (1985) up to temperature of 1133C.

FLAMEBAR BW11 ductwork can either be constructed in flanged lengths of duct, which are then bolted together to make a run of ducting, or in panel form. This construction is especially useful for ducts of large cross-section and can be used on any size of duct up to 25 M x 3 M.

  • Tested for up to 4 hours Stability, Integrity & Insulation to BS 476 pt 24 (1987) and ISO 6944 (1985) for Ventilation Fire Duct, Smoke Duct & Kitchen Extract ductwork.
  • When insulation rating is required panels are pre-insulated at the factory. Smooth cleanable internal finish.
  • Total flexibility in the design and construction of the duct.
  • Can be sent to site “flat packed” ready to bolt up.
  • Lightest fire duct system available.

The panels are delivered to site precoated on the outside face with FLAMEBAR B.W.11 and are then bolted together incorporating FLAMEBAR intumescent gasket strip to form the required duct cross-section.

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