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Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Owing to the support of our professionals, we are able to offer consultancy services as well as undertake turnkey project execution services for a wide gamut of Wastewater Treatment Plants. Extensively used in diverse industries such as Petrochemical, Refinery, Fertilizer, Chemical, Textile, Food Processing, Alcohol, Dairy, Metal Finishing, these plants meet the requirements of various applications. Further, we also hold expertise in designing of pre-cast concrete tanks for packaged wastewater treatment plants that find wide application in Municipalities, Government Organizations, Nuclear and Military Installations based across the country.

These systems work as a combination of pre-treatment, physico-chemical treatment, biological treatment and tertiary treatment comprising of filtration, chemical oxidation that also supports R.O. applications. Further, we are also offering various advance equipment such as T.P.I., D.A.F., and advance systems, which include U.A.S.B. U.F.B reactors, plastic media biotowers and package plant for Sewage Treatment.

Sewage Treatment Plants

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We are instrumental in designing, constructing and installing Sewage Treatment Plants, using advanced techniques. Widely used in domestic sectors as well as in varied industries, these are mainly utilized for reprocessing water. Suitable for several purposes like gardening, irrigation flushing and vehicle washing, these are designed as per the latest industry requirements.

Reverse Osmosis System

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Our clients can avail Reverse Osmosis water filters that are specifically designed to meet the residential requirements. By using these systems, our clients can have safe & pure drinking water. The filtered water finds wide usage for cooking, drinking, ice & coffee making, baby-formula, pet feeding, beauty washing, and many dietary/medical uses.

Our systems protect the user from the harmful effects of lead, heavy metals, chlorine, chemical contaminants, pathogens, bacteria, E. Coli, cyst, giardia, cryptosporidium, taste, odors, and sediments that are present in the water.

Pressure Sand Filter

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We are known for offering Pressure Sand Filters that are manufactured by our team of qualified professionals, which makes use of various filtering media. The usage of filtering media varies from sand, activated carbon & mixed bed, which is determined as per the application requirements. Our complete product range finds wide application in polishing units for industrial water treatment plant that provides pretreatment and tertiary treatment of wastewater. Manufactured using mild steel, FRP, SS, these are externally provided with valves, piping to direct, and control flow of water during treatment and for cleaning purposes.

Api Oil Separators

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The primary function of an API oil – water separator is to separate free oil from oily waste water. An API separator works on the principle of separation due to difference in gravity and this will not separate soluble substances nor will it break emulsions. However, like any settling facility, the separator presents an environment in which the suspended solids will be settled simultaneously with the separation of the oil in the influent.

Paramount make chain type API Oil Separator is the most positive oil as well as sludge removing device. It consists of two parallel chains moved by electric motor through worm reduction gears and chain reduction. The main chains bear wooden flights of treated teakwood, having rectangular cross section, which are quite sufficient for effective oil skimming and sludge removal. The wooden flights shall be fixed to the chains on each side in such a way that on moving on the liquid surface, oil shall be skimmed and while moving on the bottom, sludge shall be scrapped.

Since the wooden flights are at water surface, they constitute no barrier or obstruction to flow along the channel. These wooden flights are again supported on fixed horizontal guide. A chain tensioning device is made of machine screws, through which the finer adjustment of chain tension can be very easily achieved, by even an inexperienced operator. These features restrict the slide away of the chains and hence imparts on the mechanism the very good feature of trouble free running. The speed of the mechanism is so selected that it hardly disturbs the flow pattern in the channel and still effectively moves the oil towards oil skimmer.

The sludge removal from separator shall be controlled by flat seated valves which shall be operated from the platform above liquid level.

Deoiler Pipe Arrangement :

There are two deoiler pipe arrangements provided in each channel.

They are :    

  • Pre deoiler pipe arrangement
  • Post deoiler pipe arrangement

This arrangement consists of slotted steel pipe of suitable diameter having rectangular slots. The pipe can very easily be rotated through worm reduction gear, which provides ample mechanical advantages with easy rotation of hand wheel situated at the suitable operating height from the platform. The slot position can be adjusted to required level so that the top layer of the oil separated and brought to the slop oil sump. For installation of this de-oiler pipe, assembly components like threaded worm shaft of ample diameter, worm shaft, support bracket, worm wheel and slotted steel pipes supporting wall bearings will be installed.

Magnetic Drum Seperator

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oil-water separator is a device designed to separate gross amounts of oil and suspended solids from the wastewater effluents of oil refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants and other industrial sources. The name is derived from the fact that such separators are designed according to standards

there are other applications requiring oil-water separation. For example:

  • oily water separators (ows) for separating oil from the bilge water accumulated in ships as required by the international marpol convention. [3][4]
  • oil and water separators are commonly used in electrical substations. The transformers found in substations use a large amount of oil for cooling purposes. Moats are constructed surrounding unenclosed substations to catch any leaked oil, but these will also catch rainwater. Oil and water separators therefore provide a quicker and easier cleanup of an oil leak. [5]

Tilted Plate Interceptors

CPI (Corrugated plate interceptor) or TPI (Tilted plate interceptor) separators are predominantly used in separation of free oil from effluent water or suspended solids for oily water treatment in an OWS (oily Water System).

The basic principle of difference in gravity between the phases (liquid – liquid or solid – liquid) is employed in an OWS in separation of the two phases. This phenomenon is defined as “Gravity Separation”.

It is therefore apparent that material with high density will settle and with lower density will float to the surface of fluid. However, the effectiveness of this technique is subjected to various factors such as difference in the density, viscosity factors of the medium, temperature, turbulence, and also the nature of impurity etc. In some cases chemical coagulation and flocculation is needed for removal of some of the impurities by making them heavier or lighter. In separation technique while considering the above referred factors, which affects the separation of impurities, an overflow rate (m3/m2/day) or settling velocity (m/hr) is arrived at, which in-turn determines the surface area required for the gravity separation.

The gravitational system offered by paramount provide an extensive reduction in surface area requirement of a separator by introducing multi layer separation wherein area required is reduced considerably depending upon number of such layers. It is feasible to achieve almost complete removal of all the particles which would not have normally be achieved by a single large surface separator. This is possible because of considerable increase in the surface area of the unit, within the same depth. In most of the cases the plates are installed at an angle of 45°deg. or more and thus the separated material can be collected and removed by gravity.


  • Low space requirement

  • Very low maintenance cost since no moving parts.

  • High efficiency and capacity combined with compact volume.

  • Low installation cost since units are mostly prefabricated.

  • Handles shock loads of flow without effecting effluent quality.

  • Continuous operation without major down time.

  • Insensitive to weather condition, variation in temperature and composition of incoming liquid.

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