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Anti Allergic Drop


Anti Allergic Drop (Aller-N Drop) are used in case of mucus membrane of nose, throat & lungs and are effected with allergic condition due to:

  • Weakness of immune system
  • Nasal, bronchial & laryngeal catarrh
  • Sneezing, water discharge etc
  • Regular use of this medicine improve resistance against cold allergy & rhinitis.

Amenocin Drop


Amenocin Drop is useful for amenorrhoea, menses delayed, absent, scanty, insufficient and abnormal from mental anxiety and hormonal imbalance.

Constip-Nl Drop - Constipation


Anti Constipation Medicine (Constip-NL Drop) is used for all the problems caused due to constipation, constipation alternate with diarrhea, stool hard with strain, ineffectual urging to stool, desire remain after stool, incomplete or insufficient stool.

Eczederm Drop


Eczederm Drop is useful for Dermatitis (Eczema), Dry & Weeping Eczema with Irritation & Itching on Skin, Ring Lesion Dry & Cracked Skin, Seborrhea, It Remove the Internal Causes & Relieve Acute Condition. It Helps to Increase Reactivity of skin.

Antimalaria Drop


Antimalaria Drop (Malarin Drop) is used for treatment of:

  • Malaria fever with shivering and chill
  • Periodical fever with enlarged spleen and liver
  • Headache
  • Body-Ache
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Weakness after abuse of quinine

Migrainocin Drop


Migrainocin Drop is used for Migraine, Headache, One Sided Headache with Nausea and Vomiting, Congestive, Hysterical Nervous Headache, Severe Headache with Aversion to Light, Noise, Talking Irritability, Drowsiness, Restlessness, Car Sickness, Mental Tension, Insomnia Migraine, Headache Due to Defective Eye Sight.

Nervocin Drop


Nervocin Drop is a Remedy for Nervousness, Exhaustion Insomnia, Depression, Tension, Neuralgia, Irritability, Sleeplessness in Children and Old Age. Flushes of Heat in Menopausal Women with Palpitation and Sleeplessness. Alcoholic’s Insomnia. It also Minimises the Bad Effect of Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Narcotic Habit, Drug Addiction and Bad Effect of Tranquilizers, Tobacco & Smoking Habit. Sleeplessness of Over Exerted & Worried Persons

Lumumbago Drops


Lumumbago Drops is useful in Backache, lumbago, acute and chronic myalgia, rheumatic diathesis, sprains, over straining, back pain of unknown cause, growing pains in muscles and bones, back pain and stiffness after long sitting and standing usually in house wife and service class female. Unable to stand without support, numbness in lower part of back, arthritis. Weight in pelvic pain radiating from thighs & legs and along the vertebral column up to the head and neck. Weakness of spine & vertebra after emission, pain due to change in temperature. Pain of various natures in the sacral region, mainly resulting from abdominal diseases. Pain worse by moving but may be acute when resting or at night.

Product Code: NL-1

Blood Urea Creatinin Drop


Blood Urea Creatinin Drop increased blood urea and creatinin is indication of renal failure in the patient. Uremia caused by excessive accumulation of metabolic end. Products like urea & creatinin in blood is called uremia. This is the most characteristic feature of chronic renal failure. This is because of failure kidney to excrete these products. The uses of this medicine helps to combate the condition of uremia and kidney failure conditions. Prolonged and regular use of this medicine is useful for the above conditions.

Product Code: NL-2

Oedema And Swelling Drop


Oedema and Swelling Drop (Nl-5) is useful in Oedema, swelling, dropsy, acute inflammation in capillaries. Puffiness of face due to retention of urine and Albumin in urine. Its regular use increases secretion and flow of urine and removes suppression.

Prosto Life Drop


Prosto Life Drop is useful for about 70% of all man, over age of 60 to 70 suffer from prostate problems, urethral obstruction, begin prostate hyperplasia (bph) hard prostate, poor prolonged flow of urine and sensation of incomplete emptying, irritative urinary frequency, urgency to micturation, acute urinary retention, painful distended bladder, prostatic infection, urine scanty. Drop by drop, prostolife drops are helpful to relieve all the above condition.

