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We have become a leading trader, importer and exporter of a superior quality range of Japanese & Chinese Pens and Colour Inks. Procured from reliable and trusted vendors like Platinum, Pilot, Hero, Mitsubishi and others, these are extensively appreciated in the market for their longevity and consistent design standards. In addition. our client centric business approach, we also offer our products at competitive prices.


Sailor Ink
      We offer sailor ink

Sailor Ink

Kuretake Ink

Kuretake Co., Ltd was established in 1902 at Nara in Japan. The founder of the Kuretake Japan called Narakichi Watatani began manufacturing the Japanese ink stick (sumi) under the trade name of Kuretake Sumi. Since then, The Kuretake Brush Pen is exquisitely designed with super-fine nylon bristles for smooth, controlled strokes as well as by combining their Sumi Ink (Japanese Calligraphy Ink) with their own technological developments; they have achieved recognition as a manufacturer of high quality stationery products in all over the world. Nowadays, Kuretake’s products made under "ZIG" brand in Japan are favored for their utility and high quality in Japan, North and South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, and Asian countries.

 Resulting from success in the stationery market, and with confidence that we could utilize our unique knowledge of multi-colored pigment inks, we decided to expand into the Arts & Crafts industry. The new action is to contribute to people’s life and culture by satisfying their new needs for "Want to create by own hands." As you know, Kuretake is producing most expensive and hi tech calligraphy pen in Japan. You may see the Kurotake’s logo which consists of Black and yellow color. By using "Black" as tradition, and "Yellow and Purple" as innovation, they show Kuretake is a general manufacturer of brushes, pens and painting materials which provides a new life style to customers by developing drawing, writing and painting products. The shapes of the circle, the square and the triangle express the pleasure in the creation such as crafts and handmade arts, which is Kuretake's future aim.

Kuretake Suminoso Alpha Instant and Fast Dirty Cleaner

Kuretake Diverse Color Cocoiro Brush Signature Pen

New Kuretake Calligraphy Book From Japan Rare

New Kuretake Different Designs Paper Cutting Kurepunch

Brand New Kuretake Classic Claret Weasel Hair Brush Pen

New Kuretake Classic Multi Strokes Calligraphybrush Set

New Kuretake Different Designs Paper Cutting Kurepunch 11

New Kuretake Aromatic F,m,b 3 Strokes Brush Pen Set

New Kuretake Different Designs Paper Cutting Kurepunch 7

New Kuretake Different Designs Paper Cutting Kurepunch 10

New Kuretake Different Designs Paper Cutting Kurepunch 6

New Kuretake Different Designs Paper Cutting Kurepunch 4

New Kuretake Different designs Paper Cutting Kurepunch 1

New Kuretake Different Designs Paper Cutting Kurepunch 2

New Kuretake Water Calligraphy Practice Set

Fish Bone KurePunch Card Scrapbook Craft Paper Shaper

Flower Kurepunch Card Scrapbook Craft Paper Shaper

Key KurePunch Card Scrapbook Craft Paper Shaper Gift

Hello Kitty Kurepunch Card Scrapbook Craft Papershaper

Floral Kurepunch Card Scrapbook Craft Paper Shaper

Platinum Pens

One of the most trusted brands of Japan, Platinum has been producing high quality writing instruments which are in demand all over the world. The superior quality standards maintained by platinum enables us to include them successfully in our list of products. Further, we also offer these at competitive prices and deliver to clients in a stipulated time frame.

