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Imported Homeopathic Medicines Of ADEL / PEKANA (GERMANY)

Adel / Pekana Drops And Specialty Products

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adel drops no.  name   -indications

1 apo-dolor -headaches including migraine; neuralgia; pain in body and legs

2 apo-ham -burning/bleeding piles (hemorrhoids)

3 apo-hapat -jaundice; general liver disease; gallbladder problems

4 apo-rheum -arthritis (including osteoarthritis); rheumatism;muscle & joint pains

5 apo-stom -acidity, vomiting, stomach related problems

6 apo-strum -thyroid problems

7 apo-tuss -cough; illness of the larynx; bronchitis; flu, severe cold

8 co-hypert -high blood pressure

9 cri-regen -premature hair loss; thinning of hair

10 deasth -asthma (acute and chronic)

11 defaeton -constipation

12 dercut -psoriasis; pimples (acne vulgaris);eczema; urticaria, other skin diseases

13 fattex -reducing body weight

14 ferrodona -iron deficiency (anaemia)

15 flufin -leucorrhoea and other female problems

16 gastul -stomach ulcers; appendix, other gastrointestinal diseases

17 glautaract -cataract; glaucoma, poor vision

18 glucorect -diabetes (increased blood and urinary sugar)

19 lassitul -mental/physical tiredness

20 proller -allergies; severe itching; skin infections, eczema

21 proscenat -prostate enlargement; prostatitis, other related problems

22 renalix -kidney stones, urinary tract infection

23 recura -sinusitis, running nose, sneezing, other related problems

24 septonsil -tonsillitis (acute/chronic); sore throat

25 somcupin -insomnia (disturbed sleep)

26 oss-regen -headaches including migraine; neuralgia; pain in body and legs

27 inflamyar -powerful treatment for inflammation; sports injuries; arthritis; muscle pain; bursitis; sprains, bruises

28 plevent -high cholesterol

29 akutur -urinary tract infection (u. T. I)

31 upelva -menstruation complaints

32 opsonat -inflammations of different types; pleurisy; intercostals neuralgia, healing of wounds and injuries

33 apo-oedem -water retention (oedema) and swelling of hands/feet

34 ailgeno -spleen and liver dysfunction

36 pollon -disturbances of health function

38 apo-spast -fits (convulsions) and cramps

39 apo-sciatica -treatment of sciatica, pain in the legs/arms, low back pain and soft tissue rheumatism

adel / pekana drops and speciality products' contd below . . . . .

Adel / Pekana Drops And Speciality Products (Contd.)

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Adel drops / product no.   product name    -Indications


40 verintex -all types of warts

43 cardinorma  -heart drops (angina: weakness of heart muscles) and irregular heart beats

44 venorbis -diseases of the veins (varicose veins)

48 itires -swollen lymph nodes; lymphatic conditions; boosting of immunity and supportive treatment of cancer

49 apo-enterit -diarrhoea; gastroenteritis; abdominal cramps and food poisoning

51 psy-stabil -anxiety, lack of concentration, restlessness and nervous exhaustion

54 cangust -prevention and folllow-up treatment after a heart attack

56 habifac -genetic predisposition and infections of all types

61 supren -strengthening of adrenal gland

66 toxex -removal of external and internal toxins and treatment of infections. 'blood purifier'

69 clauparest -circulatory disturbances causing vertigo, tingling, cramps and gangrenous processes

73 mucan -fungal infections of hair, nails and skin

75 inflamyar ointment -treatment of sports injuries, sprains, bruises, joint problems, muscle strains, acute / chronic inflammation and sciatica pain

78 dercut ointment -eczema; psoriasis; urticaria; boils; skin infections and other skin diseases

79 ferrodona syrup  -anaemia and prevention of iron deficiency

83 bronchi-pertu syrup -cough including whooping cough; bronchial and other respiratory pathway infections and asthma

85 neu-regen -general physical invigoration and restoring proper organ function

85 neu-regen syrup -treatment of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion

86 verintex drops & external -all forms of warts

87 apo-infekt -various types of bacterial and viral infections in the body

Imported Homeopathic Medicine - Diacard Gold Drops

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Diacard is combination of rare herbs from Asia, Europe and America and a safe German natural preparartion.
Diacard has been traditionally used by physicians world wide since 1919, as convenient supplement treatment in:


  • Heart Complaints, Extremely Rapid and Irregular Pulse,
  • Palpitation, Angina Pectoris and Anxiety,
  • Nervous Heart due to emaotional upset or stress,
  • Fainting, Fatigue, Heart Throbbing,
  • General Tiredness and Restlessness,
  • Toxic effects of Alcohol and/or tabacco on the heart,
  • Mild to Moderate Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol - Circulatory Instability
  • Weak Heart (it strengthens the heart and helps to maintain the quality of life)

    Information taken from company's brochure

Adel's Homeopathic Medicines

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Adel's homeopathic medicines - 'mother tinctures', 'dilutions', 'trituration tablets'  etc.

We also stock the other products of adel / pekana, viz. :

Alfalfa tonic (with ginseng)
Neo-card n heart drops
Phytolacca berry tablets
Mother tinctures
Dilutions/potentised preparations
Biochemic medicines
 (Pl see pages titled 'biochemic medicines & books')
Biocombination tablets
 (Pl see pages titled 'biochemic medicines & books')
Homeopathic trituration tablets 

Please send us a list of your requirement so that we can quote the prices for the same.

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