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About New Life Laboratories Private Limited

New Life Laboratories is one of the acclaimed and respected names in the list of industries engaged in manufacturing Homeopathic Medicines. We offer a varied range of product that include includes Angio-N-Gold Drop - Heart Tonic, Nl Alfalfa Tonic, Hightall Pills, Children Health Tonic, Acidocin Tablets, Kofsin Syrup, Calculina Syrup, Vigor Life Syrup, Blodo Life Syrup, Braino Life Syrup, Phytocin Drop, Sinocin Drop - Sinusitis, Drop For Sciatica, Oedema and Swelling Drop, Antimalaria Drop, Anti Allergic Drop, Lumumbago Drops, Slip Disk Drop, Migrainocin Drop, Blood Cholestrol Drop etc. Under the able guidance of our Founder Dr. M. Idris Siddiqui who has the experience of more than 52 years and our Managing Director, Dr. Mohd. Ilyas Siddiqui holding an experience of more than 45 years, we are progressing every day. We have achieved a landmark by owning GMP and ISO-9001 certifications for manufacturing quality medicines.

In today’s world, higher is the rate of pollution, greater is the rate of disease growth. Science too is developing and evolving in a new face almost everyday and with the same pace homeopathy has also tried to grow up. To protect people from upcoming new diseases, we offer a varied range Homeopathic Medicines. Products offered by us are manufactured using latest techniques and we aim to serve people with honesty and sincerity. On 31st January 1999, we started production of our homeopathic medicines. Our products are prepared in a bacteria and dust-free environment. We use best manufacturing practices and follow strict norms of homoeopathic pharmacopoeias of India. We are the first homeopathic company from Madhya Pradesh that has got its organizations in different states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarachal, Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Our range of medicines have been appreciated by our clients across the nation and have benefited different patients immensely.

High quality and genuine raw materials are used by us for manufacturing our products. We started our production with 26o mother tinctures, bio-combinations, biochemic, bachflower remedies, 45 patent products, homoeopathic tablets and 450 dilutions in 6, 30, 200, 1000 potency were started in pickings of 30ml, 100ml & 450ml. Our state-of-the-art expanded production unit is well-equipped with latest range of manufacturing machines and skilled professionals. We have a Research and Development department responsible for conducting researches and come out with different products.


Founder of New Life, DR. M. Idris Siddiqui had practiced homeopathy for more than 52 years and the Managing Director of New Life Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. DR. Mohd. Ilyas Siddiqui is practicing homoeopathy for the past 45 long years. He is respected & recognized for his contribution of formulations prepared by him through rigorous clinical research.

Our Achievements

We are humbled to receive the honor of:

  •  Award of Imminent Manufacturer by Research Society of Homoeopathy India (2010)
  • Recognition For Export Excellence (2008-09) By Hon’ble Shri Kailash Vijayavargiya Ji Minister Of Commerce & Industry (Govt. Of M.P).
  • Best Manufacturer Award 2005 in the hands of the Finance Minister of the State of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Best Manufacturer Award in the Hands of Mayor of City of Bhopal Adjudged by SAAHAS (Society of Advanced Homoeopathic Sciences).
  • Best Manufacturer Award in the hands of Minister (Science & Technology) of Madhya Pradesh Government Akhand Prathab Singh.

Our Infrastructure

New Life Laboratories Pvt. Ltd owns a state-of-the-art spacious and expanded unit fully equipped with latest machinery. Trained personnel and experienced doctors working with us are dedicated to offer supreme quality medicines. We also have a R&D department equipped with latest technology to break through all the ices to come out with high quality products.

We have an evenly segregated store for storing all types of finished goods. This segregation helps in easy handling and identification of products for bulk delivery.

Quality Assurance & Achivements

Quality Assurance & Achivements

We practice Quality formulation, Quality assurance,Quality production and Quality service. We produce our medicines on the principle of homeopathic science using latest technology. Our company has GMP and ISO-9001 certifications for our excellent services. SAAHAS (Society of Advanced Homoeopathic Sciences) has ranked us the number one Homeopathic Company in Madhya Pradesh.

