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RR Cable


Exporter & Distributor of a wide range of products which include RR Cable such as Copper Flexible Cables Single, RR Kabel Copper Flexible Cables, Electrical PVC Flexible Cable, RR Kabel Flexible Cables, RR Kabel HFFR Single Core Wires, Shielded Cable ( R R Kabel ) and many more items.

Copper Flexible Cables Single


Approx. Rs 25 / Meter(s)

We provide high quality flexible cables, single & multicore. 

RR Kabel Copper Flexible Cables


Approx. Rs 60 / Meter(s)

We offer to our clients a wide range of RR-Kabel Make Copper Flexible Cables commonly known as FR Cables. The range offered by us is PVC Insulated Single Core Multistrand Copper Conductor Industrial cables (Unsheathed) that are insulated to withstand a current of 1100 Volts.

Electrical PVC Flexible Cable


Approx. Rs 35 / Meter(s)

Item Code :  H07v-K

We are offering Electrical PVC Flexible Cable H07v-K
Working voltage : 45O/7 SOV (H07V-K)
Test voltage : 2000/2500Volts
Flexingb endingr adius1: 2. 5x 6
Staticb endingr adius:L 2. 5x Q
Flexingte mp: OoCto +70oC
Statict emp: -15oCto +80oC
Flame retardant: IEC 60332-1
Insulationre sistance1:0 M O km
VDE 028L-3: upto 4 mm2
NF-C3 2-201-3u: pto 120m m2
Compliesto BS6 004
CE Low Voltage Directive
7 3 /23 lEEc and 93/68/EEC
RoHS compliant

RR Kabel Flexible Cables


Approx. Rs 5,729 / Pack(s)

Available with us is a wide range of PVC Cables that is widely acclaimed for high amperage and ultra flexibility. Our range of Flexible Cables is appreciated for being lighter, thinner, more flexible and relatively longer flex life as compared to other cables. Designed for control panels, power data & instrument circuits are used across power and electrical & electronics industry in diverse applications. In addition, it is also used with light portable appliances such as radio, table lamps and office machines.

RR Kabel HFFR Single Core Wires


Approx. Rs 35 / Meter(s)

We put forth for our clients a wide range of HFFR Copper Flexible Single Core Wires made up of eco-friendly multi draw wires. Raw material with appropriate ZHFR value is used to offer better insulation and electrical properties. Our entire range is in compliance with international quality standards and can be availed at industry leading prices. It is used in several areas of application such as in schools, theaters, commercial complexes, air conditioned apartments, white good industry and many more.

Shielded Cable ( R R Kabel )


Approx. Rs 15 / Meter(s)

We are offering shielded cable. 
Construction conductor : Annealed copper wires according to class 1 or 2 or 5 of bs en 60228
Insulation : PVC types ti51 according to bs en 50290-2-21pairs - Twisted
Identification pairs : Blue & white. Blue cores indicate pair identification. 
Assembly : Concentric layers
Outer sheath : PVC type tm51 according to bs en 50290-2-22
Marking : Rr kabel N X M X csa 300500 V pas 5308- Part 2
Application : Pas 5308-2 design guidelines
Standards : Ec 60332-1 flame retardant
Shielded cables are used in security systems as it provides protection from power frequency and radio frequency interference, thus, reducing the number of false alarms being generated. For its optimum use it necessary to keep the data or signal cables physically separated by at least 3 inches (75 mm) From 'heavy' power circuits which are in parallel. 
Delivery : 10 to 90 days.

RR Kabel Braided Cables


Approx. Rs 45 / Meter(s)

Applications : Is suitable for interconnection of electrical measuring devices to Instrument panel or instrument. Measuring, monitoring and control in machine tool manufacturing, in plant engineering, in all places where electrical interference fields can distort a signal transmission or where Interference pulses arising in the mains must be confined.

Technical Data : Special PVC data cables, adapted to DIN VDE 0245 The material used in manufacture is cadmium free and contains no silicone and free of substances harmful to the wetting properties of Lacquers.

