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Respiratory Care Devices

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We have company offices at:
- Kolkata
- New Delhi
- Mumbai
- Chennai
- Hyderabad
- Lucknow

As well as established dealer providing sales and service support to all cities across India.

Oxygen Concentrators

Our oxygen concentrators are available in 3 ranges: nuvo lite oxygen concentrator, nuvo oxygen concentrator and nuvo 8 oxygen concentrator. These oxygen oncentrators provide you complete satisfaction and convenience with combination of enhanced features, technology and unsurpassed quality. It is cost effective and beneficial product as it is the most innovative and revolutionized product.

Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator

Nuvo Oxygen Concentrator

Nuvo 8 Oxygen Concentrator


We provide you a user friendly, light weight and portable product which is mainly used as a technical advanced compressor for the patients suffering from asthma.They are highly effective, safe and result oriented as they are made by using medical specifications in order to improve the living condition of the patients.They can be used by adults as well as by the children.

Pulmo Mist II Nebulizer


We provide you with the best highly efficient, light weighted, maintenance free and energy saving ventilators. They are used for adult patient and are result oriented.They are made by using the advance technology and premium quality of raw material in order to provide the best quality of product to our esteemed clients.

Sonata ICU Ventilator

Elisa ICU Ventilator


We are one of the best manufactures of PC based spirometer which is highly convenient and effective and is available with 3 years of warranty. It is able to store large amount of data depending on your computer memory suitability.They are used as monitoring tool and can be used for adults as well as for the children.

Medikro SpiroStar USB

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters provide an easy way of assessing some ones breathing by measuring the oxygen saturation of arterial blood.We are expert in manufacturing the oximeters at highly reasonable rates which are durable, light weighted and are specially designed under the medical standards in order to provide the right observation.

Fingertip Model 6800

Bilevel devices

We provide you the highly featured specially designed machine to improve the quality of living for the people who are suffering with the respiratory problems. We manufacture our products by using the latest medical specification and technology which is comfortable for the patient to use. They are available at reasonable rates and are customized as per the client requirements.

RESmart Bilevel Series

CPAP devices

We provide you this product with an advance technology which is used for monitoring and breathing options. It is safe and effective in sleep apnea patients of all ages, including children. They are designed in an effective manner under the medical specification and standard in order to meet the health care. We offer you timely delivery at the reasonable rates which suites your interest.

RESmart Auto CPAP

ECG machines

We manufacture three varieties of ECG machines viz: ECG 701 - Single Channel, ECG 703 - Three Channel, ECG 712 - Twelve Channel.They are made by using highly technical specification and advance technology which give result in minutes.Test done through this machine is simple to perform, risk – free and inexpensive.

ECG 703 - Three Channel

ECG 712 - Twelve Channel

ECG 701 - Single Channel

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