Caramel Color 14kt EF Nib Fountain Pen

Platinum Preppy Black Fountain Pen

Platinum Full 925 Silver Antique Hammered Pen

Black Body Synthetic Hair Excellent Body Balance Brush Pen

Platinum Preppy Blue Fountain Pen

Modern Multi- Function Flying Cranes Pen

Desk Ballpoint Pen

Platinum Capillary Hydrostatic Action Blue Fountain Pen

Platinum Diamond Tech Pyramid Makie 18KT Pen

New Capillary Hydrostatic Action Black Fountain Pen

Platinum Manga Artist Mac Air Bordeaux Fountain Pen

Clear Demonstrator Gold Converter Yellow Fountain Pen

Platinum Whole Body 18kt Gold Kaga Makie Fountain Pen

Platinum Standard Chromium Green M Nib Fountain Pen

New Platinum Real Gold Engraved Sakura 14k Fountain Pen

Platinum Maki-e Cyclamen TRIO Multi-Ball Point Pen

Platinum Makie Phoneix 14kt Fountain pen

Platinum 3776 Maestro 3d Celluloid 14kt M Fountain Pen

Platinum Capillary Hydrostatic Action Fountain Pen

Platinum Hayakawa 925 Sterling Silver Pencil

Platinum Briar Wood Matt Cigar 14KT Fountain Pen

Maki-E Owl TRIO Multi-Ball Corporate Pen & Pencil

Platinum Silver Leather Multi Function Pen

Platinum Full Leather Beige Caramel Multi Function Pen

Platinum Silver Leather Multi Function Pen 0.5 Pencil

Leather Beige Caramel Multi Function Pen

Music 14KT Pen

Fashionable Mechanical Ball Pen

Platinum Okinawa Celluloid Ishigaki 14KT Pen

Demonstrator Body Rhodium Trim 14K Fountain Pen

Red Rose Leaf Medium Nib Fountain Pen

Multi Function Green Spring Autumn Pen

Celluloid Blue Rhodium 14k M Nib Fountain Pen

Brown Cordia Wood Body Multi-Function Pen

Wood Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen

Platinum 925 Sterling Silver Multi Function Pen

Celluloid Green 14K Gold Fine Nib Fountain Pen

Platinum Standard Glossy Medium Fountain Pen

Platinum Capillary Hydrostatic Action Pink Fountain Pen

New Platinum Capillary Hydrostatic Action Red Fountain Pen

Platinum Capillary Hydrostatic Action Purple Fountain Pen

Japan Platinum Preppy Red Fountain Pen

Sailor Pens Japan

Sailor is manufacturing pens since 1911. They are generally known for manufacturing fountain pens but now they are also manufacturing Ball Point Pens and Mechanical Pens. Their pens are known for their quality and looks. Sailor pens and Pen equipments are durable and available compatible costs.

Organic Resin Silk Road Colorful 5 Fountain Pen

White Combo Fountain Pen

Writing Pen

Fountain Pen

Sailor Large 1911 The King Of Pen Ebonite 21kt M Pen

Sailor Special Script Calligraphy Unique Fountain Pen

Sailor Marble Ebonite Professional Gear Fountain Pen

Sailor Ebonite King Of Pen 21k Naginata Cross Nib Pen

Sailor Large Butterfly Makie 21kt M Nib Fountain Pen

Sterling Silver Roller Pen 0.7mm

Red White Combo Fountain Pen MF Nib

Flower Basket Art Makie 14KT Fountain Pen

Sailor Professional Gear Gold Roller Pen

Sailor Professional Gear Slim Silver Purple Pen

Sailor Professional Gear Slim Snow White Pen

Sailor Sapporo Black Color 14KT Music Nib Fountain Pen

Profit Glossy Black Pen

Sailor High Ace Neo Beginner's Fountain Pen Steel Fine Nib

Real Gold Sailor Glossy Black Color 14KT Medium Nib Pen

Slim Pearl Red Saibi-Togi 14K Fountain Pen

Rabbit Makie Lacquer Brush Pen


Extra Fine Nib Point Fountain Pen

Double Layer Nib Fountain Pen

Sailor Sapporo Tuscan Red 14KT Medium Nib Pen

Classic Nib Naranja Fountain Pen

Luxurious High Class Ballpoint Pen

New Sailor 1911 Profit Saibi Togi 21kt Nib Fountain Pen

New Sailor Makie Voice Of Innocence Stub Nib Calligraphy Pen

Black Fountain Pen 21K Fine Nib

14KT Fine Nib Point Fountain Pen

Royal Indigo Blue 14KT Gold Fountain Pen

Real Gold Pen

Real Gold Sailor Profit Midnight Gold 14KT Owl Makie Pen

Gold Sailor Professional Gear Ivory Rhodium21kt Pen

Professional Gear 21KT Yellow Fine Point Fountain

Porcelain 21KT G8 Summit Fountain Pen

Professional Gear 21KT Orange Fine Point Fountain Pen

New Sailor 1911 Sunnyyellow 14kt Gold Fountain Pen

Black & White Combo Fountain Pen M And F Nib

Sailor Professional Gear Naginata Togi 21KT

21KT G8 Summit Fountain Pen

Pilot Namiki Marble Painting Black Fountain Pen

Regal Fountain Pens

Regal is one of the leading manufacturers of pens. They are known for manufacturing pens of different shapes, designs and sizes. They are also known for manufacturing fountain pens, ball point pens and roller pens. The Regal pens are unique ones. These pens are durable ones and accepted all over the world. They got into the Asian markets through Taiwan and now became one of the popular brands there. We are one of the importer, trader and exporters of Regal Pens.