Coupling Resistance : < 250 ohm

Temperature Range : Flexing -5 C to +80 C

Nominal Voltage : Uo / 500 V

Test Voltage : 3000 V.

Insulation Resistance : Min. 20 Mohm x km

Mutual Capacitance : According to different cross sections Core / Core approx, 150 nF / km. Core / Screen approx, 270 nF / km

Minimum Bending Radius : Approx. 10 x cable

Cable Structure : Bare copper, fine wire conductors, bunch 0 0 Fixed Installation -20 C to +80 C stranded to IS 8130 class 5 and IEC 60228 class 5. Core insulation of special PVC Type A IS 5831, TI 1 DIN VDE 0207 Part 4. Coloured cores upto 4 cores only. Continuous numbering in white and one green / yellow core from 5 core onwards. Cores stranded in layers with optimal lay-length. Core Wrapping withcopper mylartape. Tinned copper braided screen, Approx. 85% coverage. Special PVC outer sheath TYPE ST1 of IS 5831, TM2 DIN VDE 0281 Part 1 and HD 21.1, sheath colour grey. Extensively Oil Resistant, Chemical Resistant. PVC self- extinguishing and flame retardant, test according to IS 694, DINVDE 0472 Part 804 and IEC 60332-1

Tri-rated Cable


Approx. Rs 1,114 / Meter(s)

Application : High temperature, flame retardant cable designed for use in switch control, relay and instrumentation panels of power switchgear and for purposes such as internal connectors in rectifier equipment, motor starters and controllers. 
Standards : BS6231 Type CK UL Subj. 758 CSA C 22.2 No. 210-05
Conductor : Class 5 flexible plain copper conductor to BS EN 60228:2005 (previously BS6360)
Insulation : PVC (polyvinyl Chloride)
Colour : Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green/Yellow, Grey, Brown, Orange, White, Violet, Green, Pink.
Voltage Rating : BS6231 :
UL,CSA : 600V 

Temperature Rating : 
BS6231 : 90°C
UL,CSA : 105°C
Minimum bending radius : 6 x overall diameter 
Technical Detail


No of Cores x Nominal Cross Sectional Area (mm²)SIZE AWGNominal Thickness of Insulation mmNominal Overall Diameter mmNo. of strandNom 
strand dia
Nominal Weight
Max. Resistance of conductor at 20O.C Plain Wires ohms/kmUL Style 
1 x 0.50210.812.50160.191139.001015
1 x 0.75190.822.75240.191526.001015
1 x 1.0180.812.90320.191819.501015
1 x 1.5160.813.10320.2352313.301015
1 x 2.5140.823.60520.235357.981015
1 x 4.0120.844.15560.287484.951015
1 x 6.0100.864.80840.287693.301015
1 x 10.0081.176.301400.2871171.911015
1 x 16.0061.558.101260.3851911.211015
1 x 25.0041.559.401960.3852810.781015
1 x 35.0021.5510.903000.3853890.5541015
1 x 50.0012.1013.103960.3855600.3861015
1 x70.002/02.1015.103820.487740.2721015
1 x 95.003/02.1016.404800.489910.2061015



6181Y Double Insulated Surface Wiring Cable


Approx. Rs 2,450 / Pack(s)


Double Insulated Surface Wiring Cable

Application : xed Installation in dry or damp areas for domestic and light industrial wiring. 

Standards : BS6004

Conductor :
Solid class 1 1.0 - 2.5mm²
Stranded class 2 4.0 - 25mm² to BS 6360

Insulation : PVC or XLPE (6181XY) 

Sheath : PVC 

Colour : Blue/Grey, Brown/Grey

Voltage : 300/500V

Temperature Rating :0 to +70°C

Minimum Bending Radius : 
Up to 10mm² 3 x overall diameter 
10mm² to 25mm² 4 x overall diameter

Fire Resistant Cable


Approx. Rs 4,550 / Pack(s)

We are able to supply Fire Resistant Cable with the vast support of our team.