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Live Orchestra


Live Orchestra is a sizeable instrumental ensemble that comprises sections of woodwind, string, brass and percussion instruments. Orchestra performance can be arranged at private parties, marriages or any other events. Furthermore, the acts that are included in the orchestra are performed by talented artists, which are highly experienced in this domain.

Ghazal Event


We hold expertise in organizing Ghazal that is a poetic form comprising rhyming couplets and refrain. This ancient form originated in the 6th century Arabic verse. That is derived from the Arabian panegyric qasida. The structural requirements of ghazal are almost similar to those of the Petrarchan sonnet. Furthermore, ghazal is a principal poetic form, which the Indo-Perso-Arabic civilization has offered to the eastern Islamic world.

Disco Dandia


We are an expert in offering best quality Disco Dandia that is a traditional folk dance form of Vrindavan, India. In disco dandia depicting scenes of Holi and Lila of Krishna and Radha are performed. Apart from this, along with Garba, dandia is also one of the featured dance of Navratri evenings, which are hugely popular in Western India.

Punjabi Bhangra


Punjabi Bhangra is a form of dance and music, which is originated in the region of Punjab. Bhangra dance began as a folk dance that is mainly conducted by Punjabi (Muslim) and (Sikh) in 11th century so as to celebrate the coming of the harvest season. Furthermore, specific moves of bhangra reflect the manner in which the villagers cultivate their land. In this way, the hybrid dance form became bhangra. The folk dance is also popularized in the west, by Punjabi. Moreover, it is seen in the west as a dance form of South Asian culture as a whole. Bhangra dance survives in various forms and styles all over the globe that include collegiate competitions, pop music, film soundtracks and cultural shows.

Quali Events


Our organization is engaged in organizing high profile Quali events for the clients. All the performances are done by the highly talented performers, which possess wide experience in this domain. Furthermore, this cost-effective quali service is successfully executed by the as per the customer's specifications detailed by the clients.

Mujra Dance


Mujra dance form is originated by tawaif (courtesans) during the Mughal era period. Mujra dance incorporated some of the elements of native classical Kathak dance onto music like thumris, ghazals and poems. It was traditionally performed at mehfils and in special houses known as kothas. Furthermore, at the time of Mughal rule in places like Jaipur, the tradition of performing mujra was considered as a family art and is passed down from a mother to her daughter amongst the Muslim practitioners. 

Bhakti Sangeet


Bhakti Sangeet signifies an active involvement of the devotee in divine worship. This term is often translated as "devotion", furthermore, increasingly "participation" is used as a more accurate rendering, as it conveys a fully engaged relationship of man with the God. Our high quality services are aimed at satisfying the changing needs and requirements of the clients.

Instrumental Songs


Instrumental Songs are musical composition or recording without lyrics or singing. Furthermore, it might include different kind of non-articulate vocal input. The music, which is played primarily or exclusively produced with the help of musical instruments. Moreover, we are capable of organizing these services in small as well as large scale. 

Regional Songs


Regional Songs includes represent a certain region of a country. These songs are performed by the artists, which belongs to that particular place. Moreover, these artists possess wide industry knowledge and expertise in this domain. As per the convenience of the clients', we are offering these services to our valuable clients at competitive market prices. 

Sound System


A high Sound System intended for acquiring accurate output of sound in homes, functions or any other occasions. These superior performing systems with advanced sound quality prove perfect for giving better outputs to the customers. Furthermore, our entire range of systems is widely demanded by our clients for various business & corporate events, trade shows, music launches and dance shows. 

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