New Crystal Clear Demonstrator Green M Nib Fountain Pen

Porcelain Fountain Pen

The design on the  porcelain  fountain pen is amazing. The design and pattern resembles to the Sailor arita Yaki fountain pen. The artists applies the color and design by hand by stenciling on it. It requires an intense work and skills!!

 As we all know the history and origin of Arita Yaki. This culture was imported from China and Korea to Japan during Nabeshima dynasty.  Even now in only certain restricted area of South China and Korea still do it.

If you meticulously dig the Porcelain history, you can notice that the origin was in China. In the 16th century this blue white Chinese porcelain was copied by the European traders. The early works seems to be a mixture of the Islamic and Chinese blue white wares. In 1707, European porcelain manufactured in Germany and later after 40 years the English wares came into effect in Worcester.

And when I went to South China to visit these old artists, I got emotional by their long painful stories of this porcelain culture and how this culture is on verge of extinction due to its aloofness and restrictions from the World. So I decided to introduce their cultured fountain pens to you.

New Porcelain Blue Whiteimari Blue Rose Fountain Pen

Mitsubishi Japan
Mitsubishi Pencil Co., owner of the uni-ball brand, is the biggest player in the UKRollerball Pen market. Six out of ten best selling Roller ball pens proudly carry the uni-ball logo (source: GFK Marketing Services data 2006).Established in Tokyo in 1887 Mitsubishi Pencils uni brand derives its name from the word unique. Our exclusive product variety is indicative of our desire to create products that uniquely match the needs of the individual user. Today company headquarters, R&D and production facilities are based in Tokyo,Japan, with the European head office being based in Worcester, UK. The company has subsidiaries and distributors



Japan is country of technological innovation. This time Mitsubeshi used their highest and latest 21st century’s technology on the ‘JETSTREAM’ roller ballpoint pen. It made me really surprised to know the outstanding technology and properties of this pen. This roller ballpoint pen is both for LEFT and Right Hand Users with minimum friction properties in the World. Truly speaking, once you use this pen, in future you will be addicted of this pen. Highly recommendable pen for student (Exam time), Office, Desk job and daily uses. I am offer with very attractive price. The price is less than a parker’s refill. Enjoy the Hi-innovation with cheapest price.


  • Fastest Drying Ink: Mitsubeshi used for the first time their new innovated supper fast drying ink. The special fast-drying gel ink dries instantly so it will not smudge even if you wipe over it immediately after writing.
  • Minimum friction: this ball point has minimum friction compare to other roller ball point pen in the world that is why it is the smoothest ball point pen till today.
  • Steel and ball tech: As you see the picture Inside of this pen has steel plate and ball which helps you to provide constant ink flow at the end of the ink level. Even if you do up or down of this pen, the plate and ball keep the constant pressure in the ink.

Mitsubishi Jetstream Luminous Black Trio Ballpoint Pen

Mitsubishi Jetstream British Stripe Trio Ballpoint Pen

Mitsubishi Uni Set Of Lot Convenient Writing Kit

Special Uni Pencil Sets Of All Grade

Japan Frixion Erase Uni Innovative 0.8mm Roller Gelpens

Japanese Mitsubishi Hi-uni Box Of 12 Pencils Set

Japan Uni Posca Do Sparkle Magic 6 Color Markers Set

Corporate Custom Made Pens With Personal/ Company Ink Stamp

Japan Mitsubishi Uni Color Set 100colors Uni-100c

Wancher pens
Offering you a complete choice of products which include Wancher pens such as New Business Class Glossy Black Gold Pen, Gold 18KT Dancing Natraj Pen and Sanskrit God Vayu Varun 14K Gold Pen.

New Business Class Glossy Black Gold Pen

Gold 18KT Dancing Natraj Pen

Sanskrit God Vayu Varun 14K Gold Pen

Pilot Ink
Manufacturer & Exporter of Pilot Ink & Sun Set Orange Ink. Our product range also comprises of New Dolce Vita, Sailor Ink and Kuretake Ink.

Sun Set Orange Ink

Pen supllier
Manufacturer & Exporter of Pen supllier & Pen. Our product range also comprises of New Dolce Vita, Sailor Ink and Kuretake Ink.