Product Code: NL-6

Drop For Sciatica


Sciatica is a Result of Prolapsed of the Vertebral discs or any Pressure on Sciatica nerve. Paresthesias, Fornication in Legs, Cramps & Stitches from Hip Joint to Ankle Joint. Abnormality in Joints & Ligaments in Sacral & Lumber Spine. Sciatica Pain in the Distribution of Lumbo Sacral Root, Disc Protrusion. Trauma or Injury Due to Lifting of Heavy Weight or Jerks.

Product Code: NL-7

Slip Disk Drop


Slip Disk Drop is a Well indicated in disorders of spine or spinal cord. Inter vertebral disk are gelatinous cushions in between each vertebra and are surrounded by tough fibrous mass called annulus fibrosis common symptoms of slip disk are prolapse of disk pain in lumber or sacral region bruised pain from movements, sneezing, coughing or any jerk violent cutting tearing pain in neck or back or hip region. Loss of power of function spinal cord, due to fall or several Blow or Severe Jerking.

Product Code: NL-8

Urine Drop


Urine Drop uses in Lower urinary tract infection, urine contain heavy deposit of mucus, pus cells, R. B. C, uric acid sediments, brick dust. Red offensive urine profuse deposit of white amorphous salt. Urine contain gravell u. T. I (urinary tract infection). Spasmodic stricutre, painful dysurea, often replace the use of catheter, unable to urinate without standing.

Product Code: NL-9

Infection Drop


Infection Drop (NL-10 Drop) is useful for the effective treatment of:

  • Eruption abscess
  • Carbuncle
  • Septic infections
  • Bacteremia
  • Septicaemia
  • Bone or joint infections
  • Suppuration
  • Other chronic or acute skin problems

Product Code: NL-10

Noso Nl - Nose Drop


Noso Nl - Nose Drop is very useful external drop (medicine) for stoppage of nose, dryness of nose, chronic coryza and sinusitis. Nasal polypus and other nasal problems. It protects mucus membrane of nose against any infection.

OTO-Nl Ear Drop


OTO-Nl Ear Drop use in many Cases like Itching, Pain, Inflammation in Ear with Fetid Discharge of Pus (Otorrhoea and Otitis Media). It Softens and Facilitates the Removal of Hardened Secretion Stimulating the Nerve Structure and Relieves in Earache. It Helps in Conditions Like Deafness and Sound (Ringing, Whistling) in ear.

Phytocin Drop


Phytocin Drop is useful for reducing fat, Obesity, tendency to put on weight, obesity due to faulty endocrinal secretions. Post pregnancy weight gain, disproportionate bulging of figure specially around hips and belly & desire to eat frequently. It reduces the abnormal growth of flash on body.

Pilocin Drop - Piles


Pilocin Drop is useful for Piles, Hemorrhoids, Itching, Pain, Bleeding, Anal Fissures and Burning Pain after Stool. External and Internal Piles, Anal Prolapsus and Constipation.

Rheumacin Drop


Rheumacin Drop is Very Effective Remedy in Acute Rheumatism and Backache. Rheumatic Pain in Joints, Shoulder, Arms, Hand & Knees. Stiffness and Immobility of Joints, Stiff-Neck, Pain in Limbs, Along with Lumber & Cervical Region, Dull Pain Across Loin, Sharp Pain in Wrist and Fingers, Tingling in Limbs, Inflammation of Great Toe, Gout in Heels, Sharp Shifting Rheumatic Pain in the Parts of Body. Part Sore to Touch, Enlarged Inflamed and Gouty Joints. Rheumacin is very Effective Remedy for Reliving Gouty Paroxysm.

Sinocin Drop - Sinusitis


 Sinocin Drop use for Sinusitis is helpful to cure diseases like acute and chronic catarrh of nose and maxillary sinus. Sinusitis is caused by allergy like house dust and pollution of air.

Its symptoms are:

  • Nose Blocked
  • Headache short breath
  • Suffocation
  • Polypus and adenoids problem in Children

Blood Cholestrol Drop


Cholosterol is fundamental for life and occurs naturally in body. It keeps to digest food and help to introduce hormones to prevent heart attack. The level of cholesterol must be lowered. Diet restriction and exercise is very necessary for control of cholesterol along with medicine. Blood Cholestrol Drop helps to maintain normal cholesterol level.

Constip-Nl Drop (Constipation)


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