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We are one of the prominent processors and suppliers of a range of eco-friendly Bio Fertilizer Azotobacter. Peak Azad (Azotobacter) is nitrogen fixing liquid bio-fertilizer. It assimilates atmospheric nitrogen (ammonia) for plants. Azotobacter also helps to produce substances, which checks the growth of harmful plant pathogens. It has been recognized as a valuable source in increasing crop production and germination of seeds. It can be used for treatment of seeds, roots of seedlings and soil. Its microbe counts at 109 CFU/ml.

Advantages of Peak Azad:


  • It produces vitamins, indol acetic acid, gibberellins and cytokines and these are deposited in soil.
  • It partially solubilizes tricalcium phosphates and thus increases up take phosphorous in plant.
  • It increases the activity of other beneficial root zone decomposers to improve the efficacy of applied nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Saves 10 to 20% cost of chemical fertilizer.
  • It may increase 15 to 25 % crop yield.

Applications of PEAK AZAD:

  • Seed treatment   Prepare a mixture of 100 ml PEAK AZAD in 500-600 ml water and 10-15 kg seed. Shade dry for 30 minutes & sow within 2-3 hours.
  • Seedling/sett treatment  Mix 50-100 ml PEAK AZAD in 20 -25 ltr. Water. Dip the roots required for 1 acre and keep them in the suspension for 10-15 minutes and thereafter transplant them in the field.
  • Soil treatment mix 500 ml PEAK AZAD in 30-50 kg soil or FYM and broadcast it over I acre at time of last ploughing or before first irrigation.



Rhizobium is a symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria which plays vital role in agriculture. Its formulated liquid contains the selective strain of Rhizobium. The bacteria which remained in their dormant form get suspended in this liquid formulation. We are ahead in processing and supplying wide range of Bio- Fertilizer (Rhizobium). Peak Raja can fix 50-100 kg nitrogen in one crop, leaving beneficial amount of nitrogen in the soil for succeeding crops. It helps to increase the nitrogen absorption capacity in the soil and also yield productivity.

Mode of Action

  • Rhizobia, bacteria found in the soil enters legume root and form root nodule. They reduce molecular nitrogen to ammonia, utilized by plant to produce valuable proteins, vitamins and other nitrogen containing compounds.


Benefits Of Peak Azolam:

  • Strains are Isolated and cultured from local environment for best result.
  • Increases in germination and yield.
  • Induces vigorous root growth in the early plant stand.
  • Can leave behind substantial quantities of nitrogen in soil for succeeding crop.
  • Longer shelf life.(20-24 months).

Dosage & Applications:

  • Mix 100 ml Peak Raja in 200 ltr water per acre. Use as basal or soil application.



Azospirillum is atmospheric nitrogen fixing liquid bio-fertilizer, which applied to soil, quickly germinate into vegetative cells. It helps to fix atmospheric nitrogen in large quantities and makes it available to plants. Our Azospirillum increases the yield of plants. We offer Azospirillum in the product name Peak Azolam. It helps secrete phytohormones in the plant root regions, which facilitate the growth of strong root.  It can replace 50-90% of the nitrogen fertilizer required by plants.

Benefits of Peak Azolam:


  • Strains isolated & cultured from local environment for best result
  • Increase in % of germination
  • Induce vigorous root growth in early plant stand
  • Immunity against soil borne fungal infection

Dosage & Applications:


  • Foliar spray
  • Dissolve 100 ml Peak Azolam in 200 lits. of water and spray near the root of the plant in the morning / evening hours per acre.
  • Seed dressing
  • Dissolve 100 ml Peak Azolam in 400 ml of water and apply to the seeds required for one acre at the time of sowing.
  • Root dipping
  • Dissolve 100 ml Peak Azolam in 50 litres of water and dip the root of the plant for 10 to 20 minutes before transplanting.
  • Soil application
  • 400 - 500 ml Peak Azolam can be mixed with 100 kg FYM . Blend the mixture well and broadcast over one acre land before first ploughing ot first irrigation.

Proja KMB - Potash Mobilizing Bacteria


Proja-kmb (Potash Mobilizing Bacteria) offers Potash Mobilizing Bacteria, which increase the availability of potassium in the soil and thereby promote photosynthesis. It helps in the movement of potash elements in the soil and transports other nutrients in plant. It mobilizes potash in plants in all types of soil. Our bio-fertilizer is an eco-friendly bio product targeting crops like cotton, vegetables, pulses, field crops, horticultural crops & plantations. They stimulate the resistance for pests and other diseases in the plant.


Benefits of Proja kmb:

  • Strains are isolated & cultured from local environment for best result
  • Supply potash to the plant to the extent of30-50kg/ha
  • Saves upto 25% cost of chemical fertilizer

Dosage & Applications:

  • Soil application for an acre of land, mix 200-300 ml with 400-600 kg of fym or vermi compost and 50 - 100 kg rock phosphate and apply.
  • Seed treatment for 1 kg of seed, mix 5 -10 ml proja-kmb in sufficient water and coat the seeds well and shade dry for 30 minutes before sowing.
  • For root dipping, mix 50-100 ml of proja-kmb in 25 -30 liter of water and dip the roots of seedlings required for 1 acre for 30 minutes before transplanting.



  • The product should not be mixed with any chemical fertilizer or pesticide
  • Always shade dries the seeds and soil application mixture
  • Store in cool dry place and keep away from sunlight & heat

Proja - Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria


Peak Proja is a Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria bio-fertilizer that is widely demanded in agro companies. It release insoluble phosphates present in soils and fixes phosphorus in the clay minerals. It makes available reasonable amount of the total phosphorus content in the soil to plants. The presence of Phosphorous helps in high yielding and in root formation and plant growth. We recommend the use of Peak Proja on crops such as Rice, wheat, maize, pulses, cotton, cocoanut, mango, sapota, alma, citrus, coffee, tea, cardamom, other fruits and vegetables.

Benefits Of Peak Proja:

  • Strains are isolated & cultured from local environment for best result.
  • Supply Phosphate to the plant to the extent of 30 -50 kg / ha.
  • Saves upto 25% cost of chemical fertilizer.

Rate of Applications:

  • Soil application for an acre mixes 200-300 ml with 400- 600 Kg of FYM or Vermi compost and v 50-100 Kg Rock Phosphate and applies.
  • Seed Treatment For 1 Kg of seed, mix 3-4 ml PEAK PROJA in sufficient water and dip the seeds for 2-3 hrs. before sowing.
  • Root dipping Prepare a mixture of 20 ml PEAK PROJA in 10 -20 liters of water and dip the roots of seedlings for 3 0 minutes before transplanting.

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