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Push Pull Cables

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Push-Pull High Performance (HP) cables are a core part of Orscheln's business. They are produced at both our Orscheln and Felsted facilities in various configurations. Orscheln has over 25 years of experience producing mechanical push-pull cable assemblies for a wide range of On-highway and Off-highway applications. Push-pull control cables are available in various mounting configurations, travel or stroke length, overall length, and temperature options. Cables are produced at Orscheln's factories for large OEM needs, and are also available custom made via our worldwide F.A.S.T. cable assembly distributor network. More Info... Standard product offering covers: * 3, 4, 6, and 8 series * End thread sizes from 10-32 to 3/8 inch * Loads from 60 lbs. to over 700 lbs. Light Duty Series 3 * Diagram | Handles & Knobs * Choice of Core Type * HP Core - Polymer coated 1x7 * Solid .075 stainless steel core * Non-metallic liner Heavy Duty Series 3 * Diagram | Handles & Knobs * Choice of Core Type: * HP Core - Polymer coated 1x7 * Solid .075 stainless steel core * Heavy Duty Series 4 * Diagram | Handles & Knobs * High Performance (HP) Core * 1/4" - 28 Threaded rod (output end) Heavy Duty Series 6 * Diagram | Handles & Knobs * High Performance (HP) Core * 5/16" - 28 Thread (output end).

Fluid Level Indicators

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The Orscheln fluid level indicator (FLI) product line is suited for medium and heavy duty engine and transmission applications. The patented locking cap and integrated design and assembly process offer value to the OEM design. The F1, F2 and F3 options with either metal or polymer tubes give the designer flexibility to choose the right components to meet customers' needs. Orscheln's expertise in cables, controls, and polymers has led to patented designs for fluid level indicators (U.S. Patent Nos. 6,314,808 B1 and 6,453,740 B1 - additional U.S. and non-U.S. Patent Applications Pending). These modern designs come in four different sizes for your fluid check and/or fill applications. Material selection is made to handle the wide range of temperatures in which your engines and transmissions operate. Unique features make the fluid level indicator more user-friendly to you and your customer. Product benefits for the customer include easier routing, reduced corrosion, greater efficiency and performance, positive fluid identification through handle labeling, and ease of customer use. Due to the fact that Orscheln's Fluid Level Indicators are manufactured as a complete system, there is increased accuracy and you will appreciate reduced numbers of parts, times and transactions. The F1, F2, F3, and newest F4 Series can be used by all engine, transmission, and vehicle manufacturers where fluid check operations are required in the on-highway, off-highway, marine, and power generation markets.

Automatic Shifters

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Orscheln produces systems for the Allison Transmission 1000 and 2000 series transmissions, as well as the AT, MT, and HT models. Shift levers are available in side push button, T handle release, and top push button configurations. A shift "system" would consist of a shift control lever, a control cable, and a transmission connection kit. We can provide the entire system or just the components for both OEM applications as well as the aftermarket. For OEM engineering needs, contact our factory. For aftermarket interest, please contact one of our distributors. Systems Available for 1000/2000/2400 Transmissions Park Description Cable-Out of Park Cable Angle LCT 1000/2400 Pawl T-Handle, R/H, Rev to front Pulls 68 LCT 2000 Brake T-Handle, R/H, Rev to front Pushes 36 LCT 2000 None "NG", R/H, Rev to front Pulls 30 LCT 2000 None "NG", R/H, Rev to front Pushes 90 LCT 2000 None "NG", R/H, Rev to front Pushes 30 LCT 2000 None "NG", R/H, Rev to front Pushes 30 LCT 2000 None "NG", R/H, Rev to front Pulls 30 Allison Transmission is a registered trademark of Allison Transmission Inc.

Parking Brake Levers

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Orscheln offers both standard hand and foot parking brake levers, as well as the capability to design custom control systems. We specialize in providing parking brake systems that include park brake levers and park brake cables. Standard type levers are also now available through the Orscheln F.A.S.T. distribution channel. Orscheln hand levers are designed on the principle of variable mechanical advantage, and therefore, variable hand effort. During the initial movement of the lever from the "off" to "on" position, there is great linear movement compared to the output effort. As the lever approaches the "on" position, the output effort becomes greater in comparison to the linear movement. As the lever passes over center, or toggle position, the mechanical advantage is theoretically infinite. Orscheln hand levers also provide a screw-type adjustment feature which allows the operator to make system adjustments. This is accomplished by simply turning the adjustment knob on the lever handle. Using Orscheln's standard parking brake levers where possible can generally provide shorter lead-times and lower costs. When custom designs are needed, we offer many options and variations. Several key characteristics to remember in designing a lever system include required lever output, mounting location, operator access, and handle effort. Mounting bracket design should be determined by travel, cable clamp pattern, and mounting preference. CHOOSING THE CORRECT PARK BRAKE LEVER When specifying a new over center parking brake lever, or replacing an existing lever, considerations should include: * Hand vs. foot type unit (user needs, space considerations, location, ergonomics etc) * Mounting positions (access, ergonomics, location, orientation, etc) * Safety latch or no latch (hand levers) (user needs, location, access, orientation, ergonomics, amount of experience or training operator possesses, etc)

Electronic Throttle Control

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Orscheln designs and produces foot pedals and hand vernier controls for the new electronic governed engines in On-highway and Off-highway applications. Floor mounted foot pedals utilize metal and polymer components to save weight, and use the latest rotary sensors for precise operation. The hand operated EV2 control uses a linear potentiometer to translate mechanical position to an electrical signal in order to control the engine from a remote location. The EV2 control looks and works similar to the mechanical cable version it replaced, allowing familiar operation to the end user. Foot pedals and the EV2 are available in standard configurations to fit most OEM needs.

Mechanical Pedals

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The Felsted Floor Pedal is the heavy-duty choice for trucks, buses, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and virtually all other applications that call for a foot operated control. That's because its rugged steel stamping construction offers far greater rigidity, durability, and reliability than aluminum die castings, and it's designed with oil impregnated bronze bearings that won't wear out like nylon bearings. Mech Pedal 2.png For ease of installation, the floor pedal mounts to the floor with three point mounting and incorporates a unique keyhole mount for the cable hub that requires only a single fastener. For flexibility, it has 360 adjustability for cable entry, is available with either two-inch or three-inch travel, and either three or four series cable. For even greater flexibility, you can connect a modulator to the pedal, eliminating the need for cumbersome linkages to the engine governor. Other features include a self-cleaning boot that deflects dirt and debris, a double torsion pedal return spring, adjustable pedal height, and a factory assembled heel rest.

Dump Body Control

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The T-Handle Dump Body Control is used to control the PTO and/or pump for dump body hoists. This control is standard as a dual unit (PTO and HOIST) or available as a single unit (PTO and HOIST), or a triple unit (two HOISTS and a PTO). Quad units can also be configured. * Positive detent locking system * Hoist Control locks in "N" (neutral) position * PTO locks in "OUT" position * Illuminated position strip * Tough coating provides for durable life * Rugged steel construction * Maximum 3" standard cable travel * Comes complete with mounting hardware for both 4 & 6 series cables for ease of installation.

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