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Economic Feasibility


The economic feasibility parameters are:

  • Does this project align with the business goal or long term strategy of Pricol?
  • Does it meet the financial objectives of the company?
  • Do we have some benefit to develop the team to a higher value in taking up future work?
  • Did we cover or address business risk or process risk while taking up the project?
  • Do we have the stake holder support in taking up the project?
Based on this the economic feasibility of the product is check and a score is generated.

Operational Feasibility


The operational feasibility parameters are:

  • Does this project require some investment in tools, skill levels, hiring, infrastructures?
  • Do we have the right mix of team to take up this project?
  • Is there any time zone advantage?
  • Did we anticipate any operational risk …like staffing, people leaving the company in the middle of the project?
  • Identify the anticipated impact on customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty?
Based on this the operational feasibility of the project is checked and the score is generated.

Project Feasibility Study


We perform a range of project feasibility study for our customers. This study includes, checking the feasibility of the project on various parameters of schedule, technical, operational and economic. Based on this a score is calculated and the project success is calculated.

Schedule Feasibility


while doing the schedule feasibility of the projects we check vaious parameters like:

  • do we have right estimation for this project?
  • can we complete the project on said date?
  • did we schedule the review period well in advance?
  • did we take into account the national holidays, team, individual leaves?
  • based on this parameters we calculate the score and check the schedule feasibility of the project.

Technical Feasibility


our technical feasibility parameters involved:

  • do we have the right technical inputs / clarity of this project?
  • do we have the right technical skills to take up this project?
  • do we have the right tools to take up this project?
  • is there any training required / technical mentoring?
  • do we have the right understanding of the concept and deliverable that the customer desires to have?
  • did we analyse the right way to do this project? . I. E cfd or fea or design or simulation?
based on this score we check the technical feasibilty of the project.

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