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Personal Pyramids

Wish Pyramid Advance



Avail from us Wish Pyramid Advance that is a new way to make your dream and wishes come true. With the help of special 9x9 pyramid top these have more power to enhance the power. The unique concept of 'copper wish chamber' is brought into use for the first-time to get accurate and quick results. Moreover, a pre-programmed gold disc is placed at the bottom plate and the wish is written in a paper and is placed at the dome. 


Product Code: 7250

Marraige Pyramid Attract You Soul Mate



We are offering our clients Marraige Pyramid Attract You Soul Mate. With the help of these pyramids perfect matches are found within no time. If the client is a male, a photo has to be fixed on fa chamber, and if female then on the maa chamber. The other chamber is left blank for cosmic link.


Product Code: 7251

Harmony Pyramid


Avail from us harmony pyramid for inter-personal and environmental harmoney. This is a unique device that helps in initiate harmony also improves or develops relationship between two people or organs. These have twin 9x pyramids and is powered by one gold and other copper famaa dome and a base plate. Moreover, there is a cosmic circuit at the bottom to enhance result.

Pictures of the two people is placed in both copper and gold dome.



Product Code: 7252

Education Pyramid Power Of Pyramid For Students Success



We are offering our clients Education Pyramid Power of Pyramid for Students Success. These education pyramids are useful in enhancing knowledge and wisdom of children. Our pyramids are to be placed in the study table and are known for their effectiveness.



Product Code: 7253

Relax Pyramid Belt For Eye-brain Stress Relaxation



We are one of the leading traders in the domain of trading and exporting Relax Pyramid Belt for Eye-Brain Stress Relaxation. These consist one energy belt and a cotton energy collector red-pad. This is an innovative eye-brain relaxing yantra that is known for its deep relaxation, relieving tension and improving blood circulation. Moreover, these are also useful in meditation and sound sleep.



Product Code: 7256

Vastu Sleep Ultimate, Personal Vastu Correction System



We are engaged in offering our clients Vastu Sleep Ultimate, Personal Vastu Correction System. This yantra is used to enable sound and continuous sleep and keep the mind at rest. With the help of tehse peak performance is achieved and new success in health, business and relationship is met. This product works on a 9 planets and the 81 vastu grid principle. The cosmic energy and the earth energy works and man is in the middle of these. These are supposed to be placed under the mattress and the flow of energy starts passing through the person sleeping.


Product Code: 7200

Pyracap Mind Power Pyramid



We are offering our clients an array of Pyracap Mind Power Pyramids. It is useful during study & meditation and is also beneficial for gaining confidence, improving memory and lessening of stress. Moreover our products are also useful for increasing awareness, mindfulness & intelligence in children.


Product Code: 7210

Pyra Shubh Labh


Our clients can avail from us Pyra Shubh Labh that are used as eternal symbol of good-luck, fame, wealth, income & profit. These are procured from the reputed manufacturers of the market and thus are known for their effectiveness. Moreover, we also make sure that the prices are reasonable and affordable. 



Avail from us Faatrons that are helpful in inviting success and energy to your doorsteps. Moreover, these find application in various computer shops and other electronic shops. These are available in all standards sizes to suit the requirements of our clients.



We are engaged in offering our clients Maatrons that are used to reduce excess energy & radiation of T.V. & other electronic gadgets. Owing to this the sleep is de-stressing and freshening. Our professionals make sure that the range is procured from the reputed manufacturers of the market.


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