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Coal Tar Products

Coal Tar Enamel


Loid T-11 (Coal Tar Enamel) is widely accepted as one of the most effective & economical anti-corrosion protection material. It serves as the most protective measure against corrosion and deterioration due to rusting. Loid T-11 (Coal Tar Enamel) is manufactured in accordance with standards BS: 4164, AWWA: C203 and IS: 10221. 

Coal Tar Tape


Loid T-21 Coal Tar Tape is designed to protect buried metal surfaces from corrosion and electrolysis. Loid Coal Tar Tape is completely saturated and bonded to both sides of a high tensile strength fabric. Coal Tar Tape is manufactured to meet the requirements of AWWA: D 36, D2415, BS 4164 and IS 1022. 

Coal Tar Wrap


Loid T-31 (Coal Tar Outer Wrap) has excellent resistance to soil stresses and the decaying effect of moisture, bacteria and root growth and helps provide the coating with a high electrical resistivity with regards to cathodic protection. Coal Tar Outer Wrap is manufactured to meet the requirements of AWWA: C203 , BS 4164 and IS 10221.

Coal Tar Primer


Coal Tar Primer is thixotropic primer, manufactured from plasticized pitch prepared out of surface coating material, with a high bond factor while conforming the standards: 

  • BS 4164:87 
  • IS 10221:82 
  • AWWA C:203 

Coal Tar Pitch


Loid Pitch is black solid material at room temperature, consists of a complex mixture of predominantly aromatic hydrocarbons and exhibits excellent properties as binder for anode use for Aluminium smelting industry.

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