Laboratory Equipments

We offer our customers a wide range of laboratory equipment including magnetic stirrer with hot plate. It has compact stirring device, which utilizes a rotating magnetic field (created by permanent magnet) that induces variable speed stirring action. The stirring operation is accomplished by means of small Teflon rotor, which is placed in liquid to be stirred.

Thermostatic Water Bath

The thermostatic water bath we offer are widely used in various industries for their host of qualitative features such as durability, high performance and sturdy construction.

Heating Mantle

The unmatched quality and unsurpassable performance of Heating Mantle has attracted various national as well as international clients to place repeated orders. Additionally, Laboratory Heating Mantle is available in varied specifications confirming to international standards.

Slide Warming Table

We provide our clients Slide Warming Table that is used in cytology, histology, pathology, biology and clinical laboratories. This helps in mounting section and paraffin tissue embedding. The work area surface is made up of stainless steel and is ideal for specimen contrast. This also helps in providing heat transfer all over the surface. Moreover, these are fitted with Sunvic energy regulators

Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate

We are actively involved in the supplying of magnetic stirrer cum hot plate. To ensure the durability we provide the stainless steel magnetic stirrer cum hot plate with a stainless steel top housing which is accompanied by a variable stirring range of up to 1200 rpm. The hot plate temperature is controlled by an energy regulator. We are regarded as a reliable electrical magnetic stirrer cum hot plate suppliers.

We are distributing and supplying superior quality Microtome. Microtome is used in histopathology laboratories for cutting tissue specimens. The machine is exclusively designed for use in the histopathology laboratory, using steel, tungsten-carbide, or a glass knife. Further, they are segmented into medium and thin sections for flawless detailed microscopic analysis.

Gemology Polariscope

A polariscope uses polarized light for gem identification. It consists of two polarized filters, one on the top and one on the bottom of the instrument as seen in the picture to the right. Both the polarizer and the analyzer have their own vibrational planes. When the vibrational plane of the polarizer is at right angles to the vibrational direction of the analyzer, the field between them remains dark. This position is known as the "crossed position". In this position, gems can be tested to determine if they are:


  • isotropic
  • anisotropic
  • anomalously double refractive or an
  • anisotropic aggregate


The polarizing filters of this instrument are made of polarizing plastic sheets (polyvinyl alcohol containing dichroic molecules stretched-polymers). Older models were created with microscopically oriented crystals of iodoquinine sulfate (herapathite) or tourmaline plates.

Operation of the polariscope and possible observations

With the polarizer and analyzer in crossed position, turn on the light source and place the gemstone on the rotating platform just above the polarizer (this platform might not always be present, in which case you use your tweezers).

Observing the gemstone through the analyzer while slowly turning the stone will give you 4 possibilities.

1. The stone appears dark throughout a 360° rotation.


  • The stone is isotropic (single refractive).


2. Throughout a 360° rotation the stone blinks 4 times, light and dark.


  • The stone is anisotropic (double refractive).


3. The stone will appear light all the time.


  • The stone is a micro crystalline or crystalline aggregate (like for instance, chalcedony).


4. The stone will show anomalous double refraction (ADR).


  • It is isotropic (single refractive).

Other Information :

Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit), Other

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Pieces

Port of Dispatch: New Delhi

Production Capacity: 200p.m

Delivery Time: 15 days