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Children Health Tonic


New Life Baby Tonic or Children Health Tonic is a balanced homeopathic tonic for infant & children. It is recommended as a restorative tonic for children, promotes growth, increase appetite.

It helps to improve:

  • Iron and calcium
  • Useful in rickets
  • Marasmus
  • Delayed dentition
  • Flatulence stomach pain
  • Anemia
  • Weakness
  • Liver problems
  • Makes bones and tissues strong

Gall Bladder Stone Drop


Gall stones are formed from constituents of bile they are usually formed in the gall bladder. Gall Stones are twice more frequents in women then man. Gall Bladder Stone Drop is useful in gall stone colic, vomiting, cholelelithiasis, acute as well as chronic inflammatory condition of Liver like hepatitis, obstructive jaundice flatulence, alcoholic liver disease, loss of appetite, tenderness of liver region, dull aching pain, hepatomegaly, vomiting of bile more affective in bilary diathesis.

Product Code: NL-4

Hightall Pills


Hightall Pills (For Increasing Height & Normalising The Structure) is a safe and effective medicine for retarded growth, short height & dwarfish people. It improves overall mechanism of growth in arrested and under developed children. Its regular use help to increase height in boys and girls if taken regularly in proper age.

Acidocin Tablets


Acidocin Tablets is useful medicine for gastric disturbances, hyperacidity, flatulence, flatulent colic, dyspepsia, indigestion sour eructation, water brash, bilious vomiting, heart burn. Also useful for swelling of stomach, sourness and flatulence due to fatty rich food.

Angio-N-Gold Drop - Heart Tonic


Angio-N-Gold Drop - Heart Tonic is useful in Weakness of Heart, Heart, Violent Palpitation, Tachycardia, Sinking of Heart, Anginapactoris, Hypertension, Act on Muscles of Heart Tonic.

Digestive Tonic


A Digestive Tonic/ Digesin Syrup for all ages for dyspepsia, formulation of gas, acidity, heart burn, gastritis, chronic indigestion. Constipation, foul breathing, sour eructation. Increase appetite and normalise stomach problems.

Homeopathic Dilution


New Life Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Uses ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol) for the Preparation of Homeopathic Dilution. New Life Manufacture more than 450 in 6, 30, 200 & 1M Potency

Iron Tonic


Iron Tonic or Hemarex Syrup is an ideal tonic for all types of blood deficiency, exhaustion and weakness after long lasting illness like anemia during pregnancy, due to improper intake of iron.

It helps to:

  • Increase hemoglobin
  • Improve appetite
  • Helps body to regain health and strength
  • Improve appetite
  • Helps body to regain health and strength
  • Improve resistance against infectious diseases & blood loss.

Nl Alfalfa Tonic


NL Alfalfa Tonic is a general tonic for ladies , gents & children which Increases Appetite, Tone up Digestion, Improves Mental and Physical Vigor, Useful in Debility after Exhausting Diseases, Nervous and Physical Prostration, Tired and Weak Children, Weakness in Old Age and Anemic Persons.

Phos Syrup - Five Phos Tonic


NL 5 Phos syrup (Five Phos Tonic) is a general tonic for all types of weakness, weak memory, fatigue, lake of vitality, exhaustion, weakness of bones and muscles after long illness. Tissue phosphate provides necessary nutrition to nerves brain and bones.

Product Code: NL-5

Tonsillitis Pills- Tonsilocin


Tonsilocin Pills is useful in Tonsils, follicular enlarged & inflamed, difficulty in breathing, grayesh patches or spots in the throat and tonsils. Sore throat, throat feels constricted. Tickling short dry cough, pharynx feels sore, hoarseness, takes cold easily with stiching and smarting pain in throat, quinsy, suppurating tonsils, cold air, cold weather disagree, stiching pain in throat extending ear on swallowing, sensation of plug and splinter in throat. Tonsilocin is an effective medicine in acute and chronic tonsillitis. Fever & vomiting due to tonsillitis.

Mother Tincture And Homoeopathic Medicine


We offer mother tincture that is Mother Tincture and Homoeopathic Medicine.

Acidocin Tablets (Acidity And Hea...


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