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TVOC Sensor & Controller

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We provide our clients with TVOC Sensors & Controllers that are used to detect indoor air quality in occupied spaces. These sensors and controllers provide RS485 network interface and independent base address to PC or other control system, so that each room of the whole ventilating system can be managed and controlled effectively. The TVOC sensor is capable of detecting broad range of commonly occurring TVOC in indoor applications. Each gas sensed is related by the sensor to its corresponding concentration value to isobutylene. These sensors are factory calibrated to Isobutylene gas 100 PPM for full span and controlled clean air for zero span.


  • Detects and alerts ambience air quality
  • Controls ventilation
  • Monitors air quality
  • Monitors odors

Sensor Module:   

IAQ is a comprehensive index that includes room temperature, humidity, fresh air and diverse low concentration air contaminants.Monitoring IAQ is important to guarantee healthy life and work.


  • Real time monitoring ambience air quality with 0~30ppm complex detection range.
  • Rated for continuous operations
  • LCD displaying air contaminants with temperature and humidity (optional) at the same time
  • Also as the controller of IAQ including temperature and humidity (optional)


Gas detected


Temperature sensor


Humidity sensor

HS series capacitive sensor

Response Time

<2 minutes for 90% step change

Signal update


Warm up time

<2 minutes (operational) 5 minutes (maximum accuracy)

VOC measuring range

0 to 30ppm

Display resolution


VOC setting resolution


Temperature measurement range

0 to 50 deg. cen.

Temperature setting range

5 to 45 deg. cen.

Humidity measurement range

0 to 99 %RH

Humidity setting range

5 to 95%RH

Analog output

0 to10VDC linearized output

Output resolution


Relay output

One dry contact output with programmable selection to control VOC, temperature, humidity.

Rated switching current 2A(220VAC/30VDC), resistance load

Communication interface


Operation temperature

0 to 50 deg. cen.

Operation humidity

0 to 95%RH non condensing

Storage conditions

- 40 to 70 deg.cen

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