Roll-Over Car Wash System

Nissan make "Automatic Roll-Over Car Wash Systems" are built on Nissan''s top range of machine ever. 

There are various options available to select from, which suits your budget constraints to start your own car washing business. All our Roll-Over Car Wash Systems are made of High Quality Hot Dip Galvanized Sheet Structure that gives the machine a longer life cycle and all the motors used in the systems are IP66 water proof along with imported water proof sensors which helps in making Nissan Clean Systems maintenance free. 

Aesthetically, all our Roll-Over Systems comes with the Facia cover made of Aluminum Composite Panel which makes the machine looks stunning and attractive.

The Brushes used in machines are of the best quality in the market which ensures that the car is cleaned off of the dirtiest spots/marks without effecting the paint of the car at all.

Wash Master Car Wash Equipment

Approx. Price: Rs 12.25 Lakh / 1 Nos

Wash Master is a High Range System with all the programs which a fully fledged Automatic Car Wash System might have.


The equipment has total 5 brushes 1 Horizontal, 2 Vertical Brushes and 2 wheel wash Brushes. The Horizontal Brush follows the contour of the car and cleans the body effective. The high-tech On-Board contour following blower dries the vehicle completely and effectively within minutes. The Brushes have X profile bristles with feathered brush tips to remain gentle on the car always.


High Quality Polyethylene Bristles
Heavy Duty Structure made with Galvanized Sheets
Contour Following Top and Vertical Brushes
Quick Wash Cycle – complete car wash in just 10 minutes.
Onboard Fully Automatic Contour Following Blower
Complete Water Proof Structure with high quality make water proof-IP66 motors and proximity sensors.
VFD Controlled Drive
Superior Quality Loop Carrier System
Least Maintenance and User-Friendly
Movable Gantry which completely covers the vehicle, no need to move the vehicle.


Other Details:
  • Item Code: WashMaster

Wash Champ Car Wash Equipment

Approx. Price: Rs 9.2 Lakh / 1 Nos

Wash Champ is our latest innovation with features present in the higher end machines within a small budget range.

The equipment has total 3 brushes 1 Horizontal and 2 Vertical Brushes. The Horizontal Brush follows the contour of the car and cleans the body effectively. The Brushes have X profile bristles with feathered brush tips to remain gentle on the car always. Wheel Wash and on Board Blower can be included as an add-on.


Structure made of Rust Proof Rugged Hot Dip Galvanized Sheets
Complete Water Proof Structure with High Quality make water proof IP 66 motors
Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) coating on fascia for superior looks
Silicon Wax System
Backlit Wash Cycle Display
VFD Controlled Drive
Low Maintenance Gear Boxes
Liquid Foam System: Liquid Foam Dosing Pump, Pipes and Nozzles
Rinse System: Water Pump, PVC Nozzles, PVC Pipes
Horizontal Brush System with Electronic Pressure Sensing
High Quality Polyethylene Bristles
Fully Automatic PLC Control System with Switch Gear
HMI Touch Screen Panel for Operation
Vehicle End Sensing System
Trolley Rails


Other Details:
  • Item Code: WashChamp

Wash Optima Car Wash System

Approx. Price: Rs 20.5 Lakh / 1 Nos

"The 3 Brush Car Wash System” has built on Nissan’s top range of machine ever.

The system washes your Car completely from all the directions, the brushes follows the contour of the vehicle of any shape and size which is continuously monitored by the logical controller.

System Features:

Hot Dip Galvanized painted machine structure

Polyethylene / Foam Brushes (optional)

Telescopic Disc wheel washer with tilting mechanism

Completely PLC controlled safety sensors

Contour following dryers with least power consumption

Variable Frequency Drive to change the speed of operation

Safety locks in the blowers providing high safety

Dosing pumps with facility of adjusting the use of chemicals

Energy chain for cables and pipes

System Benefits:

Galvanize structure ensures Corrosion free working for years

Only one labor required

High productivity with precision

Very user friendly operating system

Less power required

Minimum water requirement



Other Details:
  • Item Code: WashOptima

Investment Guide - Car Wash

§  Please refer to our “Investment Guide For Successful Car Wash”

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