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Domestic & Commercial Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Mini Solar Home Kit System


NXG home lighting system

A packaged home lighting system (upto 100 w/h) which can supply required power for 9 w / 11 w compact fluorescent lamp (cfl) & 20 w fan / tv (b&w)/ the unit consists of lead acid tubular battery, charge controller with electronic circuitry, charging cable and spv panel . Systems for more lighting hours and/or more lamps and fans / tv (b&w) are available on request.


Models and Specification


SPV module

Luminary / fan



nxg s-1


4 w led x 2 no.

12v/20 ah lead acid tubular type battery

charge controller & accessories

nxg s-2


4 w led x 4 no.

12v/40 ah lead acid tubular type battery

nxg s-3

74 wp

4 w led x 2 no. , 12. 5 w table fan x 1 no.

12v/80 ah lead acid tubular type battery

nxg s-4

74 wp

4 w led x 8 no.

12v/80 ah lead acid tubular type battery


Salient Features

·         Aesthetic design

·         Pollution-free and eco-friendly

·         3-4 hours bright but cool light

·         Autonomy for two to three no-sunshine days

Applications & uses

·         Lighting for homes, shops, banks, clinics, corridors, etc.


·         easy to install.

·         no electric connection required, no electric bill.

Safety features

·         system is completely shock proof due to low voltage circuitry

·         short circuit protection.



Solar Power Pack (500 Watts/Day To 5 Kw/Day)


NXG solar pv power pack

NXG solar offers you a wide range of solar power packs suitable for different applications.


NXG power pack is a solar cum mains hybrid inverter with solar charging priority to power domestic appliances like cfls / tubes, fans, t. V. , computer etc. The unit consists of solar panel, batteries, & solar /mains charge controller cum inverter with logic circuit.

System Description

Solar Photovoltaic Modules : a solar photovoltaic module is the basic element of each photovoltaic system. It consists of number of solar cells arranged and connected in a definite pattern. It converts solar energy into electrical energy when sunlight falls on its surface.


Solar inverter cum charge controller with intelligent logic control : solar inverter converts dc (direct current)power from the battery to ac (alternating current) power compatible with the utility and ac loads. This unit consists of solar inverter cum charge controller with intelligent logic which controls the charging of battery from solar or mains with solar as priority.

This system monitors the battery charge status and accordingly decides to charge the battery either from solar or from mains. First priority of charging is from solar modules and only in the absence of solar power (no-sunshine time) and when battery voltage is low (a predetermined level), the mains charger is turned on automatically. This maintains the battery on float.

When battery bank reaches a preset low voltage, mains charger turns "on" and charges the battery bank. Next day, when solar radiation is available, the cycle repeats. This ensures healthiness of battery and hence the life of the battery gets extended. Battery deep discharge, over charge protections are incorporated inside the solar inverter.


A device that converts the chemical energy contained in its active materials directly into electrical energy by means of an electrochemical reaction. Low maintenance, tubular type batteries are provided with this system.

Models available

150va, 250va, 375va, 500va, 750va, 1000va , 2000va, 3000va, 4000va and 5000va.

Applications & Uses

For conventional loads like lamps, tubes, fans, etc. , in homes, shops, banks, hospitals, hotels etc.

Solar Rural Lighting System


Our expertise enables us to deliver a defect-free array of Solar Rural Lighting Systems. These quality solar products offered by us are widely utilised in restaurants, shops, show rooms, garden lights and pathway lighting. Rural lighting systems manufactured by us are low cost alternative to expensive DC systems.

Solar PV Pumping System


NXG solar pump

Submersible pump

Nxg solar water pumping systems is a stand-alone system operating on power generated by solar photovoltaic panels.

The power generated by solar panels is used for operating solar submersible pump for lifting water from open well, water reservoir or tube well for irrigation and drinking water purpose. The system requires a shadow-free area for installation of the solar panels.

System components

·         Solar photovoltaic panels

·         Stand & accessories

·         Solar submersible pump

Typical system specifications*


spv panels (wp)

max. Total head range (m)

maximum water discharge (lpd)



0 – 25




25 – 60




60 – 90


* Specific requirements available on request

Click here for models available 

Special features of solar powered pump

·         No inverter - d. C. Motor connects directly to solar array

·         Rugged construction

·         Simple installation and maintenance

·         Highly reliable


·         Village water supply

·         Livestock watering

·         Water supply to remote homes / agriculture

·         Micro-irrigation


·         No conventional grid electricity required

·         Long operating life

·         Highly reliable and durable

·         Easy to operate and maintain

·         Eco-friendly

·         No fuel cost- uses abundantly available free solar energy

Solar Hybrid System(Wind - Solar)



The System


We offer Solar and Wind Hybrid Stree Light Systems as Green Energy Solution. The power source od a wind solar hybrid street lighting system is natural wind and solar radiation. This hybrid system is more cost-effective and reliable in the wind available zone.

The whole system can also be used for home power generation and capacity will depend on load. The hybrid lighting systems are self-sufficient, standalone solutions that do not require the construction of costly mains grid electricity supply infrastructure nor the burden of their associated operating expenses. The systems are ideal solutions for many applications in cities and rural areas, providing lighting to enhance security and safety.

Power generation is dependent on the availabilityof wind and solar radiation.

·         System output : DC and AC current simultaneously, and a wide voltage range

·         Automatic system operation

·         Wind Turbine can be from 300W to 4200W in the wind velocity range of 3.1 m/sec to 15 m/sec.

·         System consists of Luminaries, Lighting pole from 5M to 30M height, Deep Cycle Tubular Lead Acid Battery, Solar Panels, etc.

·         The Lighting Fixture available in different type, lighting bulb in different Lumen flux

System Features

·         A long life span of system components -

-Wind turbine with 15 years
- Solar module with 25 years

System Benefits

·         Ecologically sound

·         Clean renewable energy

·         reduction of carbon footprint

·         Low Maintenance

·         Enchance neighborhood security


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