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Juki Sewing Machine

1- Needle, Lock Stitch Machine (DDL - 8100E)

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By thoroughly investigating and modifying the sewing mechanisms in order to achieve low tension sewing, the machine flexibly responds to various kinds of materials and produces beautiful seams of consistent quality.


Model name DDL-8100e DDL-8100 eH
Application Light-to Medium-weight Heavy-weight
Max.sewing speed 4500 sti/min* 4000 sti/min
Max.stitch length 5 mm
Needle bar stroke 30.7 mm 35 mm
Lift of the presser foot By hand: 5.5 mm
By knee : 13 mm
Needle DB x (#14)#9~#18 DB x 1 (#21 )#20`~#23
Feed dog 3 row
Hook Automatic lubricating full rotary hook
Lubrication Automatic
Lubricating oil JUKI MACHINE OIL No.7 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
Weight of the machine head 25 kg

1-Needle Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine

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At the very least, a good buttonholing machine should finish seams of consistent quality and be widely adaptable to many different kinds of materials and seam specifications. The LBH-780 series buttonholing machines respond to these needs and help reduce operator fatigue, thereby finishing high-quality buttonholes with a higher degree of efficiency.

For specifications kindly refer the attached PDF.

1-Needle Lockstitch Machine With Edge Trimmer DLM-5200N

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This highly efficient cutting machine i.e. lock-stitch machine assures the consistent quality of finished seams. Equipped with a sharp knife, which is capable of cutting various types of material. The DLM-5200N series is composed of high-quality sewing machines provided with these two main features, both of which are designed to significantly upgrade the functions.


Model name DLM-5200N DLM-5210N

—— Front knife type
Max. sewing speed 4,500 rpm 4,000 rpm
Max. stitch length 5 mm (normal/reverse feed) 4 mm (normal/reverse feed)
Needle bar stroke 30.7 mm
Lift of the presser foot By hand: 4 mm, By knee: 10 mm
Needle (at the time of delivery) DB1 (#14), For JE: 134 (Nm 90)
Hook Automatic-lubricating full-rotary hook
Max. thickness of the material to be cut 4 mm
Lubrication Automatic
Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
Weight of the machine head 30 kg

Direct-Drive, High-Speed, 1-Needle Lockstitch Machine

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This 1-needle lock-stitch machine is juki's highly advanced model provided with a thread trimmer which operates at the highest speed of its kind, a mechanism which promises silent operation and various technical features which promise power saving.

For specifications kindly refer the attached PDF.

Feed-Off-The-Arm, 3-Needle Double Chain Stitch Machine

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The machine is the leading double chain-stitch machine for heavy-weight materials and achieves higher efficiency in operation and higher quality of finished products.

For specifications kindly refer the attached PDF.

Feed-Off-the-Arm 2-Needle Double Chain Stitch Machine

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The machine finishes a wide range of high-quality products ranging from silk to extra heavy-weight material for jeans. Furthermore, machines offered by us achieve beautifully finished seam while preventing puckering and stitch skipping.

For specifications kindly refer the attached PDF.

High- Speed, Lock Stitch, Button Sewing Machine ( Lk-1903 A)

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The machine achieves sewing speed of 2,700rpm. The machine's starting, stopping, thread-trimming and automatic presser lifting speeds have been increased to significantly shorten total cycle time.

For specifications kindly refer the attached PDF.

High-Speed, Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine MO-6700D

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Juki’s cutting-edge dry-head technology has been introduced to the mo 6700 S, which has an established reputation for its excellent seam quality and higher productivity. Only the parts which mainly contribute to oil splashes are improved to have dry mechanisms to create the semi-dry-head over lock machine, mo 6700 D series. The mo 6700 D series is the best selling machine to eliminate oil stains on the sewing product.

High-Speed, Overlock /Safety Stitch Machine MO-6700S Series

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The MO 6700 S Series responds to various kinds of sewing materials and processes, producing delicate and beautiful soft-to-the-touch seams while further reducing operating noise as well as increasing durability. This is a highly advanced cost-effective machine.

For specifications kindly refer the attached PDF.

High-speed, Bar Tacking Machine LK-1900 A

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The machine runs at 3,000 rpm, faster than any other sewing machine ever made. The proven computer-controlled bar-tacking machine has been dramatically evolved to be an easier-to use machine.

For specifications kindly refer the attached PDF.

Leather Stitch Sewing Machines

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For customers who are looking for high quality sewing operations in a more cost-effective manner, we are supplying this leather stitch sewing machines. This model comes at a more affordable price and has substantial longevity along with low maintenance costs. We make sure that our products go for distribution and packaging only when they have satisfied the criteria set for quality control by our firm.

Semi-Dry Head, 2-Needle Lockstitch Machine LH-3500A Series

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Adoption of the direct-drive mechanism enhances energy conservation and workability and increases the needle's material penetrating force. The LH-3500A Series has made further progress. This is the cutting-edge model 2-needle sewing machine, which comes with substantially enhanced mechanisms such as the direct-drive mechanism, semi-dry head, new thread tension control mechanism and improved oiling system.

For specifications kindly refer the attached PDF.

Single-Thread Chain Stitch Button Sewing Machine MB-1370

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The single-thread, chain-stitch, button sewing machine, which is frequently used for sewing buttons on men wear and blouses under different sewing conditions, has been redesigned with its capabilities upgraded. The machine is able to change over the stitching mode between 2-holed and 4-holed buttons according to any design change.

For specifications kindly refer the attached PDF.

Zigzag Stitching Machine LZ-2280N Series

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The sewing machine produces soft seams with consistency with a low tension applied to the thread even when it runs at a high speed. A market-proven titanium-finished hook and rotary thread take-up lever has been adopted. This allows the machine to produce high quality and consistent seams when an extra low tension is applied to the thread. The combination of the hook and the thread take-up lever prevents stitch skipping and thread breakage under the high-speed sewing and provides responsiveness to thread changing. A broad range of thread types such as synthetic thread, spun thread and cotton thread can be used.

For specifications kindly refer the attached PDF.

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