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Diamond is a Carbon and is regarded as the king of GEMS.. Diamond stone generally benefits People in the Glamour or related industry like poets, painters, artists, actors. It is very advantageous in diseases like impotency and urinary problems .


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Pearl is a compound of calcium and oxygen. People with a hot temper should wear a pearl it will keep passions down. Wearing a Pearl bestows blessings and provides good imagination powers . It is very advantageous in diseases like high blood pressure and boils and people with hypertension problems.


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Ruby stone is a mixture of Aluminum, Oxygen, Iron and Chromium. Ruby provides Name / Fame and Political strength and is a favorite among politicians. Ruby stone confers High Position. It is very advantageous in diseases like ulcers, bone disorders, arthritis,and general weakness.

Gemstones-Yellow Saphire (Topaz)

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topaz is a mineral containing aluminium, hydrovisil and florin.. TOPAZ is among the most beneficial stones and bestows ethics, wit, wisdom, worldly happiness, cleverness, long life, good health, good luck, peace and prosperity. It also gives growth in the spiritual sphere. It is very advantageous in diseases like rheumatism, arthritis, It also removes fear of eviland ghosts

Gemstones-Blue Sapphire

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Blue sapphire is a compound of aluminum and oxygen with some cobalt . The effects of Neelam are very fast . It wipes out poverty , sorrow and increases prosperity , long life and off-springs. It removes negativity in the persons life and protects in the period of SADE SATI. It is very advantageous in diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, gastric ulcers, nervous disorders, heart troubles and paralysis.


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CORAL is a component of calcium carbonate. Coral gem removes obstacles and provides strength , boldness , courage, perseverance and the ability to face adverse situations in life . Coral is also very beneficial in landholding gains and profiting from the REAL ESTATE. It is very advantageous in diseases of the excretory glands, kidney, urinary systems and sex organs.


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It is a compound of silicate of aluminum beryllium and oxygen. It is a princely gemstone . Emerald intensifies reasoning & presence of mind and also increases memory &creative ability. It is very fruitful for students . Its is extremely beneficial for , accountants, engineers, writers, diplomats, scientists, astrologers, and teachers. It is very advantageous in diseases of the eye and ear troubles. asthma, rheumatism, and nervous disorders.

Gemstones-Cats Eye.

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Cat's-eye shines like the eye of a cat's eye , Therefore its called so. Cat's-eye is very helpful in overcoming calamities in life. It is very advantageous in diseases like cancer, paralysis, acne


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Hessonite neutralizes the Bad effects of Rahu . Hessonite is useful for those who want to get success in law , court affairs , gambling or any illegal activities.


Numerology is the study of the occult meaning of Numbers and alphabets and their influence on human lives. It all starts with your name and birth date. They are the database which provides an insight in your life . In Numerology Numeric Values are assigned to your Name. By Adding these numbers along with a multitude of combinations predictions and suggestions are made to your name to bring forth positive energy and enhanced success.

Numerology-Kabbalah (Hebrew Alphabet) Numerology

Kabbalah means knowledge which comes from the soul originated in Hebrew. This was developed from the Hebrew alphabet. The Hebrew language never developed a separate numeric alphabet , they converted they converted letters into numbers and they were able to interpret the hidden meaning in the words.

Numerology-Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean numerology was originally developed in Ancient Babylon the present day IRAQ and combines Kabbalah name interpretation system along with certain elements of astrology. In Chaldean numerology Number 9 is considered sacred and therefore is not considered with the rest of the numbers and is only considered if it appears in sum of individual's name. In Chaldean numerology, compound numbers always used. Single digits represent the outer aspects of a person, while double digits reveal inner influences.

Numerology-Pythagorean Numerology

The Pythagorean method was developed by the Greek mathematician and metaphysician Pythagoras who lived during the 6th century BC. He is also known as the founder of the Pythagoras Theorem. Pythagoras was as interested in metaphysics and spiritual development as he was in math, so it's no wonder he joined the two discipline. Like the Chaldean method, Pythagorean numerology analyzes both name and date of birth, and the interaction between the two. The basic vibrations are 1 through 9, and Number 11 & 22 are not reduced to a single digit because these are master vibrations.

Numerology-New Kabbalah

The New Kabbalah has also been developed for use with the modern Roman alphabet. It, too, is based on name, and relies on Pythagorean methods to determine time periods. The New Kabbalah is concerned more with events than character.

Numerology-Chinese Numerology

The Chinese concept of numerology is more or less based on mystical as well as the I-Ching traditions. Chinese believed that certain numbers are associated with good or evil.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra, A science of Environmental Harmony and Energy, its mere mention creates a feeling of wonder and an air of inquisitiveness among people. Vastu Shastra, which was earlier considered as a archaic or a primitive science and was also regarded as a Luxury for the Wealthy few had now exploded and metamorphosed as mainstream thought, whereby most of the buyers of property as well as construction companies consider it extremely important to get the property assessed by a Experienced VASTU Professional in order to asses the strengths and weakness of the plot and also to get to know what energy the property can render to them in the long run.

Vastu Shastra-Vastu For Houses

Vastu helps convert the hidden cosmic energies into material benefits for the residents of the Vastu charged homes. It creates a positive energy field for those living there to ensure physical, Material and Spiritual Well being. Vastu Help Convert A House Into A Home.

Vastu Shastra-Vastu For Offices

Application of Vastu is of exceedingly importance for offices where proper flow of finance is required. Vastu helps in making the environment conducive to Growth with the help of balancing the five elements of nature viz, Water, Fire , Air , Space and Earth . Simple changes such as sitting arrangements of Staff, C.E.O, Proper placement of Safe, Use of proper color, and proper placement of water bodies (bathroom , Water Coolers etc ) Go a long way in enhancing the business. Vastu Helps The Business Run Efficiently And Makes It Conducive To Growth.

Vastu Shastra-Vastu For Factories

All factories require huge investments and have multi tasking activities taking place simultaneously namely, Raw material Purchasing, Manufacturing, Assembling, Packaging, Accounting, Transportation of Goods etc. And more importantly taking care of Human Resources (labor related issues) Proper Vastu helps in co-coordinating these activities thereby generating growth for the investors.

Vastu Shastra-Vastu For Builders (Construction Companies)

Construction of Buildings require huge investments and have multi tasking activities taking place simultaneously namely, Land Acquisition , Raw material Purchasing, Architecture and Planning , Accounting, Liaising with government Department , Selling of houses and shops etc. And more importantly taking care of HUMAN RESOURCES (labor related issues) Proper Vastu helps in co-coordinating these activities thereby generating growth for the investors.


Since Vedic times gemstones have been recommended and are used by individuals to help overcome obstacles and adversities in a persons life and help achieve prosperity and good health .Gems affects the subtle energy field, which emanates from every living thing, where our energetic and emotional habits, thought patterns, belief systems, and so on reside. The energy pattern of a gem directly affects one's emotional and mental energies, and over a period of time this promotes long-lasting changes in a persona life.

To,Numerology Astrology Vastu Shastra Consultant

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