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Video Gastroscope

Olympus GIF-Q 140 Adult Video Gastroscope

Wide screen image video gastroscope with 9. 8mm outer  diameter and 2. 8mm channel, 103 working length, 140 degree angle of view, angulation 210/90 degrees up/down and 100/100 degrees right/left.

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Olympus GIF -P140 Paediatric Video Gastroscope

Ultra slim paediatric video gastroscope with 8. 5mm diameter,2. 2mm channel, 120 degree field of view, 104cm working length and angulation of 210 degree /90 degree(up/down),100 degree/100 degree (right/left).

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Olympus GIF- 140 Video Gastroscope

Olympus GIF-140 video gastroscope features a 9. 8mm insertion tube, 2. 8mm biopsy channel, 103cm working length.

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Olympus GIF-160 Adult Video Gastroscope

  • 8.6mm outer diameter insertion tube & 2.8mm channel diameter combine with excellent image quality
  • Extra -wide 140 degree field of view enables wider area of site to be easily observed 
  • 4-way angulation (210degree-up,90 degree - down)100 degree-right/left)enables complete & comprehensive examination of upper digestive tract

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Olympus GIF-Q 160 Adult Video Gastroscope

This delivers larger images of superior quality when used with evis evera video processors. In particular,sharper images with true to life colors are displayed.
  • Reduced 9. 5mm outer DM insertion tube with 2. 8mm channel.
  • Better scope maneuverability through ergonomically controlled section.
  • Scope id function enables improved service interval monitoring and facilitates automatic system setup such as automatic white balance(with cv-160).




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Olympus CV-160 Evis Exera Video Processor

Olympus CV-160 evis exera video processor with pigtail, keyboard and cables can be used with evis exera video bronchoscopes enabling you to use the same system for both gastrointestinal endoscopy and bronchoscopy.  
  • Powerful structure enhancement circuitry uses frequencies specifically suited to endoscopic images to ensure more accurate observation.
  • Offers full height mode that uses the full vertical area of the monitor screen to display images larger allowing for closer examination of the image area.

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Olympus GIF -XP160 Paediatric Video Gastroscope

This gastroscope is ideal for patients with difficult or stenosed anatomy & even provides the option of trans-nasal insertion.
  •  Slim slight insertion tube only 5. 9mm outer diameter.
  • 2. 0mm working channel allows efficient suction & high quality biopsies.
  • Better 4-angulation scope maneuverability through ergonomically improved controlled section.

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