Some important achievements of New Life are:

  • In 2005, Finance Minister of Madhya Pradesh state awarded us with best manufacturer award.
  • SAAHAS (Society of Advanced Homoeopathic Sciences) has ranked us the number 1 Homeopathic Company in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Akhand Pratab Singh, Minister (Science and Technology) awarded us with best manufacturer award

Memberships / Affiliations

We are a GMP & ISO 9000 Certified organization that is the proof of the high quality Homeopathic Medicine

Mission Statement

"Science is an ever growing & updating subject with no full stop. Homeopathy has also grown with all leaps and bounds, so has technology & pharmaceutical medical science. The vision we envisage for the homeopathic pharmaceuticals is to bridge all possible technology to homoeopathic science so that the new generation of homoeopaths emerge with hi tech homeopathy to serve the ailing humanity with the best possible tool available at their hands. We at new life are working hard to bring it parallel to the modern medical science, in this effort we swear not to leave any stone unturned. Our company is an ISO 9000/GMP compliant unit. With the very modern manufacturing unit we hope to serve you with full sincerity and honesty."

  • To provide health to the world.
  • To provide best Quality Product
  • To make homoeopathy No. 1 Pathy in the world

Customer Satisfaction

Being a client centric organization, we care for the well-being of our clients. Our reach and expansion in a short span of time and many awards are the proof of our quality products. Products offered by us are accepted and appreciated through out the country. We use pure and supreme quality raw materials for manufacturing our products industrially. Trust, goodwill and support of our customers have made it able for us to win orders repeatedly from many states.

Our Aim

New Life Laboratories Pvt. Ltd have been ranked No.1 Homoeopathic company by SAAHAS (Society of Advanced Homoeopathic Sciences) in the state of Madhya Pradesh, one of the largest state in India and are constantly making concerted efforts to become Global No.1.

We aim to make a dent in the global market in the coming years, We will mark our presence by ensuring quality medicines & customized quality services. We are enthusiastic & compassionate we make our presence felt at National& international trade fairs/seminars/conferences to promote the cause of Homoeopathy. We are sensitive & believe in building personal & long term relationship with our esteemed clients’ world wide.

Our Products

New Life Laboratories are engaged in manufacturing a varied range of homeopathic products. We have patents on 45 products apart from that we have about 260 mother tinctures, biochemic, bio-combinations, 450 dilutions having strength limits of 6,30,200 and 1000 were started in  pickings of 30 milliliter, 100 milliliter and 450 milliliter and homeopathic tablets. Products offered by us, are highly effective and are used for treatment of almost all kind of diseases. Our products are manufactured from extra neutral alcohol of superior quality and as per the international standards. Our product range includes:

  • Amenocin Drop (For Amenorrhoea)
  • Acidocin Tablets (For Acidity And Heart Burn)
  • Aller-N-Drop (For Allergy)
  • Angio-N-Gold Drop (Heart Tonic)
  • Nl Alfalfa Tonic
  • Astharex Syrup (For Asthama)
  • Constip-Nl Drop (For Constipation)
  • Calculina Syrup (For Calculi In Kidney & Uti)
  • Digesin Syrup (Digestive Tonic)
  • Diabesin N. Syrup (Sugar Free) For Diabetes
  • Eczederm Drop (Eczema, Skin Allergy)
  • Feverocin Syrup (For Fever)
  • Femicin Syrup (Female Tonic)
  • Hightall Pills (For Increasing Height & Normalising The Structure)
  • Hemarex Syrup (Iron Tonic)
  • Heptolive Syrup (Liver Tonic)
  • Lumumbago Drops
  • Leucocin Syrup (For Leucorrhoea)
  • Kofsin Syrup (For Cough, Cold & Bronchitis)
  • Migrainocin Drop (For Migraine, Headache)
  • Malarin Drop (For Malaria)
  • New Life Baby Tonic ( Children Health Tonic)
  • Nervocin Drop (For Nervousness, Exhaustion And Sleeplessness)
  • Phos Syrup (Five Phos Tonic)
  • Drop (For Gall-B-Tone)
  • Drop (Blood Urea Creatinin Drop)
  • Drop (Prosto Life Drop)
  • Oedema & Swelling Drop (Nl-5)
  • Drop (Slip Disk Drop)
  • Drop (For Sciatica)
  • Noso Nl (Nose Drop)
  • Drop (Urine Drop)
  • Drop (Infection Drop)
  • Oto-Nl (Ear Drop)
  • Phytocin Drop (For Reducing Fat)
  • Pilocin Drop (For Piles)
  • Rheumacin Drop (For Rheumatism)
  • Rheumacin Liniment (For Rheumatism)
  • Sinocin Drop (For Sinusitis)
  • Tonsilocin Pills (For Tonsillitis)
  • Vigor Life Syrup (Sugar Free) Mens Tonic
  • Homeopathic Dilution, Best Quality Dilution
  • Mother Tincture, Homoeopathic Medicine

