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Ruby Gemstone

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Renowned as ‘Ratnaraj’ the king of gems, Ruby is of red color and transparent or translucent in nature. Since Ruby is ruled by sun, our pure Rubies can change the weakly placed or afflicted sun. Rubies are is cold to touch, clear, lustrous, brilliant, radiant and smooth. These stones bring in the optimistic vibrations in terms of wealth, good children, happiness, courage, a respected position in society, high honor, prestige, property and enhance the will power.

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Blue Sapphire

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Sauriratna or Blue Saphire is a brilliant, radiant, and transparent stone, which is sacred to Saturn. Blue Saphire can be advantageous to the ones, who have Saturn as the lord of an auspicious house. It brings in good results; if it suits the person who wears that, otherwise it can ruin his/her life. This auspicious stone creates an aura of contentment by instilling fame, long life, children, mental peace, prosperity and good children. Further, it also protects the wearer against danger, travel problems, terror, thieves, accidents storms, fire and natural disasters.

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Yellow Sapphires

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Yellow Stones are of various kinds and each stone has its own unique feature that enables our clients to grow in some or the other way. Yellow sapphire is very useful in astrology and Vedic properties as it has many healing powers and is important in star signs. Further, our yellow sapphire also enhances the financial status and earns fame too. Some of the other yellow stones are:

  • Jasper: This stone was used by ancient people over their heart and naval chakras prior to astral travel for protection and balance.
  • Tourmaline: This stone attracts inspiration. It will diminish fears by bringing understanding and encourages self-confidence.
  • Tiger Eye: This stone helps one be more flexible in their beliefs.

Emeralds Stone

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‘The conqueror's stone’, Emerald is of transparent green color and represents the positive powers of Mercury according to vedic astrology and navagraha gemology. It is an ideal gemstone to be put when you have problems related to body and mind. Green color of Emerald, not only soothes the eyes but also enhances the eyesight of the wearer. It cures the diseases like epilepsy, diabetes, jaundice and leprosy. Moreover, as Mercury signifies love and marital relationships, it is said that if a man and a woman present each an Emerald their love grows and becomes permanent.

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