Ear Drops

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Ear Drops such as Otorest Ear Drops and Sarwax Ear Drops.

Otorest Ear Drops

Ofloxacin Beclomethasone Dipropionate, Clotrimazole & Ligno caine HCI Ear Drops (5 ml.)

Our Ear Drops are known for being pure and accurate in composition. We also offer these medicines to the clients at cost effective rates. The product is used to treat bacterial infections for external use only.



  • Otorest is combination of antifungal, antibiotic, corticosteroid & anaesthetic
  • Otorest is indicated in allergic & inflammatory condition of the ear,otorhoea, bacterial infection, fungal infection.
  • Dosage : 2-3 drops 3-4 times daily.



Ofloxacin I.P.

0.3% w/v

Beclomethasone Dipropionate


0.025% w/v

Clotrimazole I.P.

1.0% w/v

Lignicaine Hydrochloride I.P.

2.0% w/v

Glycerin I.P. and Proplene Glycol I.P.



Sarwax Ear Drops

Benzocaine, paradichlorobenzene & turpentine oil ear drops (10 ml.)

Our organization is engaged in providing ear drops, which are used in the treatment of ear infections. Formulated using superior quality ingredients, these ear drops are highly effective.






Benzocaine I.P.

2.7% w/v


2% w/v

Turpentine oil B.P.

15% w/v

Chlorbutol I.P.

(As preservative)

5 % w/v

Oily Base



Directions for use:

  • Lay down the patient on side with the affected ear up
  • Instill 5-10 drops of Sarwax into the ear canal
  • Insert cotton plug into the meatus and allow to remain for about 15-30 minutes. Sarwax ear drops will relieve ear ache promptly and begin to emulsify and disperse the excess / impacted cerumen (ear wax), while exerting insecticidal, antibacterial and anti-fungal actions simultaneously.
  • Clear the ear canal of the softened cerumen using a cotton swab
  • Flush the ear canal gently with lukewarm water by using a soft rubber syringe, avoiding excess pressure
  • Instill Sarwax ear drops once again into the ear canal and insert a cotton plug. This will prevent any fungal growth in the ear canal. Continue the above procedure for one week. In event the other ear is also affected, treat the same also simultaneously.