Electrical Rotor Starter

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Electrical Rotor Starter such as Oil Immersed Rotor Starter, Liquid Rotor Starter, Grid Rotor Starter and Vapormatic Liquid Rotor Starter.

Oil Immersed Rotor Starter

Item Code: OIRS
PEI make oil immersed manually/motor operated rotor starter suitable for s.r. induction h.t. or l.t. motors as per bss 587 oil immersed rotor Starter 'poirs' type upto 630 hp et above


The Rotor Starters are designed to the B.S.S. 587.

Feature of these starters are: .

  • Self aligned moving contacts

  • Good operating mechanism
    (i) Crank Handle Operated
    (ii) Hand Wheel Operated
    (iii) Motor/Manually operated

  • Contacts cylindrical type

  • Very easy for maintenance

  • Cable end box mounted on tank

  • Push button is for Mid-position interlock

  • Terminals for connections are easily accessible and ample room is provided for incoming cables.

  • The starters are of the floor-mounting type.

  • Resistance for all our type 'PRS' Slipring Motor Starters are wound with High Grade Resistance Wire on Grooved Porcelain Tubes.

 P. E.I. Oil Immersed Rotor Starter can be offered from 10 HP to 630 HP and higher sizes. We can also supply motor operated Oil Immersed Rotor starter. The starters are for 3 operation per Hour. 

Product Range 
Size Quantity of oil
Up to 40 HP 20 litre
UP to 60 Hp 30 litre
UP to 75 Hp 40 litre
Up to 100 Hp 55 litre
UP to 120 Hp 65 litre
UP to 150 HP 95 litre
Up to 200 HP 140 litre
Up to 250 Hp 200 litre
Up to 300 Hp 225 litre

Liquid Rotor Starter

Item Code: LRS
We manufacture Liquid Rotor Starter (LRS) that are designed for use on Voltages. We offer these at very affordable prices.Our range is widely used in various industrial and commercial sectors and deliver flawless performance.

LRRC suitable for H.T or L.T slip ring induction motor upto 5000 kw or above as per BSS 140.

We are supplying Liquid Rotor Starter in bulk quantities.

Grid Rotor Starter

Item Code: GRS
We offer a wide range of quality Grid Rotor Starter. GRS(Grid Rotor Starter) is a resistance box which is used for speed control of slipring Induction motor & save the power.The Induction motor having high starting torque needs resistance in rotor circuit by the use of GRS we can add the resistance in the circuit & increase the slip so torque, ones motor will start we reduce the resistance of GRS by Contractor and at full speed shott all resistance.

We are supplying Grid Rotor Starter in bulk quantities.

Vapormatic Liquid Rotor Starter

Item Code: VLRS
These starters have numerous advantages :

Reliability :
  • No moving parts other than the contractors
  • Unaffected by damp, dusty or corrosive atmospheres.

Economy :
  • Cable saving: integral contractors facilitate installation beside motors
  • Minimal electrical and mechanical maintenance
  • Competitive prices

  • Easy adjustment gives "made to measure" starting conditions and conversion to suit different drives.