Our Patent

Being a leading manufacturer of different types of Homeopathic medicines, we have patent on forty five products. Products that come under our patent list include:

  • Acidocin Pills (For Acidity and Heart Burn)
  • Blodo Life (Blood Purifier)
  • NL-Alfalfa Tonic (General Tonic For Ladies, Gents & Children)
  • Calculina Syrup (For Calculi in Kidney & UTI)
  • Acne Lone Syrup (For Acne, Pimples on Face, Shoulder & Back)
  • Feverocin Syrup
  • Astharex Syrup (For Asthma)
  • Feminin Syrup (Female Tonic)
  • Digesin Syrup (Digestive Tonic)
  • Hemarex (Iron Tonic)
  • Diabesin N. Syrup "Sugar Free" (For Diabetes)
  • Heptolive Syrup (Liver Tonic)
  • Hightall Pills (For increasing Height & normalising the structure)
  • Kofsin Syrup (For Cough, Cold & Bribcgutus)
  • Vigor Life Syrup (Sugar Free) Men’s Tonic
  • New Life Baby Tonic
  • NL-5 PHOS (Five Phos Tonic)
  • Leucocin Syrup (For Leucorrhoea)
  • Rheumacin Liniment (For Rheumatism)
  • Tonsilocin Pills (For Tonsillitis)
  • Oto-NL (Ear Drop)
  • Noso-NL (Nose Drop)

Industry Caters To

Being an honored manufacturers and exporters of different kind of Homeopathic medicines, we offer cure to a variety of ailments and diseases. Our products are known for their effective and efficient nature. We have a varied lot of clientele through out India. New life marks its presence in states like Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttarachal, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. Products offered by us are appreciated in Indian Subcontinent a lot.

Our Team

We are guided by our Founder, DR. M. Idris Siddiqui and Managing Director DR. Mohd. Ilyas Siddiqui, both holds long experience. Along with this, we have a well-trained team of qualified people. Our team consists of people from different fields, involved in production, research, formulation and many other tasks. Team working with us includes:

  • Doctors
  • Research and development people
  • Production team
  • Packaging team
  • Skilled and non-skilled labors
  • Sale and marketing team

Current Profile

  • The company has started production with latest machineries, dust and bacteria free environment using best manufacturing practices by highly qualified chemist
  • Manufacturing process is strictly as per homeopathic pharmacopeias of India, genuine and quality raw material used in manufacturing of medicines
  • Company has started production from 31st January, 1999 with 260 Mother Tinctures, Bio-Chemic, Bio-Combinations, Homeopathic Tablets, 42 Patent Products, and about 450 Dilutions in 6,30,200, 1000 potency were started in 30ml, 100ml & 450 ml pickings
  • All the mother tinctures & dilutions are prepared from best quality extra neutral alcohol & international standard back potencies
  • State of art-expanded unit of New Life Laboratories Pvt. Ltd is fully equipped with latest manufacturing machines & trained personnel
  • A fully equipped R&D department with latest technology has been established to bring out breakthrough need based research products
  • Soon we are going to launch new range of products namely ointments, creams, hair oils and liniments
  • We take part in social services by extending our helping hand to the poor & needy by sponsoring free medical treatment camps time to time


Having wide and strong sales network all across the nation, we have made a remarkable place in the homeopathy industry. Our commitment towards quality has enabled us to achieve the trust, support, goodwill and repeated orders from our clients in different states of India.

Why Us?

We are one of the leading and renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of supreme quality Homeopathic medicines. Our products are produced to cure different kind of disease and ailments. Products offered by us are widely accepted and appreciated. We have been able to achieve GMP certification and ISO-9000 certification. These certifications act as a hallmark for us. Some important feature homeopathic medicines being offered by us are:

  • Efficient and effective
  • Quality tested
  • Meets international standards
  • Developed by help of latest machinery
  • Accepted throughout India
  • Formulated as per strict norms of Homeopathic science

About Us

New Life Labouratories (P) Ltd. Making rapid progress, we have established our presence in the homeopathy industry. We are the first homeopathic company from Madhya Pradesh that has got its organizations in different states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarachal, Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Our range of medicines have been appreciated by our clients across the nation and have benefited different patients immensely. 

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