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Yarn Testing Instruments

Digital Project Microscope For Yarn & Fiber

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digiVISION i2
We offer digital projection i2 that is the yarn fiber testing equipment. The instrument can easily be interfaced with computer and can measure length and count of any fine textile fiber. Latest digital projection microscope with high resolution is connected to advance software for fiber and yarn testing. Customization is also provided as per the requirements of clients.

Product Code: i2

Digi Twist I2 Electronic Programmable Digital Twist Tester

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digiTWIST i2TM (Electronic Programmable Digital Twist Tester)

digiTWIST i2TM consists of a fixed base on which the main scale is provided to set the length of the specimen yarn. A panel board is mounted on the right hand side of the base to control and perform all operations of the instrument. On the left hand side of the base, the tensioning device is provided to hold the yarn. This tensioning device is mounted on a moving carriage having stationery yarn gripper Jaw, elongation scale, tension (elongation relief ) stoppers and a tension weight pan. The moving carriage can be adjusted up to 20 inches/50 cms to set the length of the specimen yarn. A Carriage knob is provided on the moving carriage to lock it at any required gauge length. The rotating jaw (gripper) is mounted on left hand side of the control unit which is directly coupled with a high procession DC motor. A spring loaded jaw is provided in the rotating jaw to hold the specimen yarn.


Wrap Reel (Digiwrap Motorized)

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digiWRAP i3™ (10 Stations Motorized Wrap Reel for Yarn Count & Lea Strength Test)

digiWRAP i3™ is completely made of fine quality of Mild Steel. The top unit including wrap reel is mounted over a beautiful designed base. One of the arms of the wheel can be locked to facilitate the Removal of the Leas from the Wheel. It has a specially Designed Digital Control Panel with Revolution Setting option. The yarn guide device move through a distance of 20mm once every sixteen turns to give Leas of 20 mm width. Specially Designed Bobbins Stand can accommodate five bobbins unto 100 mm diameter and 250 mm length. The bobbins stand is equipped with a Yarn-Tensioning Device to facilitate in wrapping the yarn on the wheel. The Standard Wrap Reel is suitable for making either Yardage or Metric Skeins. Composite Wrap Reel, which can make either of the two types of leas, with the help of an additional reel, is also available.


ASTM D 1907 / D 2260

ISO 2060

BS 2010

Product Code: i3

Speed Testing Equipment (Digistrobtm)

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The speed testing equipment digistrob offered by us is used to determine the RPM of any rotating part. Manufactured with latest technology, the range of the equipment is 250-30000 flashes/minute. It is handy and can be carried anywhere for checking. Power pack is also provided for power back-up.

Hardness Tester

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We offer our clients with package hardness tester, which is apt for evaluating the hardness for yarn bobbins, warp beams and allied products. These testers have ball shaped indentation body that eliminates the chances of any kind of damage to bobbins and warp beams. Our range is acknowledged for following features:

  • To determine the hardness of any cylindrical element in Degree Shore.
  • Very useful for spinning mills to measure the hardness of rollers used in Ring Frame, Draw Frame, Roving Frame etc.
  • Latest design with modern stylish look.
  • Handy, easy to operate.
  • Duly packed in a wooden case for safety.
  • With calibrated precision dial for direct reading in Degree Shore.
  • Smooth precision-engineered components for exceptional performance.
  • Supplied with calibration & inspection certificates.
  • Weight: 415gms (0.913lbs)

Direct Yarn Count

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count TESTER NxTM : To find the Direct Yarn Count conveniently.

To determine the fineness count of any type of yarns directly in indirect system, we offer count tester. The simple and user friendly instrument is manufactured using smooth and precision engineered components for exceptional performance. It is in compliance with set industry standards and can also be custom designed as per the requirement of client.


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