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Fuel Injection Equipment

Cross Valves


Our cross valves are skillfully designed and made to precision. These exhibit durability & are maintenance free.

Automotive Elements


An Element consists of barrel and plunger. The plunger is precisely fitted to the barrel with very small clearance to form a perfect sealing.They should be replaced as a set. Function: The function of the element is to meter and deliver the metered fuel.

Hand Primers


Hand primer is screwed in to the feed pump above the suction valve. They are used to pump the fuel from the tank to the fuel injection pump when the engine is at rest.

Nozzle Holders


We have a team of experts who design and develop nozzle holders in tune with the customer's specifications. We use the best materials procured from certified vendors so as to ensure that the finished product is of good quality.

Fuel Pumps


Our company manufactures fuel pumps that can be customized in accordance with the customer's requirement. We export our products to many international brands with adherence to international standards of quality. Our company also has a capacious warehouse that can store voluminous quantities of these fuel pumps.

Fuel Nozzles


Nozzle is one of the main components of fuel injection systems. function: it regulates the flow of fuel to the ultimate ignition compartment. The main function of the nozzle is to convert the diesel into the diesel vapours and spray it on the piston.

Delivery Valves


The Delivery Valve is seated on top of the element.


It performs the following functions:
1. It helps to assist in the rapid build of pressure in the injection line.
2. It also helps to cut the flow of fuel at the termination of fuel injection pulse.

Feed Pumps


The function of feed pump is to deliver the fuel from the fuel tank to fuel injection pump through the fuel filter. The feed pump is attached to the injection pump and driven by its camshaft.

Injector Nozzle Tester (Bosch Type)


We make Injector Nozzle Tester which consists of Aluminium Die Cast Body, Heavy Duty Pressure Gauge, Acrylic Glass Cylinder Oil Container.

U D Cross


Manufacturing expertise & quality raw material develops mechanical advantages in our range of U.D. Cross.

Connecting Rods


Connecting rods are made of aluminium pressure die cast. they are made for villiers, robin, honda, yamaha, bernard etc.

Tire Ends


We offer a variety of tire ends and also develop these items as per customers requirements.

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